Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary SLGH002 with New Hi-Beat Calibre 9SA5 and Dual Impulse Escapement

We didn’t expect anything less. To praise its 60th anniversary, Grand Seiko dispatches its new hi-beat mechanical type 9SA5, the establishment stone for a completely new age of Grand Seiko watches. Addressing a headway as progressive as the primary type 9S of 1998 – the base development fueling all watches in the Grand Seiko (notwithstanding Spring Drive) assortment to date – the new 9SA5 keeps up the high-beat recurrence however broadens the force save and adds an amazingly uncommon Dual Impulse Escapement. Making its debut journey installed the recently planned yellow gold time-and-date Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary SLGH002, the watch will be accessible at Grand Seiko stores in August 2020.

Raising the stakes with the 9SA5

The challenge for Seiko’s advancement group was to convey a similar degree of stable precision found in the current high-beat 36,000vph development (the 9Sxx  hi-beat family) yet expand the force save from 55 hours to 80 hours and thin down the development. To achieve this, three essential constructions were updated from head to toe utilizing a combination of exactness fabricating devices, the time-sharpened change abilities of the watchmakers at the Grand Seiko’s Studio Shizukuishi and imaginative specialized solutions.

Dual Impulse Escapement

Developed totally in-house, the new escapement wheel sends power straightforwardly to the equilibrium improving proficiency (henceforth the 80-hour power hold for a high-recurrence type). The curiosity here is the dual impulse escapement – an extremely uncommon and great specialized arrangement. One way, power is communicated straightforwardly to the equilibrium, in the other it is through the bed fork, as in a conventional escapement. With this innovation, the locking and impulse capacities are separated – an answer giving likenesses the Audemars Piguet or the Omega Co-Axial escapements, for example.

Micro-electromechanical framework innovation (MEMS) was utilized to make the bed fork and escapement wheel with its eight star-formed arms (teeth) and layered tips. Because of the ultra-exactness machining innovation, these crucial components are machined to resistances of one-millionth of a gram and are 5% lighter than others, which means less force is needed to turn them.

Grand Seiko Free-Sprung Balance and flat stuff train

The Grand Seiko Caliber 9SA5 is outfitted with another free-sprung balance that is more impervious to stun and contact and holds its exactness for longer periods. Type 9S, for instance, depends on a level hairspring: the new 9SA5 uses an overcoil. To achieve the ideal shape for the overcoil, in excess of 80,000 reenactments were attempted in the lab.

The new type is 15% slimmer than the current 9S Grand Seiko high-beat type and has a tallness of simply 5.18mm. This was achieved with an inventive even design of the barrel and stuff trains. The two barrels are orchestrated in arrangement to expand the force hold from 55 to 80 hours. At last, the equilibrium is held set up by a cross-over extension – again something new for Grand Seiko, which guarantees more prominent solidness and stun resistance.

The development is done in careful Grand Seiko style yet in addition presents new, more decisive plan codes than in past watches. The delicate bend on the scaffolds is intended to bring out the layout of Mount Iwate and a twist in the Shizukuishi waterway that can be seen from the windows of the watchmaking studio. Likewise, the wavering weight is more open than previously, taking into account a superior perspective on the development. The stripes brightening the scaffolds show up less “industrial” and add a haute horlogerie finish to this type 9SA5, close by the blued screws and the liberally sloped extensions. This new development has a ton of charm.

New case design

The new type 9SA5 makes its introduction inside the Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition SLGH002, a 18k yellow gold watch with a somewhat bigger case size of 40mm (39.5mm for 9S) however a lot slimmer profile of 11.7mm (13mm for 9S). Completely upgraded, the case presently includes more extensive drags for improved comfort. In any case, the primary distinction can be valued in the more slender outline of the case and the delicate camber that permits it to sit entirely on the wrist. Similarly as with all Grand Seiko models, the case finishing is standout with its combination of brushed surfaces – including the level piece of the bezel and the bended sides of the case –  and the striking, twisting free, reflect clean completion (Seiko’s unbelievable Zaratsu technique).

Abiding by the guidelines set down for the Grand Seiko Style in 1967 with the acclaimed 44GS , neatness is awesome. Other distinguishing components remember the more conspicuous and thicker hour markers for 18k yellow gold (faceted and cleaned) and the bigger hour hand, the two highlights of the primary Grand Seiko of 1960. The date, sitting under the gold inclined casing, changes instantly.

The watch comes with an earthy colored crocodile tie with a 18k yellow gold three-overlap clasp.

Availability and price

The Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary SLGH002 is a restricted release of 100 pieces. It will retail in Europe for EUR 45,000 and will be accessible in August 2020 at Grand Seiko Boutiques. For more data, kindly visit .