Longines Skin Diver Watch – Vintage and New Face-to-Face

Not numerous individuals realize that Longines doesn’t see itself as a “make” however a “production line”, and urges everyone to consider it an industrial facility. It is astounding, yet it impeccably coordinates the soul that commands the Maison nowadays: great large scale manufacturing. Notwithstanding having a tremendous assortment of developments, Longines just uses ETA types (regularly changed in accordance with their own details), which makes creating a huge number of watches a far simpler undertaking. That is the motivation behind why the watches generally celebrated by devotees are those wherein notable references are rethought. Such is the situation of the Longines Skin Diver Watch, an ideal diversion of the plant’s first diver watch, brought into the world in 1959 – in the days when the company was as yet a manufacture.

When reevaluations, for example, this one show up available, there are consistently complaints.“Why did they need to utilize “fauxtina”? is the exemplary comment. However, on account of the Longines Skin Diver Watch, the place of the winged hourglass has not really reworked yet replicated the style of the first model. In 1957 Longines dispatched the Nautilus Skin Diver, which is the motivation for this new watch. The Nautilus had a 40mm breadth – huge around then – was made of steel and was fitted with a production development. The advanced form has grown up to 42mm in measurement and has increased its water-protection from 300 metres.

However, its tallness isn’t excessively articulated (13.75mm to be exact), so it won’t cause a difficult situation when tied to the wrist. The unidirectional bezel has a dark PVD covering that will assist the watch with enduring regular day to day existence. Strength is additionally the purpose for picking a sapphire gem rather than a plastic one. The triangle at 12 o’clock is currently glowing, on the off chance that somebody really takes the watch for a profound plunge. The equivalent goes for the files and hands.

Besides the way that measurements and materials have developed – generally advantageous, as 1960s materials and get together were not comparable to the present guidelines – the advanced Longines Skin Diver Watch is stunningly devoted to the first model. Text styles, surfaces, hands, state of the case… It could nearly feel like Longines found a load of unworn pieces and is presently putting them on the market.

The other key factor that has changed is the type. The L888.2 is the Longines name for the ETA A31.L01, which thus depends on the 2892. Yet, as I said toward the start, the development is done only for Longines, and its ticks at 25,200 vibrations each hour, which awards 64 hours of force hold. Same similarly as with the first watch, the development is monitored by a strong steel back with the natural portrayal of the spear diver.

The Longines Legend Diver is accessible in three forms that just change in tie decision: a steel Milanese arm band with triple catch and security pushers; a characteristic calfskin tie; or a dark elastic tie. The three variants share a similar value, EUR 2,480. Positively, it’s anything but a simple cost when you need to battle in a market soaked with divers. Yet, since the objective here is watch specialists who like vintage watches, the validness pretended here by Longines says something favor of the diver. More data on Longines.com .