Hands-On With The IWC Big Pilot Constant-Force Tourbillon Edition “Le Petit Prince”

Before I get to this shocking looking IWC Big Pilot Constant-Force Tourbillon Edition “Le Petit Prince”, I need to concede something. I never read Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) as a child.

It was a couple of months prior that I chose to arrange the book, as I felt that what I have missed, I need to make up for lost time along with my young girl. Along these lines, I began perusing it to my five-year old little girl, just to acknowledge on the 2nd page effectively, that she may be altogether too youthful to comprehend. I attempted until page 25 and in spite of the fact that she listened cautiously, I am certain she didn’t get quite a bit of it. Each time I pick a book from her assortment to peruse her a sleep time story, my eyes are attracted to Le Petit Prince. It will stay there for a couple of more years I surmise, this book about fellowship, love, and life.

IWC and Saint-Ex’s Le Petit Prince

As you know, the writer of the book is Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. A French creator and pilot, who lost life on July 31st, 1944 subsequent to being brought somewhere around a German Luftwaffe pilot. Just in 2004, his plane was recuperated from the Mediterranean Sea (it was situated in 2000 as of now, yet it required an additional 4 years to take care of business). After affirmation of the chronic number on the disaster area of the Lockheed Lightning P-38, it was sure this was the plane of the popular French creator. At long last, after so long this secret was settled. Géocean was one of the companies required by recuperating Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s plane. Pierre Becker, top of that company, had tears in his eyes when he saw the chronic number on one of the P-38’s pieces. It shows how profoundly the affection is for Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and his work as pilot and creator of Le Petit Prince is established. Simply a year prior to he passed on, he composed his ‘Le Petit Prince’ story.


What has Le Petit Prince or Antoine de Saint-Exupéry has to do with IWC you may ponder. All things considered, Saint-Ex, as the French call him, was a pilot and IWC makes Pilot lux watch survey since around 80 years. Since 2005, IWC cooperates with the Fondation Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who are supporting youngsters and youths who face troublesome conditions. Since 2006, IWC’s commitment has additionally prompted exceptional lux watch survey devoted to Saint-Ex, and since 2013, to his ‘Le Petit Prince’. This year, during the Salon International de la Haute Horogerie (or SIHH) in Geneva, IWC showed us something really exceptional. The IWC Big Pilot’s lux watch survey Constant-Force Tourbillon Edition “Le Petit Prince”. The present Big Pilot depends on the IWC reference IW431, a lux watch audit that was made in 1940 and conveyed to the German Luftwaffe and made agreeing the exacting determinations they utilized for their lux watch survey With a distance across of 55mm, this lux watch survey was extraordinarily tremendous at that point, where the normal lux watch audit width was most likely around 32mm. IWC conveyed 1000 of these lux watch audit to the Luftwaffe. Exclusively after WWII, IWC likewise conveyed military (pilot) lux watch survey to the British Royal Air Force also. Here is the place where I for one feel that the connection with Saint-Ex who was shot somewhere near a Luftwaffe pilot gets somewhat sourish. Or on the other hand IWC’s connect to the Spitfire. I’m glad to be persuaded something else, however as of not long ago it stays quiet. What will be will be, obviously, and IWC is supporting a decent motivation with the Fondation Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Big Pilot Constant-Force Tourbillon Edition “Le Petit Prince”

An extraordinarily long prologue to expound on the new IWC Big Pilot Constant-Force Tourbillon Edition “Le Petit Prince”. With a breadth of 46.2mm these lux watch audit are as of now attractive, yet the part of the way open-worked dial that empowers you to take a gander at the constant-force tourbillon makes it considerably more extraordinary. What’s more, extraordinary they are! Plural, in light of the fact that IWC will deliver two rendition of this lux watch audit The one we have here is the Big Pilot Constant-Force Tourbillon Edition “Le Petit Prince” in platinum, yet there will likewise be an adaptation in 18-carat red gold. Hard gold, as IWC puts it, as they had the option to have the microstructure of the composite changed in such manner that the material is a lot harder than the ordinary gold amalgam of red gold. This prompted a red gold combination that is 5 to multiple times more scratch-safe than the ordinary 18-carat red gold. Extremely helpful, as a typical measured gold lux watch survey is as of now bound to get a few scratches (or more awful: gouges), not to mention a hockey-puck estimated pilot’s lux watch audit of 46.2mm. Savvy thinking in Schaffhausen.

