Bovet 19Thirty Fleurier, now in Red Gold with an Ornate Dial

The Bovet 19Thirty Fleurier is one of the less difficult models in the brand’s universe of super refined, ultra-ornamented watches. First introduced in steel in 2015, with a generally ‘simple’ dial and clear capacities – by Bovet’s standards… – the 19Thirty honors the 1930s when pocket watches moved to the wrist. The furthest down the line model to join the 19Thirty family is this 18k red gold rendition, which separates itself from the 2015 pieces with its hand-engraved dial. Introduced in a 42mm case, the development offers a strong 7-day power hold on a solitary barrel. Could this be Bovet’s translation of an every day beater?

Fit for rulers and queens

Bovet’s long history is a consistent wellspring of motivation for the brand and its pocket watches and checks were valued in imperial courts the world over for their extravagant hand-painted or engraved improvements and refined mechanics. Pascal Raffy, who purchased the company, clarifies how the 19Thirty family was inspired by a 1930s Bovet pocket watch known as the ‘easel’. Its moniker was gotten from the little extractable remain on the converse side of the case that permitted the pocket watch to bend over as a table clock, an element that is more connected with the convertible Amadeo family.

Raffy additionally portrays the 19Thirty as an ‘regular’ watch and whenever you’ve seen the imposing complications and by and large lavishness of Bovet’s pieces, you can perceive any reason why he would pick that modifier. For a sample of a portion of the more staggering pieces, don’t miss Frank Geelen’s visit to the production and talk with Pascal Raffy in this video .

‘Everyday’, for some

Obviously the primary emphasis of the 19Thirty in tempered steel  (with a more contemporary Dimier case) adjusts more to the possibility of an ‘regular’ watch. This 18k red gold ups the extravagance remainder observably. The case, with its contemporary 42mm distance across, has a moderate tallness of 9mm, yet as you can see from the photos, this watch will call consideration. Notwithstanding its liberal distance across, the crown and bow at 12 o’clock are a lot of a piece of the character of this watch and are intended to be admired. A blue sapphire cabochon settled in the crown stands to consideration while the verbalized bow settles against the wrist.

Lucky Number 8

The cleaned gold bezel outlines the dynamite view on the dial with its crossing hours and minutes and little seconds counters. Framing a topsy turvy figure eight, the imagery of this number won’t be lost on Chinese clients. Scarcely another ‘target’ market for Bovet, the watchmaker was so admired in China during the 19th century (so the story goes) that the originator’s last name got inseparable from the word for ‘watch’ in Chinese, known as Bo Wei.

Dials at Bovet are rarely plain and are regularly composed of numerous planes and sorrows, openworked regions and suspended counters. This model is no exemption. Accessible in either sun-brushed blue or dark, the top counter transfers the hours and minutes while the more modest counter denotes the passing seconds. The roundabout brushed dial highlights white Roman numerals for the hours and Arabic ones for the seconds.

Beneath the time counters, you can see the scaffold with sensitive hand-engraved Fleurisanne themes addressing foliage, an in-house claim to fame that Pascal Raffy resuscitated among his craftsmans. The surface of the extension looks grainy – nearly sandblasted –  and produces a matte surface. Two roundabout sorrows, at 3 and 9 o’clock, add more alleviation to the view: the one at 3 o’clock houses the force hold marker and the one on the privilege is opened on the barrel, and adds incredible feeling of balance. Both bear engravings in ancient French. “Pour servir ponctuels gentilshommes” which implies, “to serve a dependable gentleman,” and on the other, “Faictes de mains de maistres,” or “made by awesome hands”.

If you’ve got it, parade it

Many of Bovet’s lavishly enhanced noteworthy pocket watches are gallery pieces today. The serious level of ornamentation on the development drove author Edouard Bovet to make the main straightforward casebacks.

The Fleurier 19Thirty follows this custom and a sapphire caseback uncovers the magnificence of this in-house, manual-winding movement. The evenness on the dial of this Fleurier 19Thirty is additionally reflected in the development with the equilibrium rooster and focus wheel cockerel adjusted and uncovered through two openings in the extension. Indeed, in spite of the fact that it would seem that a strong ¾ plate, there is a squiggly line navigating the extension with gaps uncovering different subtleties of the movement.

Because of its significant degree of vertical incorporation – with its own development and dial makes – Bovet is as of now ready to create about 85% of its types in-house. Type 15BM04 was planned explicitly for this assortment, albeit the etching on the scaffold alludes to it as Caliber 10Thirty. Like pocket watch developments, the liberal 15 ¾ ligne type (35.53mm) occupies all the accessible space and offers an outstanding 7-day power hold on only one barrel. The completions are in accordance with Bovet’s craftsmanship with blued screws, perlage on the mainplate and Geneva stripes curving over the bridges.


I consistently get the feeling that on the off chance that I were wearing a Bovet (and the right clothing), I could sneak into Versailles with any of the Louis rulers holding court and not raise an eyebrow: that is the manner by which sumptuous and beautiful they are!

As with all Bovet watches, the second you handle one you realize you are taking a gander at something exceptionally unique for sure. Bovet is about imaginative craftsmanship and refined mechanics and is a lot of a specialty brand for authorities. The Fleurier 19Thirty is the brand’s translation of a basic three-hand watch with a vigorous 7-day power hold intended for ordinary use. I think you’ll concur that there is not much about this watch at all with its sumptuous hand-engraved twists and bizarre layout.


The two Bovet 19Thirty Fleurier models in red gold come with crocodile lashes to coordinate the shade of the dial and 18k red gold ardillon clasps. The retail cost is CHF 29,500. More data at .