De Rijke & Co Amalfi Series 1S, with new Vespa White dial

The story of how Dutch watchmaker Laurens de Rijke began his watch company is as of now an interesting one. His interpretation of the Driver’s Watch is fairly interesting and brought about the out of control cool De RIjke & Co Amalfi Series 1 . This watch comes in a couple of variations and this new form honors the vehicle he made a 11,000-kilometer excursion on . Alongside another dial color, a couple of updates make this watch significantly more keen as an item, something we can just commend! We go involved with the De Rijke & Co Amalfi Series 1S with new Vespa White dial.

Laurens de Rijke isn’t your run of the mill adolescent trying to make his imprint whatever the cost. No, he is an interesting chap with an affection for the old. In watchmaking, he loves conventional craftsmanship and instruments, and throughout everyday life, he appreciates driving a vintage Lancia or traveling across Europe on a vintage Yamaha XT600 motorbike. Combine those two loves and you end up with a fairly extraordinary watch that doesn’t burn up all available resources yet would be a welcome expansion to any watch collection.

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In past articles, we’ve referenced his endeavors riding a reestablished old style Vespa sulked through Eastern Europe and Central Asia which started his interest in watches. The idea to make a trip to Mongolia on said Vespa was sliced short because of a casing that nearly part down the middle under the pressure. At that point he was in Kyrgyzstan, a few huge number of kilometers from home. During his outing, he made a stop at a swap meet in Tbilisi, Georgia, where a got an unpolished, metal cased Vostok for close to nothing that turned into his confided in timing companion for the wrist. That very watch in the long run lead to his decision to move on from the college by making one himself. In any case, one with a wind, literally.

Through experimentation he in the end nailed it with his Amalfi Series I, a watch that includes a focal case that can be turned 90 degrees, set in an external case that can be gotten to the wrist like some other watch. The turn of the case permits the wearer to situate the dial impeccably towards him and consequently eliminates the need to pivot the wrist in certain circumstances and still have the option to peruse the time consummately. For instance when riding your (vintage) bicycle or vehicle through Europe, or basically traveling to and from the supermarket which I got the opportunity to appreciate for this review because of the pandemic.

His first watch – the Amalfi Series I – was dispatched a couple of years prior yet things have changed a little since at that point. Laurens has made a bold exertion to consummate his watch as far as quality and finish. Not that it was awful, in the first place, but rather he has refreshed a few highlights to accomplish a superior norm of value. This additionally implies outsourcing a portion of the creation of the parts to providers that can deliver constant quality. On the opposite side of the range, he has likewise explored different avenues regarding different bespoke forms for customers, which brings about extraordinary adaptations of the Amalfi Series I. One of the coolest bespoke variants comes with a honeycomb dark over metal sandwich dial and plaque out of appreciation for the Peking to Dakar rally (see below).

In the current collection of De Rijke & Co, there are three forms of the Amalfi Series 1S; the restricted Amalfi Series 1S with open hands and markers, the Amalfi Series 1S with Super-LumiNova on all fours markers (numbered, not restricted) and now the Vespa White adaptation (again, numbered, not restricted). Something that is not too far off is a little restricted run of the honeycomb dial without the Peking to Paris plaque on it, as reaction on that bespoke model was strong.

On the specialized side, very little has changed in the De Rijke & Co Amalfi Series 1S Vespa White, other than the development and investment in quality and finishing. The watch actually includes that rotatable focus case inside an external support, creating a particularly original and interesting watch. Turning the middle case is a firm yet smooth activity, like a diving bezel in feel. It permits you to pick any situation over a 90-degree track. In principle, you could wear it on your leg on the off chance that you trade the tie for an extra-long one and subsequently it becomes a definitive flexible driver’s watch.

The caseband on the development module is engraved with “Amalfi Series 1S” on one side of the crown and an identification number on the opposite side. The crown is currently screw-down to guarantee a tight fit and improve water obstruction. It likewise assists with rotating the case as it is a characteristic point on the watch to grasp so a solid construction is key here. It brings about a marginally taller crown compared to the past one however it doesn’t compromise comfort one bit.

The steel case estimates 38mm in breadth and has an exceptionally thin bezel, allowing for a dial as extensive as conceivable underneath an enemy of intelligent sapphire gem. That dial is put near the gem, to lessen bending. The hauls on the Amalfi Series 1S are fixed – a design component, however it additionally provides unbending nature to the external case. The fixed hauls require a beautiful arrangement and De Rijke & Co doesn’t disappoint. The thin cowhide lash closes fold over the carries, back through a calfskin guardian and are gotten with a little stud. It is not difficult to utilize, takes into account simple lash changes and wears truly comfortable on the wrist. Notwithstanding the standard cognac color tie, De RIjke & Co offers new colors for the lashes in British Racing Green, Lancia Blue and Bordeaux Red.

For this Vespa White form, the dial is done in an exquisite, smooth white color inspired by… Vespa, of course! The color for this dial is modeled after the Vespa Laurens rode in his epic excursion through Eastern Europe and parts of Asia. It offers a cool, splendid look to the watch and matches well with the luminous filled markers and hands. These markers are laser cut by a particular company, one of the means underway Laurens has now moved to accomplish consistent quality. The hour and minute hands coordinate the hour markers regarding style, while the red focal seconds hand offers a bit of color. The external minute track and branding on the dial is cushion printed in black.

Inside the De RIjke & Co Amalfi Series 1S Vespa White ticks a top-grade Sellita SW 300-1 programmed development, obvious through the sapphire caseback, pleasantly finished with perlage and Côtes de Genève. It is nothing excessively extravagant from a specialized point of view, however it is a dependable decision, which can be overhauled by most watchmakers if necessary. It likewise keeps the watch sensibly evaluated, at EUR 2,309 before charges. As said, the De RIjke & Co Amalfi Series 1S Vespa White is a numbered version, however not a restricted one.

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