Artisans de Genève “Andrea Pirlo Project” – Showcasing Know-How with a Skeleton Rolex Submariner

If you are a normal reader of MONOCHROME, you should now be acquainted with Artisans de Genève , a watchmaking company that offers customization administrations for private clients. Be that as it may, they are not your common watch customizer… Don’t anticipate a dark covering or precious stones on the bezel. What Artisans de Genève does is undeniably more complex. We’ve previously been intrigued by the “La Blausée”, a hand-wound and openworked take on the Daytona . As of late, a somewhat exceptional client came to them with a request… “make my very own skeleton variant Submariner,” he said. The outcome is named the “Andrea Pirlo Project”.

Andrea Pirlo is one of the best football players ever. 570 games as a senior part in groups like Brescia, Inter Milan, A.C. Milan and the Juventus, 116 games in the National Italian group and a vocation that kept going from 1995 to 2017. What less know is that Andrea Pirlo has “always been energetic about watchmaking. Early, I began gathering watches. Through time and watches, I have figured out how to esteem and perceive the ability and the endless artworks that remain behind a watch. I care about details, and for the most part the best and hidden ones.” A couple of years prior, monitoring the work done by Artisans de Genève, he came to them and requested to return to his number one Rolex model, the Rolex Submariner 114060 No Date, and endowed the customizer with an exceptional project; to make his very own skeleton variant Submariner.

The consequence of two years of work, this Artisans de Genève “Andrea Pirlo Project” is indeed a grandstand of watchmaking expertise. While the vast majority of the customization companies are zeroing in on the visual side of the watch – covering of the case, changing the shade of the dial, adding a few (not-so-rich) jewels – Artisans de Genève is playing on an alternate field. Positively, the design of Andrea Pirlo’s Submariner has been (somewhat) altered however the main piece of Artisans de Genève’s work is on the movement… Well, what’s left of the development, to be precise.

Andrea Pirlo needed the development of his own Rolex Submariner to be skeletonized – and a piece as well as completely opened, with the majority of the material of the plate and scaffolds being eliminated. It required experts from everywhere Switzerland to accomplish the alterations on the notable Caliber 3130. Every component is totally gotten off, cut and sloped by hand, cleaned and brushed – decorated in the customary haute-horlogerie way – and the development is altogether covered in dim ruthenium. The completing and decoration are fairly stupendous, with various sharp interior points and a super light equilibrium connect, which by and by shows extraordinary skills.

This openworked development uncovers the vast majority of the pieces of the Rolex 3130 base, realizing the red switching wheels, the whole stuff train or the blue Parachrom hairspring. To offer a far and away superior perspective on the development, Artisans de Genève has fitted the “Andrea Pirlo Project” with a recently designed wavering load in tungsten, later gold-covered and engraved with the engraving “Il Maestro 1995-2017”. A uniquely crafted transparent caseback is later fitted.

This was for the rear of the development yet the “Andrea Pirlo Project” is similarly noteworthy on the front, with a principle plate that has been completely emptied with bends. This permits a cleaned up view on the barrel (which has additionally been openworked), the equilibrium wheel or the train of cog wheels. Indeed, hand-made decorations are obvious in general, with numerous sharp points and cleaned bevels.

In order not to hide this noteworthy manual work, the dial has been decreased to the absolute minimum, knowing an inner spine in dim dark, with seconds track and rose gold applied indexes with iridescent spots. To coordinate with the indexes and a portion of the development parts, the exemplary Submariner hands are rose gold too.

Moving to the habillage of the Artisans de Genève “Andrea Pirlo Project”, advancements are more cautious. The case and wristband of the Rolex Submariner 114060 are kept, however got done with hand-cleaned inclined carries, straight silk brushed surfaces and sandblasted posterior of the drags. The most recognizable adjustment is the new jumping bezel, as Artisans de Genève replaces the exemplary cleaned dark earthenware embed with a carbon manufactured form, which holds the hour long scale. This gives the watch a more specialized, more modern look.

As we said effectively on numerous occasions, we at MONOCHROME are not actually enthusiasts of changed watches. More often than not, they need polish and taste, and regularly just spotlight on the visual side of the watch. What Artisans de Genève goes a few stages further and is to be viewed as a genuine watchmaker’s work. The outcome is amazing and the execution is staggering, as changing a mechanical development into a haute-horlogerie type. The actual design remains moderately unobtrusive – and you could even decide for something different than a carbon bezel.

As the greater part of the new watches introduced by Artisans de Genève, the “Andrea Pirlo Project” is a personalization that has been mentioned by a private client and isn’t delivered in arrangement. It is an example of expertise and of personalization administrations endless supply of clients. All things considered, on the off chance that you need your own Rolex Submariner to be redone similarly (or in an alternate way), you can contact Artisans de Genève through the site here .