Baselworld Schnitzel Dinner and Wondering if it Will Ever Happen Again

Every year, since my subsequent year going to Baselworld, and consistently on the Saturday most of the way during the 10-day reasonable, there’s the ‘infamous’ schnitzel supper. With the present status of Baselworld, Rolex and Patek moving to the Geneva-based reasonable and abandoning the Baselworld the executives, MCH investors, showing brands and writers contemplating whether we will at any point see another release of this significant reasonable for the watch world, I’m wondering…  Tonight would have been the tenth version of the Schnitzel Dinner where all the cool free watchmakers and online columnists accumulate to eat schnitzel and fries and to drink lager, and above all, to make some great memories. Will there at any point be another version of Schnitzel Dinner? 

What is Schnitzel Dinner? All things considered, let’s return ten years as expected, to a (still) youthful watch lover who needed to see the Baselworld reasonable firsthand. My first-time Baselworld was in 2009. Same goes for Robert-Jan Broer from Fratello Watches, with whom I drove from the Netherlands to Basel. We go through seven or eight evenings in the most horrible F1 inn you can envision, found only close to the interstate, in France near the Swiss line. In any case, it was reasonable and we were on a budget.

making a course for Basel… Who’s that mainstream kid? Well, hi again…

A year later Ben Clymer ( Hodinkee ) and Ariel Adams ( aBlogtoWatch ) were coming to Basel for their first Baselworld and since we were the online folks (by far most of writers, around then, were from the print world) we figured it would be a smart thought to meet. Thus we did. First for certain brews and later we moved to this little bistro/café that was practically around the bend from the primary Baselworld lobby and they served schnitzel and huge pints of lager. Bart and Tim Grönefeld went along with us, thus did Stepan Sarpaneva, Gerard Nijenbrinks, Bernard Werk ( does the name sound recognizable? ) and if memory serves well, Kees Engelbarts and Peter Speake-Marin likewise went along with us that night. Everything simply occurred and to me, this was just splendid. Going to a watch reasonable and ‘hanging’ with the cool folks, the watchmakers that you appreciate and some individual watch geeks who additionally began a blog.

Since we all appreciated that night so much, the following year I coordinated a comparable night. Again in that equivalent little spot, albeit this time for certain more visitors. Other than the folks from the earlier year, Kari Voutilainen additionally went along with us that evening and… all things considered, truth be told, I truly don’t know precisely who was and who wasn’t there that year.

Over the years the schnitzel supper turned out to be something significant. Individuals began discussing it and it was Charris’ words (Charris is boss communicator at MB&F) that brought back the inclination that I had and I surmise numerous more… Let me quote him: “I recall my first Schnitzel supper, I think in 2012, about a year subsequent to joining MB&F. I was unable to accept my eyes: amassed in the compact and comfortable setting of the eatery, an outright dream group of Indie watchmakers and different players from the business, sharing giggles over brews. There was somebody I had been passing on to meet in each corner, at each table. A life-changing second, which I anticipated each year – I trust I didn’t miss a solitary session.”

In 2012 we saw Bart and Tim Grönefeld accepting their Timezone Watch of the Year Award , it’s likewise where agreements are started, it’s where individuals get another line of work, make companions and generally significant, it’s fun. Consistently overseeing schnitzel dinner’s list of attendees got more earnestly. Numerous individuals needed to join in, however eventually, there were basically not more than 45 seats.

Max Busser additionally shared his view on the yearly Schnitzel supper: “It was one of those uncommon minutes during Baselworld where we could without a doubt “let our hair down”. An air pocket in time where we disregarded requests, business, creation issues, and so on… Just extraordinary watch-adoring companions sharing and partaking in a truly great second together. “

I’ve got a considerable amount of photographs and here’s a little compilation, so you can get a feeling of what that night is all about.

William from Timezone indeed, we eat serving of mixed greens too… SCHNITZELS BEER Sarpaneva taking brew while Grönefeld take a wristshot Tim Grönefeld and Wei Koh Bartender

Since Schnitzel Dinner is a social event of individuals working in the watch business, individuals expounding on the watches, and individuals gathering watches, we generally end with a practically stately action. To a considerable lot of the visitors, this is one of the features of the evening… table shot!

I need to thank such countless individuals who have gone to “schnitzel blitzel“, as James Thompson otherwise known as Black Badger calls it. Much obliged to Max Busser, who is consistently the first to answer to my email welcome for the following Schnitzel Dinner. Much obliged to Bart and Tim Grönefeld for perking up the night with their jokes, stories and stunts (Bart and enormous brew glasses… won’t say more), Kari and Peter and John for in some cases avoiding another significant gathering on Baselworld’s Saturday night, so they can go to the schnitzel supper. I need to thank every individual who joined in and made this event. I realize that the visitors didn’t come for my discourse, as it was most likely the briefest discourse of the year. They came to make some great memories and a giggle, to ‘break’ the extreme Baselworld week. Fingers crossed for a next version of Schnitzel Dinner!