Special Edition of 10

The platinum rendition we have here, is reference IW590302 and the red hard gold lux watch audit has reference IW590303. The pre-owned lash, dim blue dial tone and development are all very similar, it is the material for the case, hands and hour markers that is extraordinary. Where the gold release has coordinating gold-plated hands and hour markers, the platinum lux watch survey has them rhodium-plated. Each model is restricted to 10 pieces altogether, with a remarkable number engraved on the caseback.

Constant-Force Tourbillon

Where it is a first for IWC to utilize hard gold for a lux watch audit the Constant-Force Tourbillon complication has been utilized before in the Portugieser assortment. Indeed, even a year ago, in 2018, for their 150 years commemoration models. The Big Pilot Constant-Force Tourbillon Edition “Le Petit Prince” lux watch survey utilize the IWC type 94805 development, part of the 94000-group of calibers.

A hand-wound development that has sufficient energy to ‘have’ various complications. There are two barrels in this development, and it has a high force to drive the constant-force tourbillon just as extra complications (Moon stages, power hold markers and so on) The type 94805 has 4 days of force save and ticks at 18.000vph (~2.5hz).

Now, for clarifying the Constant-Force Tourbillon, I will accept that you are as of now acquainted with the tourbillon complication. With the expansion of the constant-force component, IWC can guarantee that the adequacy of the equilibrium (vital for precise timekeeping). How it functions, so, is that the escapement is being separated from the energy that is being conveyed by the stuff train. The energy is briefly put away yet to be determined spring and conveyed to the getaway wheel. During this cycle, each second the pressure in the spring is expanded and makes the seconds hand in the tourbillon advance each second with one stage also. Subsequently, the will be a precise presentation over a 48-hours time span. Particularly combined with the tourbillon that wipes out the impact of gravity on the swaying framework, it guarantees high accuracy. After this time of two days, the system switches back from constant-force mode to the ordinary instrument of the energy over-carrying and the seconds hands moves with steps of 1/5th of a second (18.000vph). IWC has a patent on their constant-force tourbillon instrument and have applied it to three unique models now, this IWC Big Pilot Constant-Force Tourbillon Edition “Le Petit Prince” being the latest one.

Besides the licensed constant-force tourbillon, this lux watch audit additionally has a ceaseless moon stage show ready. As per IWC, it will just take a necessary change of one day in 577.5 years to keep it showing the moon stages accurately. At that point, there’s the force hold pointer on the dial, which shows the wearer the excess energy that is left in the lux watch survey appeared in hours.

As you can see, the caseback has a sapphire gem fitted to show you the colossal type 94805 development of the Big Pilot Constant-Force Tourbillon Edition “Le Petit Prince”. On this side of the lux watch audit there are no references to the narrative of The Little Prince, yet on the dial side, I will enlighten you concerning this one minimal cool thing in the following passage. As should be obvious, the completing of the development is finished by giving it a decent Côtes de Genève improvement, overlaid etchings and chamfered edges. The plates on the rear are occupying all the space however, and the activity is better noticeable at the front side of the watch.

Le Petit Prince On The Moon

As you can peruse over, the IWC Big Pilot Constant-Force Tourbillon Edition “Le Petit Prince” is an exceptionally specialized lux watch survey This is something I genuinely appreciate with regards to watchmaking, despite the fact that it shockingly consistently comes at a specific cost. Additionally for this situation, however more about unessential things as costs later on. Other than the specialized developments to keep up high exactness, there’s something different that moved me when seeing it. It is lamentably not obvious on the photographs that we took ourselves, and we would not like to change the schedule or Moonphase on this monster without a doubt, so I utilized a picture from the public statement to have the option to show it to you. On the moon, you will locate The Little Prince standing, watching the stars.

