Jaquet Droz Magic Lotus Automaton

Once upon a period, on the edges of the watchmaking town of La Chaux-de-Fonds, there was an assembling like not many others… If the brand Jaquet Droz is prestigious for its significant Grande Seconde collection, the creations that best encapsulate the incredible clockmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz are no ifs, ands or buts the automata. One of the most gifted watchmakers and specialists ever, Pierre Jaquet-Droz bacome famous making automata that interested the entire of Europe and China in the 18th century. 

Today, the brand propagates this inheritance with automata we can wear on our wrists. These exceptional creations partner mechanical ability with guileful craftsmanship to change each dial into an awesome, dazzling scene. The Jaquet Droz automata are smaller than normal bits of craftsmanship fabricated in a committed workshop of the assembling. Simply nearby, in the métiers d’art atelier, each part is calmly made by experts of scaled down craftsmanship: diamond setters, enamellers, etchers and painters.

Presented this spring, the Jaquet Droz Magic Lotus is the most recent automaton made by the brand. It depicts the endless pattern of existence with blossoms addressing the various seasons encompassed by a flood of streaming water. Its exceptionally long animation portrays four phases of the bloom: a lotus bud, a lotus blossom in full bloom, a lotus bloom fallen in the water and the seed case of the amphibian plant that will cultivate new lotus blossoms the accompanying spring. The round animation is made of three sections. Under the gold-outlined helter-skelter dark onyx dial is a fixed bow molded circle enriched with Grand Feu lacquer lotus leaves on a gold base.

Below the fixed circle with the lotus leaves, a surge of water streams around the fringe of the dial excited with charming animations. A smaller than expected koi fish moves its tail surfacing and jumping underneath the lotus leaves in the streaming water while a gliding white lotus bloom magically changes the shade of its middle each time it drifts under the dial or under the lotus leaves. The core of the lotus bloom changes shading multiple times every rotation – from white to blue sapphire and from yellow sapphire to ruby. The other vivified component on the dial is a magnificent hand-cut and hand-painted dragonfly that flies downwards to demonstrate the situation with the 4-minute force reserve.

The following animation outlines the animation of this wonderful automaton.

One of the most dazzling parts of the Magic Lotus Automaton is the expertise and strategy needed to make the flawless dial and its captivating animation. The dial is just the most complex dial at any point delivered at Jaquet Droz. It requires an uncommon combination of creative artworks, for example, of etching, smaller than normal work of art, plating and diamond setting. Innumerable long periods of fastidious work acted in-house by master experts have made Jaquet Droz a reference in horological beautiful expressions. For instance, the lotus leaves are engraved from 18k gold and plated by hand. Every one of the petals is etched from mother-of-pearl prior to being hand-engraved. The focal point of the blossom is a prong-set yellow sapphire. The shy carp is likewise engraved and painted by hand.

The Jaquet Droz Magic Lotus automaton is rejuvenated by the programmed type JD 2653 AT2. This high-grade type works at 28,800 vibrations each hour and its two barrels convey 68 hours of force save when completely twisted. Its controller includes a silicon hairspring and silicon bed horns. The components of the development are lavishly hand-engraved at Jaquet Droz.

The restrictive automaton module is additionally fueled by its own two barrels, giving around 4 minutes of force hold (8 rotations of 30 seconds). The crown winds the base development in one direction and the automaton in the other direction. The pusher coordinated into the crown is utilized to begin and stop the automaton on interest through a section wheel – much the same as the system found in a chronograph. Last, a stop-work with a finger piece impedes the component before the force hold is depleted, in this way guaranteeing the automaton consistently gets sufficient force to run smoothly.

Each of the various animations required the improvement of explicit solutions as did the integration of the smaller than expected components into the development. For example, to energize the koi fish, an antenna axle gets the tail to fold and racks permit the fish to bounce all over in the water. The changing shades of the core of the skimming lotus bloom are additionally determined by racks setting off rotations of the jewel set piece. With everything taken into account, the advancement of the automaton has four licenses forthcoming, and the whole development is comprised of no less than 506 parts!

The Magic Lotus automaton comes in a 43mm case accessible in a decision of red or white gold, in restricted editions of 28 pieces each. The watch is introduced on a dim green moved edge crocodile calfskin tie and got to the wrist with a gold collapsing clasp. Cost is set at CHF 216,000. For more information, visit www.jaquet-droz.com .