Blancpain Villeret Quantième Complet, now in Red Gold with Refined Blue Dial

The Villeret assortment comprises the absolute generally exemplary, refined and immortal models of Blancpain . Exquisite and careful, these watches are regularly introduced in an exemplary combination of gold cases with opaline or silver-conditioned dials . All things considered, shading isn’t rejected from this reach and blue specifically is additionally offered, as a rule in restricted arrangement with a platinum case . This year, Blancpain adds a hint of shading and warmth to one of its most refined models, with a blue dial and a red gold case. We’ll examine the new form of this Blancpain Villeret Quantième Complet 6654. 

The Villeret assortment is named after the Swiss town where Blancpain was established in 1735. With such a name, you can unmistakably anticipate an attention on customs and elegance, which is actually what is the issue here. The Villeret assortment is the place where immortal style and specialized complexity are converged, with the absolute generally refined and complicated models offered. Villeret at Blancpain implies dress watches, complex showcases and smart mechanical deceives as well (we’ll see that later). Also, regularly, Villeret implies a combination of brilliant white dials with gold (white or red) or steel cases. A work of art, rich combo that can’t be questioned, athough some could want for additional tones. Also, that’s what Blancpain offers today on one of its unique models, the Quantième Complet (or complete calendar).

The Villeret Quantième Complet is a watch without any shocks. It has been around for certain years is as yet perhaps the most adjusted and attractive models in the assortment. Surely, it doesn’t have a similar mechanical renown as an interminable calendar, however its plan may be significantly more lovely. It depends on an unequaled exemplary showcase, regularly found during the 1940s and 1950s, and known as the complete/full calendar. The thought with such a quantième is to show all the calendar signs – date, day, month and regularly moon stages – without the delicacy and complication (the cost) of a QP. In any case, precisely, such calendars are less difficult and don’t take into accounts the diverse length of the months. Accordingly, it fills in as an exemplary date watch, with changes required toward the finish of months with 30 or 28 days.

Despite being precisely easier, such calendars, when executed in an exemplary way, advantage from an amazing evenness and equilibrium, with the signs situated in an exquisite way. For example, on this Blancpain Villeret Quantième Complet 6654, the showcase is composed of H-M-S in the middle, a pointer date with an excellent serpentine hand showing the date on an inward track, non-weekend days and months in windows at 12 o’clock and a moon marker at 6 o’clock. All things considered, it is adjusted, simple to peruse and very refined.

For its most current variant of the Villeret Quantième Complet, Blancpain has selected a warm and beautiful combination – which isn’t new to the brand yet known to be striking. The 18k red gold case, with its rich tone and cleaned surfaces, is paired with a dark blue dial. The mark Roman numerals are cut from 18k red gold as are the various hands running over this dial. Not exclusively is the outcome delightful yet in addition simple to peruse, with extraordinary contrast.

This blue Villeret Quantième Complet, other than its tones, stays indistinguishable from the wide range of various renditions offered in the assortment – it is accessible in steel or gold, with white, silver or dim dial, and with different lash alternatives. It accordingly holds its pleasant extents, with a 40mm distance across and 10.94mm stature. This new blue dial form is offered on a 22mm blue crocodile lash with a deployant clasp, or on a “mille mailles” network 18k red gold bracelet.

To power this watch, Blancpain depends on its in-house type 6654, a programmed motor with 72h force hold and 4Hz recurrence. This development is wonderfully improved, with a gold guilloché rotor, slanting and striping on all the parts. More significant in this calendar setting, it highlights two shrewd mechanical arrangements. In the first place, it is outfitted with a security framework ensuring it against any inappropriate utilization of the capacities. The watch proprietor is in this way ready to set the complete calendar whenever with no danger to the development, dissimilar to customary calendar watches. Second, the Villeret Quantième Complet is additionally outfitted with protected under-carry correctors, empowering all the data to be changed at the press of a finger and subsequently disposing of the requirement for a pusher instrument and unelegant recessed pushers in the casebands.

Price and availability

The Blancpain Villeret Quantième Complet 6654 Blue Dial and Red Gold is currently offered as a perpetual model in the assortment, not restricted underway. It will be valued at CHF 24,000 on cowhide (ref. 6654 3640 55B) or CHF 42,000 on “milles mailles” arm band (ref. 6654 3640 MMB). More subtleties at .