MB&F HM10 Bulldog (Live Pics & Price)

It is difficult to accept however MB&F is introducing its 10th Horological Machine today… without tallying the different of editions presented for each model. 15 years prior a man named Max Büsser, encompassed by his companions, dispatched a brand that would become one of the most regarded of the independent scene. For a very long time, he played with the absolute boldest plans and most imaginative presentations. Like it or scorn it, yet MB&F’s watches can’t leave you cold. Furthermore, the 10th Horological Machine, the MB&F HM10 Bulldog, is unquestionably not going to change that. Despite the fact that inspirations are marginally unique today.

MB&F’s first creation, in 2005, was named the Horological Machine N°1 or HM1 and, as you can find in our review line-up and video

The new MB&F HM10 Bulldog feels fairly far off from the iconic highlights we partner with the brand, not just in light of the fact that the foundations for the inspiration aren’t a spaceship or a 1970s cartoon any longer, yet in addition since this watch could be viewed as the missing connection between the HM and LM collection. “The configuration came to Max Büsser while he was going in Japan; Horological Machine N°10 Bulldog limited up in his imagination similarly as an unwavering puppy would welcome a returning master.

What you see presently in front of you is pretty much precisely what I saw at the time,” says Max. Unquestionably, on paper, this is a significant takeoff from the brand’s common codes. In the metal, the outcome feels profoundly MB&F, yet with a couple of curiosities. Much the same as past machines, generally the HM3 Frog and HM7 Aquapod , the HM10 is more natural, less specialized than other HM watches. What’s more, with its huge eyes, expressive portable mouth and uncovered heart, it will once again produce a wide scope of reactions – something that MB&F has consistently wanted.

The MB&F HM10 Bulldog in details

The Bulldog – the canine, that is – is a medium-sized, strong, powerful canine with a reminiscent wrinkled face and a moderately short profile. The watch is molded similarly. The case, a compact collection of titanium or red gold, is moderately wearable – in any event, in regards to MB&F’s regular norms – measuring 45mm across, 54mm from nose to tail and with a greatest stature of 24mm. It is combined with sprung lash connection hauls under the case, taking into account a more modest feel when worn and a pleasant equilibrium on the wrist.

The case is lopsided and intended to be seen by its wearer only. This implies that the showcase is positioned directly in front, ensured by two exceptionally domed sapphire precious stones. Under are mark domed time shows, one for the hours, one for the minutes, which are an unmistakable accolade for the HM3 Frog. These paper-dainty aluminum eyes are beaten by one more exemplary component of MB&F watches, the skimming larger than usual equilibrium wheel held set up by an angled scaffold, adjusted and cleaned. Its essence is more astonishing in this HM context, as it is normally the apanage of the LM collection. In any case, knowing the more natural feel of this HM10 Bulldog, it bodes well here – and we won’t complain on the grounds that it looks fantastic anyway.

The most astounding component of the HM10 surely is its pivoted jaw… Yes, jaws that open or shut. Contingent upon the degree of residual force save, these jaws will open or close. A completely shut mouth discloses to you that HM10 should be wound. At the point when you see the columns of sparkling teeth covering the jaws, it is good to go and wound. As to hold, HM10 flaunts 45 hours, still rather long considering the eye-like showcase, the monstrous equilibrium and this gigantic force save pointer (which has been planned and adjusted to consume the least energy conceivable). As regularly with MB&F, the watch highlights two crowns, one to wind the development, one to change the time.

The MB&F HM10 Bulldog is introduced in two, non-restricted editions. The first is totally made of evaluation 5 titanium and highlights dim enriching components just as blue vaults for the time. This titanium model is worn on a finished blue calfskin lash (khaki is likewise accessible, as you can find in our live pictures) combined with a velcro connection framework. The second version is a combination of red gold for the outside construction and titanium for the frame. Here, the development is more obscure and the “eyes” are dark. Being marginally more rich, this version is worn on an earthy colored calf calfskin lash with a gold and titanium collapsing buckle.


Creating such remarkable watches requires reason constructed mechanics, and this HM10 Bulldog is no exception to the standard of developments created in-house by MB&F. This development, much the same as the plan of the watch, combines 15 years of involvement and notable specialized solutions for the brand.

The fundamental specialized component of the watch is the eye-getting suspended equilibrium, which originally showed up on the Legacy Machine No1 and discovered its way into the greater part of the LM watches, just as the HM9 – yet in a more subtle way. Under the focal sapphire precious stone vault is the curiously large (14mm) flying equilibrium wheel beating at the traditional rhythm of 2.5Hz, the escapement being consigned to the movement’s mainplate, yet completely uncovered between the time displays.

Turning the watch over, the hand-wound development is designed with exemplary MB&F codes, which means dull covered extensions and plates, sloped points, larger than average wrench and barrel drum rhodium-plated and gold-plated 5-talked wheels. The whole development is formed by the plan of the case.

Price and availability

This new, striking and eye-getting MB&F HM10 Bulldog is another amazing piece… there is no uncertainty that the brand realizes how to make emotionally determined watches. It is introduced in two dispatch editions, in evaluation 5 titanium with blue eyes or in red gold and titanium with bruised eyes. Both are not restricted in production. They will be accessible at retailers in the coming days.

The titanium HM10 Bulldog will be estimated at CHF 98,000 (or USD 105,000) and the red gold HM10 Bulldog will be evaluated at CHF 112,000 (or USD 120,000). More subtleties at www.mbandf.com .