Discovering the Maurice Lacroix Aikon Mercury and its Patented “Free-Hand” Display

Today, MONOCHROME’s specialized manager Xavier Markl is in Saignelégier, Switzerland, with Maurice Lacroix . With its “Masterpiece” assortment, Maurice Lacroix uncovered a few watches with capricious displays of the time. Consider the astonishing Roue Carrée watch, with its little seconds incited by a square wheel, or the Mysterious Seconds watch, with its skimming, non-precisely connected seconds hand. The “accessible luxury” fabricate, which creates a portion of its most complex developments inside, has a custom for such unique, amazing and intriguing complications that make perusing the time more fantastic.

Maurice Lacroix is presently implanting this unique and mark soul into its effective extravagance sports watch assortment , the Aikon . From the start sight, the new Maurice Lacroix Aikon Mercury appears to be a standard watch, with a traditional display of the time. In any case, there is significantly more than meets the eyes in this new watch. It stands apart with its patented “Free-Hand” display. Let’s have a more critical glance at the Aikon Mercury.

At first look, the Maurice Lacroix Aikon Mercury has all the earmarks of being a typical watch, with focal hours and minutes and little seconds at the six o’clock position. In any case, when you glance through the marginally colored sapphire dial, you see that there’s in excess of a standard programmed development running under these hands… And with reason, as this Aikon Mercury successfully displays the time, yet can also… not display the time! Curious?

When worn traditionally, the Maurice Lacroix Aikon Mercury works like a standard watch with its hands running in a regular manner – comprehend a 360-degree revolution around the dial or the sub-dial. With the smallest slant, in any case, the hour and moment hands turn freely, forsaking their chronometric obligations. Hold the Aikon Mercury upstanding and the hands fall back and give the right time. Much the same as the inconsistent idea of time itself, the Mercury idea makes time sneak away when you’re not focusing and return when you need it.

The patented component behind this inventive display required three years to create and is made by Maurice Lacroix in the offices you’ll find in the video. What’s more, much the same as the Masterpiece Roue Carrée, with its interlocking capricious pinion wheels, and the Masterpiece Mysterious Seconds, with its coasting seconds hand, the Maurice Lacroix Aikon Mercury honors the brand’s custom for complex, unusual displays of the time at moderately open prices.

How does the Maurice Lacroix Aikon Mercury work? It combines an uncommon “Free-Hand” framework that works with regular powers of gravity to peruse and display time from a twofold snail-cam component covered up underneath the dial. One snail cam is related with the display of hours, making one complete turn at regular intervals, while the other is related with the display of minutes and pivots once like clockwork. At the point when the wearer turns his wrist to take a gander at the watch, with its development opposite to the ground, gravity follows up on two weighted switches, maneuvering them into contact with the snail cams. Directed by the consistent turning snail cams, the switches then drive the hour and moment hands to demonstrate the right time. At the point when the wearer leaves the upstanding position, the hands follow an irregular example prior to capitulating to gravity. The component actually computes out of sight, prepared to get back to the right time when set off by the situation of the wrist.

Of course, all the subtleties are in the video above… Enjoy! More subtleties at .