Ikepod Goes Back to Mechanical with the New Megapod Automatic

Several years prior, the “vintage watch of the future” was back. Surely, a little group had chosen to resurrect the Ikepod , this puzzling brand with a plan that the greater part of us can undoubtedly review, established in 1994 by Oliver Ike and Marc Newson, before it stopped creation in 2012 when Newson left the company. The faction configuration was restored in 2018 yet in view of another methodology, the new collection being about plan and moderateness – in reality, it was quartz fueled. Until now… as brand returns to mechanical with the new Ikepod Megapod Automatic. Same space-like plan, same boldness, however at a negligible part of the cost and dispatched by means of Kickstarter . 

Background of a complex achievement story

Back during the 1990s and mid 2000s, the condition of the watch business was not the same as the one we know today. Watchmaking was gradually recuperating from the quartz emergency, mechanical watches were simply starting to be cool again and the vast majority of the autonomous watchmakers we realize today didn’t exist. There was a brand, notwithstanding, that began a pattern for select watches with an intense plan: Ikepod. In those days, these watches were among the coolest pieces you could get your hands on. They were unique, purposely excessively planned, enormous, and blending innovation in with somewhat outdated plan components, and a deliberate 1950s UFO style. This was the consequence of crafted by originator Mark Newson, later engaged with the plan of the Apple Watch, which made the watch a definitive thing for creators, craftsmen, draftsmen and Silicon Valley business people. Yet, these watches weren’t cheap… at all!

The brand was established in 1994 and created different models, from the Megapode, the Seaslug, the Hemipode, the Horizon or the Solaris – more often than not with a comparative equation: a smooth, super clean stone molded case, complex dials with optical hallucinations or 3D surfaces, bright components and automatic developments. The company had its ups and downs. Ikepod was announced bankrupt in 2006 yet was relaunched in 2008 and afterward put on pause in 2012, when Marc Newson left the company he helped to establish to move to associated watches.

The brand was lethargic from 2012 to 2018. A few gatherings/financial backers showed revenue in relaunching Ikepod yet the brand was at last gained in April 2017 by three new financial backers, including greater part investor and new CEO Christian-Louis Col. In any case, rather than embracing a similar very good quality technique once more, the chose to make plan the primary need combined with open costs. Not any more complex developments, not any more valuable metals, yet great plans finished with eminent planners, including Emmanuel Gueit. This brought forth a first collection, a period in particular and a chronograph, named Duopod and Chronopod, both controlled by quartz… unfortunately for us. However, it held the protected round-formed watch plan, the first UFO logo on the dial and the Hemipod (outlandish quail) logo on the crown and the feeling of plan so dear to the brand and its gatherers, yet with a couple of concessions to make it accessible.

Today, the brand dispatches its second Kickstarter mission, and indeed, this time, we’re talking mechanical watches. Meet the new Ikepod Megapod Automatic.

The Ikepod Megapod Automatic

After the achievement of the first collection, Duopod and Chronopod, with more than USD 385,000 of pre-orders created in a couple of months, the brand has now chosen to grow its contribution with something that is undeniably more intriguing to us, an automatic model named the Megapod. Furthermore, if you’re into watches, this name should sound familiar.

The Ikepod Megapode (with a “e” when alluding to more established models) was the foundation of the Ikepod collection for quite a long time, a period and-date watch with a chronometer-evaluated automatic development and huge distance across. Despite the fact that it was a generally straightforward watch, it highlighted all the famous components the brand was known for: a rock like case with its development mounted from the best, an elastic wristband with signature clasp, orange accents and larger than usual measurements. But, it was a long way from available, with a retail cost in 2008 of CHF 12,500…

Today, Ikepod presents an updated adaptation of this watch named the Megapod Automatic (without a “e”), which holds a large portion of the plan codes, yet because of different concessions, will be valued at a 10th of the first model – and even less during the Kickstarter campaign.

As demonstrated by its name, the Megapod is the biggest of the models in the collection. Its round, “flying saucer” case estimates 46mm in measurement. It is made of brushed hardened steel, it is topped by a sapphire gem that streams into the bends of the case and is traditionally built, with the development encased through the screwed caseback (more affordable to create, simpler to amass, simpler to support). Don’t be frightened by the 46mm width however; without any hauls, the watch wears far more modest than you may might suspect. Because of way the lash is connected to the situation, the drag to-carry estimation is really more modest than most 42mm watches. The case is water-impervious to 50 metres.

After depending on Gueit for the primary models, The plan of the Ikepod Megapod Automatic was then endowed to Alexandre Peraldi, ex-Richemont and Artistic Director at Baume & Mercier. His work is generally seen on the dials, with three primary ideas – M 000 arrangement, M 100 arrangement and M 200 arrangement – each determined in numerous tones going from blue, silver, dark, white and dark, all with various surfaces – brushed, glossy silk completed, matte.

M 000 arrangement M 100 arrangement M 200 arrangement

The plan of the dials remains absolutely in accordance with the first Ikepod idea: moderate, finished, with bits of tones and with pioneer text styles. The presentation has likewise been updated and the new Megapod Automatic is currently a no-date model, which unquestionably benefits the smoothness of the watch. There will be 10 varieties introduced during the mission, including two Kickstarter-just models. All the watches are worn on dark silicone lashes that look like the first one found during the 2000s watches, nonetheless, with a standard pin clasp – the framework utilized by more established Ikepod watches is presently possessed by Apple.

The fundamental update, something we were wanting to see, is the incorporation of a mechanical development in an advanced Ikepod watch. To keep the cost in a sensible zone, the Ikepod Automatic is controlled by a confided in Miyota 9039 development. Showing the hours, minutes and clearing seconds, this development is solid and utilized in all cases inside numerous open models.

This development, combined with a gathering in Hong Kong (in a notable watch produce), with dials made in Taiwan, is the formula at superior grade yet costs have dropped 90% compared to the first model – from CHF 12,000 to now CHF 1,250. The watches will come with a 2-year guarantee and the initial 250 orders will be conveyed in June 2020, the rest in November 2020.

How to get the Ikepod Megapod Automatic?

The new Ikepod Megapod Automatic is dispatched today on Kickstarter and will be accessible for the coming 15 days at a prompt riser cost of CHF 740. You can get your model here, at kickstarter.com .

More insights concerning the watch at ikepod.com .