Dijkman Watches Versum, another one-man Dutch brand

We’ve been investigating the Dutch fields of watchmaking as of late, with for example the Van der Gang 20019 chronograph , the 3D-Printed watches of Dutch watchmaker Michiel Holthinrichs or the primary watch by De Rijke Watches & Co , the Amalfi Series I. Today we shed light on one more Dutch creation, driven by exclusive’s enthusiasm for the specialty of watchmaking, and sponsored by a long vocation and exceptional stories; the Dijkman Watches Versum, planned and worked by Holke Dijkman, the single man behind the brand.

The elements for a great deal of start-up specialty brands are normally comparative. Most importantly, it is quite often determined by enthusiasm, and besides, it ordinarily begins at a youthful age by destroying your father’s old radio to perceive how it functions. Or on the other hand a clock, electric caution, CD player or whatever you could lay your hands on. As is the situation of Holke Dijkman, who began his own image with an exceptional thought for a first watch, after numerous years managing the Dutch field of watch and clockmaking.


Holke’s vocation was hindered by the Dutch compulsory military help that was still around during the 1980s. At that point, subsequent to learning at the Horlogemakers (Watchmakers) Vocational School in Hoorn, the Netherlands, he was functioning as a clock repairman. His advantage and abilities in fine mechanics paid off in the military as he turned into an optical and mechanical instrument engineer.

Fast forward to 2001 when he took up a situation with Christiaan van der Klaauw , at that point actually headed by Mr. Van der Klaauw himself, an AHCI-part since 1990 and prestigious for his clocks with cosmic complications. Barely 10 years after the fact, the company was offered to and repositioned by Daniël Rientjes, Holke Dijkman headed out in different directions with Christiaan van der Klaauw. At that point the brand was exclusively creating mechanical cosmic watches, in which Holke assumed an immense part in creating gear moves and prototyping for these complicated watches.

Currently working for Van der Gang Watches in Dokkum, in the most northern territory of the Netherlands, he responded to the call of making his own watch in his extra time. The venture began around six years prior, and now he has conveyed the initial not many watches. These first models are as yet continuing forward, as he keeps in contact with his customers to get criticism on the exactness, quality, and dependability of his watches. With low numbers that way, it is effectively reasonable yet additionally exceptionally imperative to monitor your crowd. Awful client assistance or a severely completed watch is an executioner for little brands. You will not discover any of that here however, a truly modest and rational person making a cool watch that is actually impressive!

The most intriguing part for any watchmaker, probably obviously, is the running pinion wheels and pulsating heart of a watch. The development, with every one of its parts, working as one to keep it running as exact as could be expected. Also, truth be told, for most watch darlings (or nerds), it is the same. I especially like a watch that has something going on, on the dial side. It keeps it fun and entertaining.

The thought for Holke DIjkman’s Versum was just about that. Imagine a scenario in which you could flip the development, and have the running stuff and equilibrium wheel on display with as insignificant a dial as could really be expected. The thought isn’t completely new, as there are different models out there, however there are a couple of specialized difficulties that are not effectively broken. In the first place, you need to get the stems for the hand to pivot the other way to forestall time being shown counter-clockwise. Second, it implies slicing THROUGH the development with these stems or folding the required mechanics over it here and there or another. We’ll clarify the subtleties in a little bit.

Case and Strap

The case for a Dijkman Watches Versum begins as a machined clear, which is then exposed to a cycle called Electrical Discharge Machining, bringing about an entirely completed case. The eventual outcome is a hearty, cleaned steel case that estimates 42mm across, with tough drags and a similarly solid crown with a stuff formed improvement on top.

The case is approx. 13mm in tallness, which gives the watch a massive profile – yet this was deliberate. It needs to house the transformed development and the accompanying additional arrangement of pinion wheels to make the irregular planning sign. The stature shifts between the two variants, as one is fitted with a level precious stone and the other with a marginally domed crystal.

Dial and Hands

The dial – or absence of dial to be exact – is fairly strange because of the reversed development. To begin with, you look into the pinion wheels of the development, that considers it to be altered and still demonstrate the right time. It is a genuine exhibition to wind or set this watch as you have a really clear perspective on the gears.

Time is shown on two separate section rings, accessible in two forms: a mechanical rendition, with Arabic numerals on the hour ring, and an adaptation with Roman numerals on the hour ring. Simply above, and outwardly of great importance ring is the part ring for the minutes.

The hands for the Dijkman Watches Versum are a significant diverse story. The hour hand is a little triangle drifting over within section ring with one or the other Roman or Arabic numerals. It is suspended from an enormous stuff that is mounted under the part ring. Within that stuff is a little lip, with a stem holding the triangle set up. It seems, by all accounts, to be floating noticeable all around, because of this construction.

The minute hand is situated on the enormous, midway mounted stuff. It includes an obvious metal roller and is driven from a stuff situated underneath the hour and moment part ring permitting a perspective on the pinion wheels propelling the hands.

Heat treating these hands is no choice, as the variety in thickness because of the development of them would bring about lopsided tone. Thus, these are lacquered in blue.


Holke chose a solid Swiss workhorse for his DIjkman Watches Versum, the handwound ETA/Unitas 6497/6498 – moderately simple to get, truly dependable, effectively functional. How Holke deals with the development is remake the sign of the hours and minutes (seconds are dropped).

On the rear of the development is a second sign of the hours, again on a huge stuff formed wheel with regards to the general look of the watch. Note that this is certifiably not a subsequent time region sign or anything, yet a recycled that shows the current hour. A smidgen of a contrivance to make the posterior of the watch stand apart somewhat more. A few sections have been overlaid or rhodium-plated by Holke in his own workshop, which adds to the profundity of the watch.

Despite the broad transformations to the development, and the additional parts to the running stuff expected to show time as it does, the development holds about a similar force as it did previously; 46 hours. Holke Dijkman adds a sum of 14 new handcrafted pinion wheels to the development, 10 of which are expected to reroute the hours and minutes and four to supplant the manufacturing plant made ones.


I was exceptionally intrigued with the watch. Indeed, you can contend why flip the development and afterward make an approach to show the right time? However, on the off chance that that is your line of reasoning, you’re overlooking what’s really important. Numerous watchmaking attempts look for a response to the inquiry “should it be possible?” And a lot of watchmaking needs to do about being special, sharing your innovativeness and planning an item that has a story to tell.

I was likewise intrigued by the degree of completing and the general quality – particularly for a watch made by a small time show. The case is huge however all around assembled and the actual watch feels extremely strong and comfortable. Indeed, there are minute hints of tooling and contacts that reveal to you this is a generally hand tailored watch, yet that adds to the experience of claiming a particularly extraordinary watch. Think of it as a characteristic of the producer, the dash of craftsmanship by the very hands that have built it.

The Dijkman Watches Versum comes on a cushioned cowhide lash and in a high quality wooden box. It is restricted in numbers, 250 incidentally, yet additionally by Holke Dijkman’s creation limit as he makes the watches in his extra time. The initial six watches have been conveyed since the idea was completed and racing however Holke would prefer. Cost is set at EUR 5,750, which would appear as though a great deal thinking about the decision of development, yet satisfactory when considering all the carefully assembled parts. For more data go to DijkmanWatches.nl .