Konstantin Chaykin’s Latest Joker-Based Watch, the “Mouse King”

This watch is authoritatively the most un-genuine however presumably the coolest piece to commend the Chinese “Year of the Rat”… And truly, we couldn’t have expected something less from Konstantin Chaykin. In light of the acclaimed and sought-after Joker watch, which has been made in a few releases, all crazier than the past one, we currently have a mouse-themed model that lovely cool. What’s more, notwithstanding that, this “Mouse King” likewise acquaints another base development with power the in-house moving eye display.

Konstantin Chaykin is among the most innovative free brands, and without question, Russia’s best watchmaker – equipped for making the absolute most complex clocks available , some extremely intriguing schedule watches or a watch honoring the film, with a zoopraxiscope (check the article and you’ll comprehend what’s taken cover behind this savage name.) Still, his great idea was the formation of the Joker watch, a more open and a long way from genuine interpretation of watchmaking with a somewhat insane presentation dependent on a face with two eyes to demonstrate the time. These watches, Chaykin’s best pieces to date, are generally sold-out before they are even announced…

With the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rat simply beginning, Konstantin had the plan to make another piece roused by this creature, yet not just. Without a doubt, 2020 Chinese New Year – January 25 – was a unique day for Konstantin Chaykin, in light of the fact that it matched with his girl’s birthday. The plan to make this watch came when he chose to peruse his kids a sleep time story, Hoffmann’s “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King”,  in which a Christmas toy, the Nutcracker, comes alive and routs the malevolent Mouse King. Note for later that the Mouse King is seven headed and every one of them finished off with a gold crown.

Based on this fantasy, Chaykin adjusts his celebrated Joker watch with a 42mm titanium case and mostly another dial, where the engraved dial portrays a mouse. The presentation, in light of a 67-section in-house module made by Chaykin, portrays the mouth of the creature with a moon stage and its eyes, which are turning circles, show the hours and the minutes – and on the grounds that their position is never adjusted, this gives the watch an interesting face. To complete the “Mouse King” topic, the crown has been moved to 12 o’clock and is done in yellow gold with a ruby cabochon – similar to the seven-headed mouse in the story. The case has likewise been changed so the hauls at 12 o’clock portray the ears of the rodent/mouse.

Last however not least, this 7-piece restricted release likewise acquaints another base development with power the presentation module. Already depending on the omnipresent ETA 2824, Konstantin Chaykin ups the game with a Vaucher 3002 type, a programmed development with a focal rotor, twofold barrel and 50 hours of force save. This development is known for its accuracy and its thinness.

The Konstantin Chaykin Mouse King is accessible to arrange from Konstantin Chaykin, restricted to 7 pieces and estimated at EUR 24,900. Certainly an astounding watch to praise the Chinese Year of the Rat. More subtleties at chaykin.ru .