Breguet Classique 7137 Moon & Power Reserve, with New Dials for 2020

With its rich – and lavishly recorded – history, Breguet never needs to wander excessively far abroad for motivation. The Classique 7137 is an ideal delineation of how a pocket watch from 1794 can in any case have pertinence today. Two new models join the family and albeit the changes are just stylish and the design, case size and extra-slim development are indistinguishable, they have an effect to the general mind-set of the watch. Still a pure breed Breguet dress watch, the 7137 suits up for 2020.

The predecessor: the Perpetuelle No. 5 Pocket Watch

Although Abraham-Louis Breguet utilized the term ‘perpétuelle‘ to allude to his self-winding developments (1780) powered by platinum-weighted rotors and the wearer’s developments, it could well be utilized to portray the ageless, interminable allure of his refined plans. Breguet’s Perpétuelle Repeating Watch No. 5 was apparently conveyed to the French columnist and author F. Jourgniac Saint-Méard (blamed for injustice during the French Revolution).

Having deciphered the specialty of motor going to watchmaking since 1786, Breguet’s No. 5 pocket watch highlighted rich Roman numerals on the section ring and a handsome guilloché dial with three unbalanced signs: a power reserve in an exquisite fan-formed presentation; periods of the moon in a bend with a blue foundation and a gold Man in the Moon; and a roundabout counter for the auxiliary seconds.

What’s new?

Till now, four forms of the 7137 were accessible in gold cases with silvered dials. The most obvious novelty is the blue dial on the white gold model. Portrayed by the brand as ‘Breguet blue’, the watch looks more keen, more contemporary and fresher. The rose gold model highlights the more exemplary silvered dial made by utilizing a gold base and applying a silver powder with a delicate brush.

Another configuration change is to be found on the moon stage marker; the golden ‘Man in the Moon’ face we are acquainted with seeing has been traded for a more reasonable silver decorated Moon complete with holes gliding in a brilliant sky.

Using a motor turning machine for round adornments and a straight-line machine for direct plans, craftsmans at Breguet proceed with the conventional specialty of guillochage. The examples on the dials of the two watches have been invigorated and are suggestive of the designed textures frequently utilized for men’s suits. The sun theme of the previous 7137 models inside the date counter at 6 o’clock has been fill in for a fresh chequerboard (damier) design, the power reserve marker now has a container weave (panier maillé) design and the focal point of the dial with a hobnail design (clous de Paris).

Unaltered features

The gold instance of the Breguet Classique 7137 has a 39mmn measurement and a lean profile of 8.65mm. An ideal dress watch size, the rich case is cleaned and includes the finely fluted caseband of all Breguet watches and the adjusted welded drags with screw bars of the Classique and Tradition families. The part ring for the hours actually shows the exemplary Roman hour numerals albeit all the hands on the white gold model with the blue dial coordinate the case, while the rose gold model highlights blued hands for contrast. Normally, the hour and moment hands are mark open-tipped Breguet style.

A sapphire gem caseback uncovers the extra-dainty hand-finished programmed type 502.3 with its open barrel, Côtes de Genève embellishment on the extensions and topsy turvy gold rotor motor turned by hand. With 256 components, 35 gems, a recurrence of 3Hz and a 45-hour power reserve for the hour, minutes, stages and age of the Moon, power reserve pointer and date, the development is simply 3.65mm thick. It is likewise fitted with a free-sprung offset and with an equilibrium spring and bed horns in silicon.


Depending on the model, a blue or earthy colored gator lash with a white or rose gold collapsing clasp accompanies the Breguet Classique 7137, which will retail for EUR 39,000. More subtleties at .