In Conversation with Stéphane Waser and Thiebaut Bentz of Maurice Lacroix

A few days prior, Maurice Lacroix dispatched its Aikon Venturer GMT digitally and at the same time introduced its new studio to screen online activities. To discover more about the brand’s new technique, we met the brand’s Managing Director, Stéphane Waser, and International Product and Marketing Director, Thiebaut Bentz.

Xavier Markl, MONOCHROME – 2020 has been a challenging year for the watch business with the COVID-19 pandemic. How has the brand explored this period?

Stéphane Waser – obviously, it was a challenging climate. In any case, because of the way that we were at that point very much set up in the field of digitization, it has been simpler to adjust to the circumstance. Naturally, we went significantly further in the field of digitization. This was fundamental to be light-footed and to work together. Two models: our outreach group went to many instructional courses since selling digitally is something you need to learn; we additionally understood that individuals need increasingly more video material. This is the reason we made this advanced studio (Editor’s Note: this meeting was directed in the new computerized studio) from which we can offer webcast preparing, online courses, interviews and from which we have quite recently dispatched the new Aikon Venturer GMT.

Thiebaut Bentz – The time frame was likewise instrumental in dealing with the brand’s methodology. With less voyaging included, we had additional time with the groups and could get ready more top to bottom our 2021 marketing plan.

Stéphane Waser – And finally, we acquired piece of the pie, conveying a preferred exhibition over the market normal. As DKSH reported, we have been profitable for the second year straight in spite of the unique situation. We knew from the start of the pandemic we needed to adjust and to reclassify, to relearn the manner in which we are working.

You have recently reported that the brand will partake in the computerized edition of Watches & Wonders next April. The landscape of industry fairs has changed dramatically. What is your interpretation of this evolution?

Stéphane Waser – The most ideal alternative is consistently to introduce watches physically. Nothing replaces contacting and feeling a watch face to face. For the time being, innovative arrangements allow us to give watches an encounter that is getting as close as conceivable to the real world. It doesn’t supplant taking a gander at the watches face to face, this is a passionate purchase… however we are accepting these arrangements. We began with international roadshow behind the official and significant reasonable two years prior, presently we dispatch watches digitally. We attempt to be pretty much as dexterous as could really be expected. However, we will consistently have to meet clients.

The Aikon has been a distinct advantage for the brand. Would you be able to educate us concerning its effect on the brand?

Stéphane Waser – Aikon is a reaction to three components. To start with, we expected to reinforce the brand picture. Second, the products that individuals thought most about were not commercial, in light of the fact that our center objective is a retail cost from CHF 1,000 to 3,000. Third, we expected to make an optimistic product for recent college grads, an incredible quality watch at a moderate value like the Aikon Quartz. With Eliros, we have something in that value range, however the Aikon quartz is a phenomenal offer.

The second stage was the point at which we dispatched the automatic form of the Aikon. Today it is one of our successes. Deals are very great. Interestingly a year ago, we sold more automatic than quartz. What Aikon has brought to the brand outperformed our assumptions! We are transforming increasingly more into a mechanical watch brand, which is promising for our picture and development.

What are different mainstays of the collection?

Thiebaut Bentz – Next to this lively stylish assortment, the Pontos is a more immortal, rich choice with day-date or chronograph models. The Eliros is a significant assortment since this is our most open watch range. It allows us to focus on a more extensive crowd and create extraordinary perceivability with a stylish, in vogue collection.

And then there is the Masterpiece assortment. Outfitted with make mechanical developments, it allows us to exhibit our watchmaking mastery and know-how.

What have been the primary advancements in production?

Stéphane Waser – We have essentially advanced in the field of activities. 2006 is a significant date for our assembling with the first in-house types, at that point in 2009, we introduced our first automatic type and then we went considerably further with Gravity, building up our own controlling organ along with Atokalpa. In 2016-17, we zeroed in our endeavors on our in-house sequential construction systems. We re-imagined the whole production association and cycles, redesigned our inventory network. The consequence of this long lead-time have been dramatically decreased and our chance to showcase is incredible today.

How has appropriation evolved?

Stéphane Waser – A huge piece of our international appropriation – about 70% – is ‘claimed’ with DKSH auxiliaries. We have DKSH North America, DKSH Watches Asia, DKSH Luxury & Lifestyle Europe. And for different business sectors, we work with outsider merchants. We don’t work our own stores however administration around 1,800 retailers globally.

Online deals have grown altogether, specifically for develop markets like China and US with solid, unadulterated players. In Europe, a few key records are likewise solid on the web, I could name Kaufhof or Christ in Germany, El Corte Ingles in Spain or Signet in the UK. Overall, in 2020, online deals (through our own store or accomplice stores) addressed 30% of our complete business.

Thiebaut Bentz – What is likewise really intriguing is that the normal crate esteem is expanding consistently. What we sell online is very much like what we sell in physical areas. This is an exceptionally sure development.

What have been your marketing priorities?

Thiebaut Bentz – We have declared a few marketing activities, organizations and brand companions. They all make them thing in common: our dynamic, metropolitan supporting stage. We have become as of late the official watch of the Formula E Mahindra Racing group, of a few long distance races, and there is a whole other world to come. These all offer a similar metropolitan measurement. We characterize ourselves as a metropolitan, dynamic brand.

Of course, advanced is critical. Our YouTube debut earlier today is a brilliant model and this isn’t the last. Our hashtag #pulseofthecity consummately shows this brand direction.

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