Europa Star Digitizes 90 Years of Archives to Create an Online Library

One of the most seasoned and most regarded watch magazines, our associates at Europa Star have left on the digitization of their archives to make an immense online library. A secret stash of recollections and data on the watch business, which is currently accessible online for watch enthusiasts and professionals.

Archives are observers to the past. The Europa Star library reflects 90 years of horological history, as the magazine was established in 1927 – a print magazine represented considerable authority in watchmaking, adornments and the exactness business. Accordingly, it addresses an entrancing and important wellspring of data to burrow, peruse and read a huge number of articles about your #1 brands and watches or to reveal insight into a portion of the significant advancements of the watchmaking industry.

So far, more than 60,000 pages (in various dialects) or 350 magazines since 1959 have been digitized however Europa Star’s objective is to add another 40,000 pages before the finish of 2019 and by 2020, the objective is to have the sum of the 300,000 pages of file digitized. A straightforward, easy to use search work encourages you investigate these significant assets. It is hence useful to discover references for the data you are looking for.

This online library is saved to Europa Star Club Members by means of membership – you can decide on one of the levels of participation from CHF 99 to CHF 499. For more data, kindly visit .