Lebois & Co. Officially introduces its Advanced Chronometer Venturist at a Reasonable Price

Lebois & Co. could have been simply one more Kickstarter brand dispatching another mission. However, all things being equal, it decided to accomplish something different… It decided to go above and beyond, and this isn’t something we’re going to complain about – at all!  It shows how great things should be possible with a top-grade Sellita and sheer willpower.

Earlier this year (in May, to be accurate), we previously declared this very driven watch by microbrand Lebois & Co . It is named the Venturist, and it has experienced a great deal of testing in the previous few months. However, today denotes a significant advance. Dutch business visionary and originator of Lebois & Co., Tom van Wijlick , reports today that the last prototype is prepared for creation, and has been tested after the Timelab Observatoire Chronométrique+ protocol.

The Chronométrique+ Certification

Now, this certificate isn’t something to be messed with. Clearly, COSC is the more prestigious Swiss autonomous testing establishment , however Timelab works with significantly more tight protocols. It is a Swiss private-law establishment and was established in 2008. It really supplanted the neighborhood office of COSC in Geneva. It additionally assumed control over the instructive obligations of the Geneva watchmaking school. Yet, in particular, it has been liable for the “Poinçon de Genève” confirmation. Timelab utilizes twenty sworn-in people working under exacting impartiality and freedom. The equivalent is needed for the master individuals from the specialized committees liable for the thorough measures definition applied to the confirmation offers.

Furthermore, it can give watches its ISO/CEI 3159 standard Chronometer certificate (- 4 to +6 sec seconds of variety each day), yet with a couple of contrasts from the COSC. With Timelab, for instance, the assurance covers the completed and cased watch. It likewise stretches out to other unwavering quality viewpoints, for example, water-resistance (ISO 22810), attractive resistance (ISO 764) and power reserve. The entirety of this likewise incorporates testing “real-life” conditions, reproducing wrist movements.

Tom van Wijlick accentuates the way that the affirmation was a serious experience to acquire, yet he’s pleased to have it now. “This truly separates us from a considerable amount of brands out there“, he says. “Especially as a microbrand, I think it is vital to guarantee your quality and exactness by an autonomous institution.

Why getting the accreditation took almost 4 years?

The story of how Van Wijlick at last got this accreditation is a serious intriguing story with regards to itself. Basically no other watch company utilizes it yet, yet that will without a doubt change soon. Asked what was the greatest obstacle he needed to take for the accreditation, Van Wijlick concedes that “practically the whole interaction was one major obstacle. To complete this for a particularly little brand with little financial plans is simply troublesome. In the end, it was a tremendous assistance for me that two financial backers had faith in this project.”

Van Wijlick can’t put a sticker price on the real costs for the affirmation yet says that “it absolutely has its cost. The watch must be tested for 21 days in Geneva. Yet, I’m really convinced that it is certainly awesome. The confirmation, the consolation, and the sureness that this accreditation offers is a tremendous premium. Quality has its cost, and testing that quality is important for that price.

As referenced, this affirmation is intense, as it is upheld by an intense organization. All things considered, it is very dark. Van Wijlick thought that it was pretty much by accidence, he advises me: “About four years prior, I initially got some answers concerning the Observatoire Chronométrique+ declaration by Timelab. That was at the EPHJ reasonable in Geneva. I was promptly intrigued by this new protocol and as of now on my way back home, I began pondering how I could acquire it for my new watch. After a considerable amount of communication and one more authority demand, I acquired my first visit to Timelab October 2016. In 2017 they began testing my first prototype, which truly caused me in the turn of events. Around then, the plan of the Venturist wasn’t prepared at this point, however I knew the fundamental concept of the watch. Ultimately, the primary Venturist to truly complete the whole testing cycle prevailing in the spring of 2019.

Lebois & Co.

