Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 GMT Poseidon Edition

Aquadive is, along with sister brand Doxa, one of those brands that may not really be recognizable to a huge crowd yet which is, in any case, exceptionally regarded by bad-to-the-bone devotees. Specialized, instrument-like watches motivated by the 1970s, the Bathyscaphe 100 GMT carried retro styling with current designing for jumpers. Today, the brand is introducing another co-marked adaptation, along with significant 1960s/1970s gear producer Poseidon (an entirely important match). Meet the new Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 GMT Poseidon Edition.


Although well known for its creative, reasonable jump watches during the 1960s and 1970s, Aquadive vanished when the quartz emergency devastated numerous brands during the 1980s. The brand reemerged in 2011 under the Synchron Group, which likewise possesses Doxa , another celebrated and resuscitated jumper brand that additionally ends up circulating Jenny plunge watches .

In a comparable way to deal with how the Group is doing Doxa, the thought behind Aquadive is to carry a sample of the past with vintage-propelled pieces however with current quality guidelines, apparatus watch usefulness and moderately reasonable costs. Aquadive, much the same as Doxa, isn’t proposed for a wide crowd yet obliges genuine devotees who will perceive the magnificence of the name imprinted on the dial.

Founded in 1962 during the spearheading long periods of sporting scuba plunging, Aquadive Watches were prestigious as reliable apparatuses resulting from need for jumpers who required the methods for timing length underwater.” Today, the brand offers straightforward, strong plunge watches with a little arrangement of Aquadive pieces that incorporate 1,000 and 3,000-meter Bathyscaphe and Bathysphere. Each Aquadive watch starts its life as a strong square of careful evaluation German steel that is planned, designed, CNC-machined and hand-completed, prior to being furnished with Swiss-made programmed movements.

About Poseidon

Poseidon is a notable brand among sporting and expert jumpers. It was a significant plunging gear producer of the 1960s/1970s. Established in 1958 by Ingvar Elvström, Poseidon was made to address a scope of jumping related issues. Poseidon has deliberately kept up Elvström’s heavenly standing inside the jumping community and his tradition of development with achievements like the MKVI: Poseidon’s first Fully Automatic Rebreather. Poseidon has since quite a while ago kept a real standing in the jump community for delivering gear appropriate for the afflictions of cold-water diving.

the new Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 GMT Poseidon Edition

The new Poseidon rendition of the Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 GMT is chiefly a dial advancement. The watch adheres to the essentials of the model, with a 43mm hardened steel case, with a commonplace 1970s cap shape. The case is CNC machined, cleaned and brushed in Germany from German 316L treated steel and, as we’ve seen from our past encounters with this watch, is positively made, rather hefty and fabricated like a square (don’t be frightened to deliver this watch once again from its comfort zone). The case is water-impervious to 1,000 meters, with a larger than usual screw-down crown and strong steel caseback.

On top of the case is an exceptionally raised pivoting bezel (120 ticks), with a profoundly indented profile and a dark artistic addition and completely brilliant 60-minute scale. The watch is worn on a vintage-motivated ISOfrane elastic lash (dark or yellow) with an enormous steel pin clasp. The lash is pretty much as hearty as the case, yet flexible and comfortable. No compelling reason to make reference to that this Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 GMT Poseidon Edition is a huge, instrument-like piece that won’t fly under the radar.

The primary curiosity on this edition is the expansion of a “Poseidon” fix on the dial, which coordinates the current dark and yellow shading plan of this model. Huge painted markers and strong hands guarantee extraordinary clarity. Notwithstanding the showcase of the hours, minutes and seconds, this Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 GMT includes a double time sign with a yellow bolt hand and a yellow 24-hour internal flange.

Powering this model is the omnipresent Swiss-made ETA 2893-2, a programmed development with a 40-hour power hold. Aquadive went for a Top Grade development, which is changed in 5 situations with an individual endorsement of precision included with each watch (normal exactness pace of +/ – 4 seconds out of every day). It is anything but a chronometer, yet that additional degree of detail from Aquadive is a pleasant touch.

Price and availability

The Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 GMT Poseidon Edition will be restricted to 300 pieces. The watch is presently offered with a pre-request crusade at a cost of USD 1,395 (25% markdown). The individuals who pre-request the watch will get a select Poseidon mission fix, and two ISOfrane elastic ties in exemplary dark, and Poseidon yellow. Retail cost will later be USD 1,890. Conveyances are normal in November 2019. Subtleties and pre-request at .