MeisterSinger Circularis Reverse – Time Displayed in an Unexpected Way

German brand MeisterSinger challenges the custom that time ought to be appeared by two hands moving a clockwise way. This time, it has come up with a marvelous new way, particularly for the individuals who read from option to left. An intriguing new interpretation of time, made by a company with an outstanding way of thinking on showing time. Meet the MeisterSinger Circularis Reverse.

One could securely say that MeisterSinger doesn’t actually make things simple for itself. Where ordinary watch companies give themselves the likelihood to play with two hands, this still generally youthful brand limited its innovative range to utilize only one sharp, white hand. It chose from the beginning  – in 2001 – that MeisterSinger would have been the “single-hand-watch-brand” and it has adhered to that rule with German dedication.

Time… reversed

But obviously, shock is important for the bundle and the brand’s watchmakers went to the planning phase asking themselves: how might we actually do things any other way with only one hand? The appropriate response may appear to be somewhat stubborn, yet very consistent simultaneously: reverse the whole thing. Thus the watchmakers concocted the Circularis Reverse, with a hand that turns counterclockwise. What’s more, in doing as such, the numerals on the dial have reversed: 11, 10, 9, 8, and so forth In the event that you tally them clockwise, that is.

This probably won’t be the most effortless approach to peruse the time, and MeisterSinger isn’t the first to do it, however it surely finds a way into the way of thinking of the brand. Recently, I summed up this fairly wonderful train of musings as: “A MeisterSinger watch advises the chance to the closest five minutes, so it makes the wearer more lenient as far as being marginally early or late, and certainly more quiet in the information that the truly significant arrangements are not estimated in seconds.” Considering this way of thinking, a watch that shows the time in reverse isn’t in reality a particularly unusual thought. At that point there’s a subsequent valid justification: the watch was presented during Dubai Watch Week. Also, as Arabic is perused from option to left, you’ll see that this enemy of clockwise course is quite a pleasant motion to the Arabic-perusing and talking world.

Inside the MeisterSinger Circularis Reverse

The Circularis is MeisterSinger’s top notch line and the watch is fueled by the production development of the brand. It was initially presented as a hand-wound (MSH01), however later additionally followed the programmed development (cal. MSA01) and the force save variant (cal. MSH02). Albeit the company is situated in the Westphalian city of Münster, Germany, the developments are made in Switzerland. It has a gigantic, five-day power save, coming from two heart barrels. The entirety of that specialized significance is obvious through the enormous open caseback, which uncovers the cleaned edges, slopes and inscriptions fixed with gold. Additionally noticeable is the scaffold, which was really planned by the organizer of the company, Manfred Brassler.

The programmed adaptation of MeisterSinger’s restrictive development shapes the premise on which the MeisterSinger Circularis Reverse was created. The advancement of this enemy of clockwise standard was, in the expressions of Meistersinger, really “undeniably more complex than at first anticipated”. It got important to assemble eleven new components. The outcome is certainly not another yet an altogether updated movement.

One especially interesting thing that shows Meistersinger’s eye for detail is found at six o’clock, where the date window is found. The date additionally switches “the alternate way around”. The development is very enormous (mostly due to the twin barrels) thus the piece shows a serious presence on the wrist. The watch has a 43mm case made of steel and the Arabic numerals are gold plated. It is water-impervious to 50m. The dial is splendid blue (called ‘sunray blue’ by its creators), and the single hand, molded in a fine needlepoint, is plain white. The moment pointers are likewise white. The lash is made of present day, harsh, dim earthy colored ‘saddle cowhide’, and a second (cordovan) tie is included.

Price and availability

As you may have just envisioned, this new MeisterSinger Circularis Reverse is a restricted release piece. Just 25 watches will be made, and every one of them are sold by MeisterSinger’s retail accomplice Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons in Dubai. It will be evaluated at EUR 4,990.

MeisterSinger has not yet affirmed whether this new complication will be added to the standard assortment. However, knowing this brand, we can be certain that charming methods of telling the time will consistently be esteemed by MeisterSinger. For more data, visit .