Omega Constellation Manhattan Master Chronometer 29mm (Review)

Let’s face it, there aren’t that numerous ladies’ watches out there that can be worn day in, day out in pretty much any climate. Possibly they are excellent dress watches with rich subtleties that require extra-extraordinary consideration or they are scaled back renditions of men’s games watches. Finding some kind of harmony between a lively, tough watch that is sufficiently exquisite to progress from the tennis court to a mixed drink party is no simple accomplishment. Omega reacts to this specific section with its Constellation Manhattan collection.

Recently revived in 2018, the Manhattan is a blend of lavish components combined with a hearty case, an incorporated wristband, twofold chronometer confirmation and against attractive properties. Could this model be the ideal every day blender for ladies? Today we’ll be investigating the Constellation Manhattan 29mm model in steel and Sedna gold. It very well may be little, however I can guarantee you it is pressed to the gills with refined completions and the most noteworthy enemy of attractive certifications out there today.

Designed by a lady in 1982

We as of late reviewed the historical backdrop of the Constellation and its various stylish and mechanical changes throughout the long term. Which began life a men’s chronometer in 1952 gradually accepted female clients and in 1982 the Constellation Manhattan family made its debut.

The 1982 Omega Constellation Manhattan

Designed via Carol Didisheim, the Manhattan highlighted a pad molded case with a round opening for the dial and a completely coordinated metal arm band. The adjusted case was scalloped at the two closures with half-moon features and the general impression was one of smooth surfaces and a consistent plan that moved from the case to the metal wristband. Notwithstanding, the most striking plan highlight of the watch was its paws. Initially used to guarantee the water-opposition of the case, the hooks would become the notable attribute of the Manhattan watch.

Anti-attractive development intended for life in the 21st-century

Instead of beginning with the outward presentation and style of the watch, I will manage one part of the development which genuinely sets this specific 29mm model in a classification all its own. Obviously, there are ladies’ watches out there with higher water-opposition rates (this Manhattan has 50m), however I challenge you to discover a ladies’ watch with the sort of attractive obstruction this model can give. Because of the fuse of Omega’s Co-Axial Master Chronometer type 8700, this watch can handle attractive fields of up to 15,000-gauss.

Is this truly fundamental, you may inquire? All things considered, given the measure of attraction we face the entire lives, I would say, indeed, totally imperative. Consider telephones, air terminal outputs, magnets on the fastens of your handbag, wallet or iPad, workstations, enlistment hobs and even programmed entryways. I will not try referencing MRI checks since no one is permitted in the machine with metal objects.

29mm Case and coordinated bracelet

The two-tone 29mm case and wristband are a blend of Omega’s exclusive 18k Sedna gold with hardened steel. It is the first run through Sedna gold is utilized in this specific family and the combination of shiny red gold and matte hardened steel isn’t just engaging yet figures out how to feature Didisheim’s unmistakable case development. The depiction given by the brand of the “half-moon aspects” is somewhat dubious however with this specific matte completion, you can really see what Omega’s press individuals are alluding to. To make it understood, two three-sided shapes at one or the flip side of the case, similar as feline’s ears, meet a slanting faceted curve (half moon), which is joined consistently with the coordinated wristband. Indeed, even the teeth of the gold crown play with the half-moon shape as do the cleaned sides of the arm band and the domed front of the clasp.

It’s interesting how the completions working on this issue really mirror the half and half nature (energetic/rich) of this model. From one viewpoint, the surfaces of the treated steel components are brushed for a matte energetic look. On the other, the Sedna gold bezel, crown, hooks and mid-bar joins are cleaned to a nearly reflect like completion, with regards to the appearance of exquisite dress watches. The cleaned gold bezel is set with 36 splendid cut precious stones, including the two jewels situated in the focal point of the hooks for an additional portion of womanliness and luxury.

Omega has consistently had gained notoriety for its arm bands and the 29mm Constellation Manhattan has been blessed to receive another two-tone wristband substituting matte steel joins with cleaned gold pivots, much the same as those on the first 1982 models. The steel fasten on the wristband includes the half-moons of the case and is fitted with a comfort-discharge change framework permitting you to broaden the arm band by 2mm when required – exceptionally helpful when venturing out to hot or incredibly chilly nations when your wrist expands and contracts. Given its humble measurements and liquid metallic arm band, the general wearability of the watch is superb and it sits flush on the wrist.

Luxurious Dial

The dial is produced using white mother-of-pearl and highlights applied Sedna 18k rose gold subtleties like the Omega logo at 12 o’clock, the Constellation star at 6 o’clock, the casing for the date window at 6 o’clock, and the round bezel-setting lodging the precious stone files. Indeed, even the Dauphine-style skeletonised hands and seconds hand are produced using Sedna gold. Maybe the one angle that negates its energetic, regular nature is the absence of lume all through. While it updates the dress factor of the watch, it downsize decipherability. In the 2018 renovation, the date window was migrated to its present situation at 6 o’clock and has a similar tone of foundation as the dial for a more cautious presence.

Co-Axial Master Chronometer movement

As I referenced toward the start of this review, the degree of exactness, execution and attractive obstruction of this development is unparalleled in the business. With its twofold chronometer certificate – first tried by COSC and then by METAS-endorsed Master Chronometer tests – the watch brags an accuracy rate 0/+5 seconds out of every day. Fit for suffering fight attractive fields of up to 15,000-gauss, which can truly influence a watch’s presentation, the development is outfitted with a silicon balance spring and other enemy of attractive materials.  Another reasonable bit of leeway is the joining of a Co-Axial escapement, converting into a diminished requirement for oil and less visits to the watch clinic. One of the eight Master Chronometer tests includes stun opposition and the watch can take up to 5,000g of stun, all that anyone could need to wear the watch while playing golf or tennis. You can see the type 8700 through the domed show caseback with its modern yet lovely wraps up. With a recurrence of 25,200vph, the development gives a liberal force hold of 50 hours.


This Constellation Manhattan 29mm model truly offers the most awesome aspect the two universes. It is vigorous, tough and lively enough for regular mileage, yet it is ladylike and dressy enough to wear at night. The development is perhaps the hardest development available today offering an unparalleled degree of against attraction – something that you can’t see however which drags out the existence of the watch’s accuracy. The coordinated arm band and case make a smoothed out outline and the lavish hints of Sedna gold, precious stones and mother-of-pearl will be valued by numerous ladies. So indeed, this is unquestionably a strong candidate for a lady’s day by day beater.

The Omega Constellation Manhattan Co-Axial Master Chronometer 29mm model – ref. – retails for EUR 11,300. More data at .