Chanel‘s new J12 Paradoxe and J12 X-Ray Watches (Incl. the First Watch with a Sapphire Bracelet)

Twenty years prior Chanel dispatched the J12, a luxury sports watch decked out in cutting edge fired with fantastic allure and a heavenly direction. The main unisex watch created in smooth dark ceramic, the J12 has been returned to in Haute Horlogerie complications and spruced up in Haute Joaillerie clothing while never losing its dynamic character. Effectively thought to be a symbol of the 21st century, the Chanel J12 returns for its commemoration – and only in front of Baselworld 2020 – in these sensational two-tone models and an astounding X-ray variant with a sapphire case and bracelet – a world-first!

First Unisex Ceramic  Watch

Jacques Hellu, the creative chief at Chanel for a long time, needed to plan a watch for himself. He needed something ageless, gleaming, dark and indestructible that would in any case mirror the stylish and luxurious air of the brand. Dispatched in 2000, Hellu’s watch was named after the J12, a class of dashing yachts taking an interest in the America’s Cup famous for their smooth profile and speed. With 200m water-obstruction, a lively scored plunge bezel and a smooth cutting edge dark fired bracelet and case, the J12 cruised straight into the spotlight. The J12 was a triumphant mix of female and manly components, a sex drinking spree of sorts. This is not really astounding when you consider Gabrielle Chanel’s propensity for mixing comfortable, relaxed articles of clothing from men’s closets (pullovers, loose pants) with ladylike touches.

J12 Paradoxe and J12 Paradoxe Diamonds

Black and white are key tones in the J12 range and ceramic is the material everyone partners with this assortment. For 2020, the J12 mixes high contrast however breaks with regular translations of a two-tone watch. The J12 Paradoxe is genuinely in a class all its own with its provocative case that is 66% white clay and 33% black.

The combination of two distinctive shading ceramics on one case is extremely complex and was attempted by G&F Chatelain, a specific Swiss case producer possessed by Chanel since 1993. The two areas of earthenware are secured to an inward edge by methods for two screws (noticeable on caseback). The development is additionally positioned inside the casing. The dial sticks to this same pattern with an overwhelming region of white polish and a more modest territory of dark finish on the correct side. The scored steel bezel required another treatment and was first cushion printed (tampography) dark and then white to accomplish the two-tone effect.

The J12 Paradoxe Diamonds follows a similar erratic dissemination however with a luxurious turn: the correct part of the watch is set with roll cut precious stones diverging from the smooth dark artistic of the left half of the case and the dark lacquered dial. More luxurious than the less difficult earthenware form, the inward case is made of 18k white gold and then 66% of its surface canvassed in dark artistic. The precious stones set in the carries, the crown monitors, the bezel, the rib and the dial are altogether shocking roll cut jewels, likely the most manly cut for jewels – not failing to remember the shortened jewel in the crown. The J12 Paradoxe Diamond is a restricted release of 20 pieces.

Both models share a similar 38mm width and programmed Caliber 12.1 delivered by Kenissi, the development producer claimed (20%) by Chanel and Tudor. Presented inside J12 models in 2019 (which won the GPHG 2019 Ladies’ Watch Prize), the type 12.1 replaces the past ETA 2892. In addition to the fact that it is very much completed, however it additionally has COSC chronometer certification.

Quick facts: 38mm distance across x 10.7mm stature – J12 Paradoxeblack and white earthenware. J12 Paradoxe Diamonds dark earthenware, white gold set with jewels (4.5 carats) – 50m water-opposition – programmed type 12.1 – 28,000vph – 70h force hold – COSC-confirmed – J12 Paradoxe ref. H6515 USD 7,150 – J12 Paradoxe Diamonds ref. H6500, restricted to 20 pieces, USD 192,600

J12 X-Ray sapphire to the bones

We’ve seen a lot of sapphire cases previously, however we’ve never seen a sapphire bracelet connected to a sapphire case. Chanel brings home a world-first for making a full-sapphire gem model, and with a skeletonised development for sure, like the one we saw inside the Boy-Friend Squelette in 2018 .

Machined from a solitary square of sapphire gem, the case size is as yet 38mm and highlights a white gold bezel set with roll cut jewels. The sapphire dial additionally includes loaf cut precious stone hour markers, the exemplary interior railroad-style minutes track, and hands dressed in white gold.

Just underneath the files and moment track you can see the manual-winding type 3.1. The skeletonised development shows extraordinary evenness and balance and is mysteriously suspended in mid-air by sapphire scaffolds. Organized vertically, the barrel is arranged at 12 o’clock and the escapement at 6 o’clock.

However, what genuinely separates this watch is the undetectable bracelet. Composed of sapphire connections that are held along with white gold pins and screws, the bracelet denotes an achievement in watchmaking.

Quick facts: 38mm x 10.7mm – sapphire precious stone case and bracelet – white gold bezel set with loaf cut jewels – 30m water-opposition – manual-winding type 3.1 – 28,800vph – 50h force hold – J12 X-Ray ref. H6249, restricted to 12 pieces, USD 626,000

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