Frederique Constant – The History of the Brand with President Peter Stas

Today on MONOCHROME we start a progression of recordings zeroing in on available extravagance brand, Frederique Constant . Made just 30 years prior by Peter and Aletta Stas, the brand has acquired global acknowledgment for assembling rich watches with intriguing complications and lavish interest at sensible costs. Frederique Constant is likewise now a set up manufacture, fit for creating its own in-house developments in its as of late augmented Geneva-based manufacture, going from exemplary programmed watches , to the mark open-heart pieces or the super complex yet at the same time open tourbillon perpetual calendar .

To start this arrangement, we will converse with organizer and leader of Frederique Constant, Mr Peter Stas, about the historical backdrop of the brand and how his significant other and he oversaw, in such brief timeframe, to make a persuasive Geneva-based brand.

A short history of Frederique Constant

Frederique Constant is a moderately new Swiss extravagance watch manufacture and was established in 1988 by Dutch business person Peter Stas and Aletta Stas-Bax. Their main goal was to create in-house Swiss mechanical watches at open costs, not limiting them to well off experts. The brand’s first watches dispatched in 1992, an assortment of six models with rethought Swiss developments. Only two years after the fact in 1994, the Heart Beat model dispatched as one of the brand’s signature models. The equilibrium wheel was shown by means of an opening in the dial, a mainstream stylish presently duplicated all through the business. In 2004, the Heart Beat type FC 910 dispatched as the first in-house development, setting up the company as a vertically coordinated manufacture. Inside thirty years, the brand delighted in quick development with no under 15 in-house developments (counting a tourbillon, a perpetual calendar and moon stage complications), and even gained Alpina Watches in 2002. Frederique Constant is currently an auxiliary of Citizen Watch Company in the wake of being obtained in 2016, alongside Alpina and DeMonaco.

To study this brand that permits aficionados to appreciate exquisite watches with fascinating complications and in-house developments, look at our video at the highest point of this article as Peter Stas clarifies how everything started.

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