Introducing The Cramain Mark II Constant Force

At MONOCHROME, we’re constantly excited to see the dispatch of new  independent brands , explicitly when we’ll be discussing very good quality and genuinely hand-made horology. Cramain was established by a youthful pair, Kilian Leschnik and Dr Julian M. Stiels, out of the common vision to make watches that would be made exclusively by their own hands, with conventional craftsmanship. Cramain hence combines the words ‘created’ and ‘principle’ (hand, in French). Their debut creation is a stunningly complex and itemized time-just piece, fitted with a constant force instrument. Meet the Cramain Mark II.

Kilian Leschnik, 28 years of age, moved on from watchmaking school in Germany in 2016. There, he was granted as the best understudy with his Mark I ‘Piece Ecole’ watch. The educational program of Julian M. Stiels is undeniably less work of art, as he graduated Doctor of Medicine. Continuously attracted to mechanical watches, he is self-instructed in CAD, development plan and development. The team began to deal with their Mark II watch as right on time of 2014 (Stiels joining full time starting at 2018). With a dream to make watches that would be made exclusively by their own hands, their work comprised of making their workshop reestablishing vintage machines like Hauser dance drills or SIXIS processing machines. This was an essential for rehearsing customary assembling and completing techniques.

The first making of this team, the Mark II has been considered as “the encapsulation of a high quality timepiece“. Furthermore, despite the fact that we didn’t get the opportunity yet to go involved with the Cramain Mark II, it looks awesome and stunningly completed, even on the authority photographs and shots on their Instagram account. Out of the 267 components of the Mark II, 235 are completely handcrafted by Cramain. Just the rubies, the sapphire gems and the springs are sourced from outer supplier.

The Mark II is a period just watch introduced in a straightforward 39.5mm case with a high grasp hobnail knurling on its crown. It exhibits its great development in full presentation, with a tridimensional design produced using titanium, maillechort (otherwise called German silver), gold and sapphire. The high quality type offers an interesting perspective on its complicated constant force system’s activity. This striking engineering goes connected at the hip with a breathtaking adornment combining anglage, dark cleaning, icing, round and straight graining or glossy silk finish. The hours and minutes are shown by brilliant hand-cleaned spear shape hands.

Now, the mechanics. As you would know, the time of swaying of a watch’s equilibrium wheel is influenced by the variety of the main thrust conveyed by the barrel. This drove watchmakers to plan instruments to compensate for the varieties in force of the mainspring. The remontoir is a framework that stores a limited quantity of energy in an auxiliary hairspring. It conveys the very same measure of energy to the equilibrium each period (at regular intervals on account of the Cramain). The outcome is a constant adequacy and subsequently a serious level of rate accuracy. The constant force remontoir is fixated on a ruby cam formed like a Reuleaux triangle, whose calculation was one of the key focal points of streamlining for Cramain.

Below, the 35-section constant force remontoir and its Reuleaux triangle:

The hand-wound development works at 18,000 vibrations each hour; the equilibrium wheel highlights gold change screws and a hairspring with a Breguet overcoil. It stores 60 hours of force reserve.

The first instances of the Cramain Mark II will be conveyed in fall 2021, as a while are needed to make each watch – specifically relying upon the material picked for the case. Cost is set at CHF 158,000. For more data, visit or the brand’s Instagram account .