Live From SIHH 2019 – Christian Selmoni of Vacheron Constantin (incl. the Twin Beat)

We proceed with our live feed of recordings zeroed in on the SIHH 2019, with a more intensive gander at quite possibly the most great brands this year, Vacheron Constantin. Without uncovering each and every detail, the brand has delivered a genuinely shocking watch – specialized, novel, lovely. To give an outline of the 2019 assortment and of this new “Twin Beat” watch, we have Christian Selmoni, Style and Heritage Director at Vacheron Constantin.

Apart from the standard dial/style declinations on know models, the brand carries two significant watches to the SIHH 2019. The first is a Haute Horlogerie variety of an extravagance sports watch. The second is plainly all that we anticipate from a brand like Vacheron. Detail, advancement, brilliant execution and extraordinary design… All combined in one of our features of the show.

As clarified in the video, the primary features of 2019 for Vacheron Constantin are:

  • The Overseas now with a programmed tourbillon development. Furnished with a fringe rotor, this huge, intense watch is blending sports components with conventional watchmaking, in a persuading package.
  • Blue, yet not in a standard easygoing way but rather in an exquisite, neat rendition, on 3 Patrimony watches and on steel adaptations of the FIFTYSIX .
  • The great Twin Beat . A watch that highlights two adjusts, two stuff trains and an interminable schedule and a selector to switch behind “active mode” and “standby mode”. Why that complexity? As you most likely are aware, QPs are delicate and complex to change, particularly after an extensive stretch in the vault. Hence, the Twin Beat highlights two “modes”, one “active” made for wearing conditions (with a 5Hz controller and 4 long stretches of force hold) and one for the “standby” for capacity (with a 1.2Hz controller and 65 days of force save). Consequently, changes are not an issue any longer and the watch remains entirely changed. On top of that are the plan and execution… just superb.

For more subtleties, look at the video at the highest point of this article just as our inclusion of the SIHH 2019 curiosities of Vacheron Constantin on MONOCHROME. For more data, please consult .