What a staggeringly cool approach to respect the story composed by Saint-Ex. To be completely forthright with you, this is the thing that has a significant effect with a lux watch audit that is essentially in fact exceptional and a lux watch survey that can truly move individuals. It may sound simple to make something that plays with the suppositions of a shopper, however I question that it is a simple errand to satisfy. In nowadays and age, shoppers are more basic towards these things than any time in recent memory, and you truly need to come up with something great and bona fide. IWC did and effectively so.

Dial Side

As composed over, the activity on this lux watch survey is principally on the dial side of the Big Pilot Constant-Force Tourbillon Edition “Le Petit Prince”. Where the development is clearly flawlessly completed, is the blue dial where the wizardry occurs. Because of the ricocheted spotlights, the dial shows up a lot lighter in these pictures than it really is, yet we just made some short memories with it so we were unable to play for a really long time. Those are the disadvantages of having tight timetables at these shows. In any case, the huge dial has two big openings. One for the tourbillon confine, that shows the lux watch audit is basically alive and one for the moon stages pointer as depicted in the past section. Two enormous hands are there for the hours and minutes and the seconds hand can be found on the tourbillon. At 4.30, you will discover the hand of the force save marker that goes as long as 96 hours. In spite of the fact that I ordinarily I am not an enthusiast of ‘open heart’ dials, or noticeable tourbillons on the dial all in all (yet that is super close to home), it is as yet a cool sight here. Maybe likewise in light of the fact that the dial is immense at any rate, and furthermore in light of the fact that IWC figured out how to keep it somewhat clean regardless of all the showed functions.

Big Pilot

Normally, I like my lux watch survey as spotless and basic as could really be expected. Henceforth my own unobtrusive assortment comprises of the ‘works of art’ or maybe ‘regular suspects’. In the event of an IWC, I would ordinarily select the standard Big Pilot lux watch survey reference IW501001 ( which we explored here ). I could likewise agree to the Le Petit Prince execution, with a blue dial and with The Little Prince engraved on the caseback (reference IW501002). It is a decent signal that both of these lux watch audit come at a similar cost of 13.800 Euro. The dial of both these lux watch audit is perfect and straightforward and honor the first Pilot’s lux watch survey of 1940. Be that as it may, and not even as a result of the cost or the constant-force tourbillon development, but since of the gap where you can see Le Petit Prince remaining on the moon, I wouldn’t see any problems with wearing this form all things being equal. Regardless of whether it was in steel, and with a Moon stages complication just, I would go for this one. It very well may be that I am a sucker for these things (consequently a Snoopy on two of my watches), however I love them. It makes lux watch survey and gathering lux watch audit fascinating and keeps it intriguing when you as of now have a lot of ‘works of art’. That is the reason I began to disregard the constant progression of Special or Limited Editions blusters that you will discover via online media and discussions and chose for myself that I either like a lux watch survey or I don’t care for a lux watch audit in any case in the event that it is a restricted or extraordinary version or not. Moreover, if a brand needs to live off just delivering works of art and standard versions, the quantity of returning clients would be a lot of lower without a doubt. The lone individuals that appear to be troubled by restricted or extraordinary versions are those that weren’t wanting to get them in any case, I presume. All things considered, IWC just will make 10 of each, and likely sold or called for already.

Price And Availability

This drives me to the cost and accessibility of these IWC Big Pilot Constant-Force Tourbillon Edition “Le Petit Prince” lux watch audit As you can see, we just saw the platinum lux watch survey during our photoshoot in Geneva and viewed ourselves as fortunate that we did as such (given the reality there are so numerous photoshoots arranged and just one of each were accessible for the whole group). The red hard gold variant may really be my decision, as I love (red) gold and its sparkle. That would likewise save somewhat in cost, as you can envision. The red gold form will retail for €238.000 (IW590303) and the platinum variant for €255.000 (IW590302). Costs may be liable to change, as we’ve been told by IWC. Both lux watch audit will come on an earthy colored calf cowhide tie. IWC hopes to begin conveying these lux watch survey in June 2019.

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