Bvlgari Octo L’Originale Solotempo and Chronograph Dressed in Stylish Black-DLC and Gold

Bvlgari merges its triumphant army of Octo L’Originale watches with the arrival of two new varieties. With similar engineering plan as their Finissimo siblings , who have gotten many triumphs in the fight for super meager, the Octo l’Originale watches come with marginally thicker cases, sportier clothing and less fatty costs. Sheathed in complimenting black DLC-covered steel and featured with extravagant rose gold subtleties, the sculptural states of the Octo case become considerably more articulated on these new Octo l’Originale Solotempo and Chronograph watches.

All Roads Lead to Rome

The virtuoso of the Octo lies in its exceptionally sculptural, powerful case plan. What is considered by numerous individuals as the actual encapsulation of a contemporary case plan – which weds a round bezel to an articulated octagonal base – was indeed propelled by building highlights of Ancient Rome. This fearless juxtaposition of shapes has its causes in Rome’s royal design, to be exact, in the coffering of the Basilica Maxentius in the Roman Forum.

Both watches are housed in a 41mm case, however the stature of the chronograph is, as you would expect, somewhat higher than the Solotempo. The strain between the contradicting mathematical shapes is amplified with the differentiating utilization of sandblasted steel covered with black DLC and brilliant 18k rose gold sandwiched in the middle of the components and accentuated with a gold crown. The life structures of both is cases is indistinguishable with a round black DLC steel bezel settling upon a marginally distending rose gold octagonal stage, which thusly lays on the lower layered black components of the case. There could be no less than 110 features working on this issue alone and when seen from the side you can truly value the unexpectedly ventured dividers at the base coming full circle in a smooth round bezel on top.

A change of suit for the Octo l’Originale Solotempo

Basically a similar watch we saw a year ago in a downplayed and lightweight full titanium suit , the new Solotempo model is sheathed in a sandblasted steel case treated with black DLC – a nanocomposite covering prestigious for its jewel like hardness, erosion opposition and matte completion – with differentiating 18k rose gold subtleties on the dial and case. The case size of this sharp three-hander with date stays unaltered and measures 41mm in distance across with a stature of 10.6mm and water-opposition of 100m. The combination of sandblasted metal and DLC makes an exceptionally alluring, somewhat dirty surface that is completely with regards to the contemporary idea of the Octo.

Another angle you will see after handling this model is the extra weight gave looking into it by the combination of steel and gold. In spite of the fact that I love the calm, recognized looks of the titanium Solotempo , its gentility was an issue for me. I truly need to feel the heaviness of my watch.

The shading plan is slyly proceeded on the dial with its anthracite foundation and hand-applied rose gold lists and numerals at 12 and 6 o’clock. The date window at 3 o’clock feels somewhat less prominent than on the titanium model. On the off chance that you take a gander at the border of the dial, you will see one more octagonal theme outlining the dial, which for this situation, and fortunately, has not been lifted up in rose gold.

Underneath the sapphire precious stone caseback is Bulgari’s Caliber BVL 191 Solotempo, a self-winding, make development. A quality development, it beats at 28,800 v/ph and offers a 42-hour power hold. The development is appropriately – assuming modernly – got done with chamfered edges and Geneva stripes. The octagonal bezel outlining the caseback gem likewise includes eight golden pentagonal screws with cleaned heads.

To proceed with the smooth dim look of the dial and case, the incorporated and tightened elastic tie has additionally been treated in black. On the wrist, as you can find in the image, the watch radiates an exotic dull virility with a bit of debauched rose gold. Cost for the Solotempo is CHF 7,900 or EUR 8,400.

Octo L’Originale Chronograph

Just like the Solotempo model over, the Octo l’Originale Velocissmo Chronograph has had a makeover and shows up in a 41m sandblasted steel case with black DLC and a 18k rose gold octagon and crown. On the off chance that the case development is indistinguishable from the Solotempo, the case is somewhat thicker coming in at 13.07mm, given the chronograph development inside.

By adjusting the case materials and shedding the tachymeter scale that was included on the bezel of the 2018 rendition of the Octo L’Originale Velocissmo Chronograph , the watch has abandoned the cool, specialized look of the titanium model and becomes an object of interesting excellence. The bits of 18k rose gold and smooth black DLC-covered steel give the watch an extravagant warmth infrequently found on your normal chronograph. The dial is additionally made in a matte anthracite tone and highlights hand-applied rose gold records and an exemplary tri-compax format for the registers.

This trendy chronograph is controlled by Bulgari’s self-winding type BLV328 Velocissimo, which is in all honesty Zenith’s unbelievable El Primero – a high-level incorporated development with a segment haggle grip, which is utilized by Bvlgari on account of cooperative energies inside the LVMH Group. This variant of the great recurrence Zenith chronograph is controlled with a silicon escapement. Beating at 36,000vph or 5Hz, it takes into account the accuracy estimation of 1/10 of a second (Velocissimo signifies “exceptionally quick” in Italian). The force hold is 50 hours. Noticeable through the show caseback, the development shows an openwork rotor and exquisite gets done with including Geneva stripes, perlage and anglage.

The Octo l’Originale Chronograph is worn on an enormous, tightened elastic tie incorporated into the case. It is gotten with a collapsing clasp guaranteeing a comfortable fit. The cost for this model is CHF 10,900 or EUR 11,500.


The combination of black and gold is quite often inseparable from polish and extravagance. With this swank combination, these new Octo Solotempo and Chronograph magnify the considerable design of their cases. With the hyper-tough DLC-covered steel case and decent 100m water-opposition, the Octo Solotempo is unquestionably a watch that can be worn day in, day out. Despite the fact that I can’t envision anyone utilizing the Octo chronograph to commit to a yacht and time a regatta, it surely brings a feeling of running Italian appeal to the table. By and by, Bvlgari figures out how to combine components of exemplary Roman engineering, Italian plan style and better Swiss mechanics than expand its invulnerable army of Octo watches.

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