A Technical Perspective, All You Need to Know About Chronographs

Chronographs are certainly amongst the most popular watches. In any case, the word chronograph refers to a complication, an additional capacity to the display of the time, not as a fixed kind of watch. As such, you’ll discover chronographs taking all things together value portions – basically, from 3-digit costs to almost boundlessness. A chronograph can be accessible, can be complex, can be industrially made or manufactured by hand, it can utilize numerous advancements, it very well may be combined to additional capacities or complications… and this is the main reason why, in the event that you want to be a real watch enthusiast, you need to know your chronograph basics. 

The story we want to feature today is part of something we’re actually very pleased to have here, at MONOCHROME: our “Technical Perspective” arrangement , where we attempt to explain in the clearest, most comprehensible way how complications and watch mechanisms work. And indeed, we’ll glance back at some a greater amount of these technical articles in the near future. Being a genuine watch enthusiast also means realizing how exactly a watch functions. And today, we start with one of our favorite kinds of development, the all-time classic chronograph… Well, in fact, different sorts of developments, as you’ll find in the great episode of “A Technical Perspective” where we go over history, mechanics and functions…

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