Behind the Bench with Watchmaker Karsten Fraessdorf and his innovative Tourbillon Spirograph Sport

Karsten Fraessdorf, the organizer of Montres KF , has been a watchmaker since he was a youngster. Repairing old clocks and pocket watches, he took in about exemplary escapements and chronometry. Over the previous decade, Karsten Fraessdorf has made a few watches, and by made, we mean in a real sense made starting from the earliest stage with self-created developments, regularly exhibiting exceptional escapements and steady power gadgets. Two years prior, he dispatched Montres KF and the main watch under his own name, the Spirograph . This year, he presents his subsequent watch, the Spirograph Sport , a tourbillon wristwatch that you can wear consistently. It has been tried to withstand no not exactly a 5,000G power implying that you don’t need to regard it as a normal, delicate tourbillon.

Today, we will have a more intensive glance at this new Montres KF Spirograph Sport and we’ll meet with Karsten Fraessdorf, behind the seat. There, he will clarify all the specialized subtleties behind this amazing, inventive and complex watch, by destroying the development and the instance of this Spirograph Sport, showing all the imaginative arrangements he made to make a tourbillon watch that you can wear each day, all over the place and not need to stress over it. It’s all in the specialized arranged video at the highest point of this article.

If you need to study Montres KF, you can peruse our specialized survey on the main model , the Spirograph, where Frank clarifies how he’s field-testing this watch as an every day wearer, without stressing a lot over it. It shows what tests have been done, how the watch can oppose great G-powers and how its development, type 360, was conceived.

Also, you can peruse this specialized article , where we sat behind the seat with Karsten Fraessdorf, taking a gander at all the little subtleties of his in-house, self-considered, self-built movement.

Finally, on the grounds that it is today’s point, we’ve done a short audit of Karsten’s most recent creation, the Montres KF Spirograph Sport , where Xavier clarifies in detail the Thermo-Compensation framework just as the suspension springs that go about as stun absorbers.

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