De Bethune Maestri’Art DW5 Armilia

Denis Flageollet, the driving force behind De Bethune is, without question, perhaps the most skilled watchmakers of the business. His manifestations have set the brand outside standard watchmaking, in its very own class. De Bethune watches stand apart with their mechanical peculiarity just as their space-age design. Also, the new De Bethune Maestri’Art DW5 Armilia will not change this.

With their most recent creation, a special piece DW5 from the Maestri’Art assortment, the brand brings us into an equal universe: that of craftsman and visual artist Francois Schuiten – all the more especially to the cryptic universe of the Obscure Cities, the realistic novel arrangement Schuiten began with his companion Benoit Peeters.

Passionate about the Obscure Cities, Denis Flageollet has repeated Armilia, a lowered underground city from this comic book work of art, looking into the issue of an extraordinary piece DW5. The retro-modern bends of the watch, consequently, make a dazzling impression of Armilia’s conjured up universe. To unbelievably replicate the sharp lines of Schuiten’s drawing on this wrist-sized figure, De Bethune has requested the abilities of Michele Rothen, one of the top craftsman etchers in Switzerland.

DW5 (Or Dream Watch 5) is a horological UFO combining mechanical developments with cutting edge style. With tight lines and particular bends, its 58mm x 47mm has an unmistakable presence of the wrist. A hand-cut sapphire window uncovers the time imagined in an unordinary way: bouncing hours and simple minutes. The first circular moon sign is composed of two blued steel and palladium half circles. Turning the watch over, the dark titanium case back highlights an opening on the equilibrium wheel.

The watch is controlled by the hand-wound type DB2144V2 joining a few of the brand’s advancements. It flaunts a five-day power hold provided by an automatic twin-barrel. The controller consolidates a silicon balance surrounded by a gold edge, a De Bethune balance spring and a silicon get away from wheel. The exactness moon-stage system is precise to one lunar day each 1,112 years.

The De Bethune Maestri’Art DW5 Armilia is worn on a croc tie with crocodile lining. It is shut by a titanium clasp with a pink gold pin. The cost for this remarkable piece is set at CHF 190,000. For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit