Fortis Official Cosmonauts Amadee-18 Chronograph – Destination Mars?

Nothing gives a watch certifications like a stretch in space. Fortis, established in 1912, has for quite some time been related with rough pilot’s watches and turned out to be important for the official gear of Russian cosmonauts in 1994 . Dispatched into space on a MIR space station mission, the Official Cosmonauts Chronograph bears the logo of the Russian space specialists (Roscomos) on the caseback and keeps on gathering mission patches from continuous International Space Station experiences. A year ago, Fortis partook in a recreation of the principal human arriving on Mars that occurred in the desert of Oman and gave chronographs to the whole team.

OEWF Amadee-18 Oman Expedition

Just before we take a gander at the watch in detail, a couple of things need clarifying. The reproduction of a Mars arrival led in the Sultanate of Oman in February 2018 was coordinated by the Austrian Space Forum ( ). The OEWF is a resident space association that conducts multi-disciplinary investigations to plan people for future missions on Mars, everything from testing out spacesuits, timing EVA, to checking how well mechanical technology act in the sand. The Amadee-18 Expedition (which was the name picked by the Austrian Space Forum since it was the moniker Mozart utilized when marking his letters!) occurred in the stony fields and sand ridges that describe the Dhofar locale of Oman.

Similar to the outrageous desert conditions on Mars, the recreation in Dhofar was led by a mission team from 25 distinct countries who directed 19 examinations, at the same time wearing their Fortis Chronographs. The following Amadee-20 Mars recreation is planned for 2020 in the Negev Desert of Israel.

Official Cosmonauts Amadee-18 Chronograph

For those of you acquainted with the brand, the Fortis Amadee-18 is a dark PVD adaptation of the B-42 Official Cosmonauts Chronograph  reviewed by Xavier a couple of months prior, the two cycles of the first Official Cosmonaut watch. With its solid pilot’s watch feel, the strong 42mm tempered steel instance of the Amadee-18 is sheathed in dark PVD with differentiating white Arabic numerals that stand apart a mile. The sharp instituted edge of the turning bezel clicks exactly and easily to quantify slipped by seasons of as long as 60 minutes and the enormous crown is fluted to improve hold. Water-impervious to 200 meters, the caseback is fixed and includes the Roscosmos logo. Generally, a strong device watch.

Black and white dial

Like other Official Cosmonaut Chronos, the dial is overflowing with data. The customary 6-9-12 format of the sub-dials reacts to the Valjoux 7750 development underneath deck yet on account of this watch, the little seconds counter at 9 o’clock has been enlivened with the Amadee-18 Mission Logo selected in desert-like shades of yellow and brown.

In expansion to the tachymetre scale on the inward rib and the enormous iridescent Arabic numerals and hour markers, there is additionally a day/date window at 3 o’clock flanked by two bolts pointing in inverse ways. The bolts are to demonstrate in which course to pivot the crown to change the date and day. The brand name and logo are additionally situated over the day/date window while the words Chronograph Automatic show up underneath it. Combined with the orange chronograph hands and the bright mission fix, you need to concede that there is a great deal of data on the dial.  However, on account of the differentiation of the white markings against the dark foundation and the green Super-LumiNova, the dial is shockingly intelligible and simple to counsel in basically any light conditions.

Valjoux 7750

The Fortis Official Cosmonauts Amadee-18 Chronograph is controlled by a Valjoux 7750, perhaps the most solid programmed chronograph developments available running at 28,800 vibrations each hour and conveying 48 hours of force reserve.

A rough, strong utilitarian chronograph, the Fortis Amadee-18 will interest nerds and aficionados of room missions the same with its central goal fix of the Martian recreation that occurred in Oman. It even comes with sand from the Omani desert. Given the Martian subject of the mission, perhaps red Super-LumiNova would have been more suitable? The watch comes with a dark cowhide execution tie or a brilliant orange elastic lash with a collapsing catch. The watch retails for CHF 3,180 (incl. charges). For more data, you can visit the  Fortis site here .