Eric Clapton’s Patek Philippe 5975R Chronograph 175th Anniversary For Sale

[email protected]/watches/item subtleties/35232/patek-philippe/multi-scale-chronograph-eric-claptons-175th-anniversary-watch-18k-rose-gold-5975r-001.html” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>about the watch in question, the past proprietor of the watch stood apart right away. It had a place with guitar legend and prepared watch gatherer, Eric Clapton.

Clapton is known to adore watches, especially Rolex and Patek Philippe. He even referenced his affection for Patek Philippe watches in his collection of memoirs. He recently claimed the lone platinum Patek Philippe 2499 in private hands (the other model is in the Patek Philippe Museum), which sold at sell off for US$3.6 million, an uncommon Rolex Yacht-Master model dependent on a Daytona and a Rolex 6263 Daytona nicknamed “The Albino” because of its monochromatic white dial.

He sold a bit of his assortment in 2003, and the costs mirrored the current economic situations at that point. It is startling to figure the amount they would go for in the present market, which has seen costs on vintage Rolex sport models skyrocket.

Over the years we have seen a considerable lot of his watches show up at closeout. These have gone from gold Rolex Day-Dates to Patek Philippe chronographs with extraordinary dials. With the provenance of being claimed beforehand by Clapton, these watches typically go for a premium over their high estimate.

The watch being sold by Xupes is a Patek Philippe 5975R Chronograph in rose gold, with a white multi-scale dial. This watch was delivered to commend the 175th anniversary of Patek Philippe. 400 pieces were created in every variety of gold (rose, yellow and white) and 100 pieces dressed in platinum.

The masterpiece of the provenance is on the testament. Under the name and address area: “Monsieur Eric Clapton”. Certainly a cool argument for whoever winds up buying the watch. The watch is recorded here , at GBP 84,999. All photographs by Xupes.