Frederique Constant – Pim Koeslag, Technical Director, about the Watchmaking Evolution of the Brand

After two recordings on history and procedure , we proceed with our arrangement of recordings zeroing in on open extravagance brand  Frederique Constant . Made just 30 years prior by Peter and Aletta Stas, the brand has acquired global acknowledgment for assembling exquisite watches with intriguing complications and extravagant interest at sensible costs. This additionally implied the appropriation of genuine watchmaking abilities, something that began with the dispatch of the principal manufacture development (the Open Heart) in 2004. The development of the brand has seen the presentation of numerous variations and a few “small” complications, yet in addition very good quality watches, for example, a tourbillon in 2008 or a perpetual calendar in 2016 . In 2018, both were combined in a noteworthy watch, the Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Manufacture , again estimated sensibly – and that necessary genuine watchmaking skills.

For the third video in this arrangement, we converse with Pim Koeslag, Technical Director at Frederique Constant, Alpina Watches and CEO of Ateliers deMonaco, about the great specialized advancements behind the brand, from the first in-house development in 2004 to the complex tourbillon perpetual calendar as of late dispatched. This procedure likewise incorporates the formation of a manufacture, which has been amplified as of late for a significantly more prominent (and more proficient) creation capacity.

We welcome you to watch the video at the highest point of this article to see how Frederique Constant, its leader Peter Stas and specialized chief Pim Koeslag have figured out how to execute a procedure of open extravagance along with amazing watchmaking content. Making a tourbillon perpetual calendar without any impediments on cost is complex yet lovely norm in the business. Doing likewise sort of complications in a watch with a cost covered at EUR 20,000 requires amazing astuteness. Accept us!

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