The story of Lebois & Co. itself isn’t completely exceptional. The brand was first established in 1934 by a French watchmaker in Switzerland. It never truly took off and in 1972, soon after the start of the quartz transformation (and before it was even an emergency), it collapsed. In 2014, Dutch business person and watch fan Van Wijlick reregistered the brand and began creating watches. First was the Avantgarde Date , dispatched in 2015 with the assistance of Kickstarter. That part was very straight-forward, yet Lebois & Co. has grown pleasantly since.

For his latest piece, the Venturist, Van Wijlick found support from two unique financial backers. Be that as it may, he needs considerably more money. To do that, Van Wijlick chose not to simply sell watches, but rather as a genuine Dutch business visionary, he additionally chose to sell portions of his own company. So you can either purchase the Venturist watch for EUR 2,500 or purchase the watch in the Venturist Shareholder Package, which essentially makes you an investor in the event that you get one of their watches. The cost is still EUR 2,500 for the watch, however during this brief period, you will get a 40% refund on the watch in addition to shares in the company. Altogether, Van Wijlick is hoping to locate some 75% of the EUR 500,000 needed.

The Venturist Observatoire Chronométrique+ Chronometer

The Chronométrique+ accreditation is very great, yet its underlying foundations are unassuming. At the core of the Venturist beats the notable Selitta-based SW200-1. Which is a serious fascinating decision with regards to itself, as the SW200-1 may be celebrated for dependability, however less for sheer exactness. Van Wijlick clarifies: “we utilized the Sellita SW200-1 preceding, in the Avantgarde Date. The development has substantiated itself, in both completing and execution (which was great). The collaboration with Sellita is awesome too. They comprehended what we are doing and were extremely useful in accomplishing our goals.

Of course, a few changes must be made to the essential development, however as Van Wijlick puts it, not very many. “Of course, we are utilizing the top-grade development, with the Incabloc safeguards and Glucydur balance wheel, which is directed inside COSC-criteria.

All the plan work is done in the Netherlands, and that shows. The general look of the watch is spotless, toolwatch-like. It has a hardened steel case (316L), the breadth is 41mm and the tallness is 10.5mm. The development is appeared through the open caseback and that was significantly more of a test to get certified. Van Wijlick: “we truly needed to give it the open caseback to make it conceivable to appreciate the development and its wrapping up. However, we likewise needed to ensure the development is antimagnetic, 100m water safe and not very substantial. These rules were met; the watch weighs just under 60 grams without the strap.

Talking about the lash, the Venturist Observatoire Chronométrique+ Chronometer comes with a brilliant dark NATO and a certified Shell Cordovan leather.

The rest of the plan is similarly as toolwatch-like. The matte dark dial has a smooth focal segment encompassed by a furrowed external section ring, and a restricted moment track traverses the peripheral border. Huge, applied lists sit inside the furrowed area with Arabic numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. All lists are loaded up with Super-LumiNova, alongside the sum of the silver hour and moment hands. The seconds hand has lume in its three-sided tip. The company name is printed at the top with the new shield logo, which was gotten from the coat of arms of the Van Wijlick family. The individuals who buy the Shareholder Package will get an investor trademark on the screw-down caseback.

Prices and availability

Although the primary Lebois & Co. Venturist was certified in May 2019, it took the microbrand very some effort to kick creation off. However, presently, precisely 85 years after the company was established, the primary watches go marked down. Of course, you can reserve a spot or get your data from Van Wijlick through their site. Yet, he adds, “in the principal long stretches of 2020 we will sort out ‘An Evening with Lebois’ occasions in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London and Los Angeles. We’re right now arranging the date“.

Prices for the watches are kept moderately low, considering the measure of work that went into the turn of events and the accreditation interaction. The cost for the steel 41mm adaptation is EUR 2,500 with or without the investor bundle. “We attempted to keep the cost as low as possible while as yet offering an uncommon watch with a novel selling point,” Van Wijlick says. “And that accommodates our vision perfectly.

More subtleties and orders at  www.leboisandco.com .