Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie Chronograph “Secret Alloy” (Live Pics)

Since the reintroduction in 2015 of the name Czapek , Antoine Norbert de Patek’s ex-accomplice before he founded Patek Philippe, the newly reproduced brand has zeroed in on very good quality watchmaking, obviously, yet additionally shows a strong hunger for hand-made dials, regardless of whether they are made in veneer or guilloché. Utilizing its most recent watch as a base, the Chronograph Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie, the brand divulges a spic and span dial in an unconventional crude material: “Secret Alloy”.

The Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie follows two different watches in the collection. First was the work of art and now signature model, the Quai des Bergues – a watch with power save and little seconds, executed in numerous versions . At that point came the brand’s lead watch, the Place Vendome Tourbillon , a more modern, more specialized interpretation of Czapek design’s codes. In 2018, the brand uncovered another watch, a chronograph furnished with an amazing incorporated and hello beat development, produced by Vaucher, the Faubourg de Cracovie Chronograph.

For its most recent version, the Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie gets another name: Secret Alloy. This is clarified by the dial found on this watch. While the guilloché (motor turned) dial adheres to the standard “Resonance” design – found in different editions and in a few tones, and an identical format –  the primary curiosity is about material.

While the motor turning measure – named guilloché in French – is tied in with making designs by etching the material, Czapek figured it would intriguing to leave the material “raw”, untreated, without covering or veneer. The “secret alloy” utilized here on this Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie is the consequence of a collaboration with Metalem, in Le Locle, one of the top Swiss watch dial production lines set up in the Jura region since 1928. This material is the alloy 401, a unique alloy developed for Czapek and made of gold (55%), platinum, palladium and silver. On account of its composition, including palladium and platinum, it is stronger than 18k gold. Being untreated, it likewise creates incredible metallic reflections.

The rest of the watch is identical to different editions of the Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie, with a 41.5mm tempered steel case and pleasantly coordinated chronograph pushers. The dial is complemented by applied indexes and blued steel hands, coordinating the croc tie. As standard, this edition is a no-date watch – which is a decent decision – despite the fact that a date complication can be mentioned. Driving this watch is the type SXH3, a very good quality coordinated programmed chronograph development, with section wheel, vertical grip and direct mallet. This hey beat development (5HZ recurrence) brags 65 hours power save and is decorated with sandblasted spans, cleaned angles and anthracite-covered parts. This development is made by Vaucher .

The Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie Secret Alloy might be accessible (until Baselworld 2020) at the brand’s US retailers. It is restricted to 18 pieces and evaluated at CHF 24,000 (charges incl.). More details at .