A Great Interview with Industry Veteran Dr Helmut Crott

For seasoned gatherers and long-term watch enthusiasts, the name Dr Helmut Crott will certainly stable familiar. However, this attentive gentleman is a far cry from your typical flamboyant CEO or industry insider. Understated, humble yet very knowledgeable. The sort of man that you can learn a ton from; a man with the greater part a decade of involvement with the watchmaking field, as a gatherer, an auctioneer, an author and even as the proprietor of a historical watch brand. You don’t will hear this man frequently, however our companions at A Collected Man managed to go through a day with him, and the outcome in this rousing interview.

Dr Helmut Crott is quite possibly the main actors of the advanced watch industry, specifically on the gathering side. Over his 50-year career, he’s been an authority, he cooperated with Patek Philippe to source a portion of the watches presently showed at the Museum, he started an eponymous auction house zeroed in on watches – Dr Crott Auctioneers , perhaps the most regarded companies in this field – and has been the proprietor of the historical watch brand Urban Jürgensen. He also created one of the world’s largest and most detailed Patek Philippe databases. And he claimed or relegated probably the main watches of the twentieth century (for instance, he possessed two of the four Steel Patek 1518s… and one sold for $11 million as of late). However, when reading this interview, the most fascinating thing is finding how calm Dr Helmut Crott is…

You can read this great interview here, at acollectedman.com .

All photographs by A Collected Man.