Online Watch Shopping While the Confinement Lasts

Team MONOCHROME is telecommuting. This is our normal work mode since we’re spread all over Europe (and one in the US), yet the manner in which we work has been intensely influenced. The conclusion of fabricates implies less admittance to new watches to photo and review.  All my outings to watch occasions/dispatches to shoot new recordings and all my booked gatherings have been dropped. As I said a week ago , we have sufficient great stuff on its approach to offer you a lot of horological alleviation in the middle of all the day by day Corona refreshes, telecommuting, self-teaching, etc. There’s a propensity to fail to remember that individuals commend birthday celebrations, commemorations, and possibly graduations or have other excellent motivations to purchase a watch in these irksome occasions. With numerous physical shops shut, we’re giving a major whoop to our online amigos/competitors/companions of the watch community. 

Like every one of our companions/competitors in the online watch world, we see income going down. Commercial cash is evaporating, deferred or has even come to a sudden stop. Times are absolutely more troublesome. Perhaps less for the time being, however with significant ventures being deferred, it would appear that the impact of this will be felt in any event until the finish of one year from now – if we’re lucky… So here’s a major holler to every one of our companions/competitors and explicitly those with a webshop. Like Hodinkee, Fratello, Time & Tide, Revolution, CH24 and Worn & Wound, we likewise have a WEBSHOP . Furthermore, no, we don’t sell watches, sorry…

But we do sell the best watch winders accessible , specifically SwissKubik and Scatola del Tempo! Also, a lot more top notch frill, similar to our own material watch rolls and cowhide watch rolls , our excessively flexible gator lashes and cool, more easygoing calfskin ties, grained or smooth .

Credit where credit is expected. The way that Ben Clymer took Hodinkee from an exclusive show in the time that we initially met in Basel, to the 54 workers that are on the finance at this moment, is completely dynamite. However, it additionally implies that he has numerous mouths to take care of, so if you’re hoping to purchase a decent watch to commend a birthday, a wedding commemoration, a graduation or simply the way that the sun rose again today, view the Hodinkee webshop. Particularly the restricted versions (one piece of every) that they have accessible at the present time, got my heart pulsating quicker. Shockingly, I don’t have the spending plan to purchase that Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire with salmon dial (gosh, it’s so wonderful), however perhaps you have A) the longing to possess it and B) the spending plan to do so… Check out the HODINKEE Webshop Limited Editions here .

Although basically any remaining webshops are small, compared to Hodinkee, they may very well have something for you, so here are a few things from the different online companions/competitors that you can purchase at this moment and have conveyed to your entryway with the assistance of the different dispatches who fortunately still deliver!

One that I loved a ton as of late, is the restricted version that our companions of Fratellowatches and Frederique Constant dispatched. The Classic Moonphase Manufacture (Fratello Exclusive) is an extremely overall quite exquisite watch, highlighting a downplayed dark dial with signs for the date and moon stages. Restricted to just 29 pieces and with an amicable value (considering the in-house development with moon stage!) of EUR 2,595 in the Fratello webshop here .

Another online companion/competitor is and in their webshop , they offer a little choice of embellishments and horologically related craftsmanship, as for example the handkerchiefs that look quite pleasant! What’s more, there’s Worn & Wound’s webshop, which is named the Windup webshop , selling various brands at Revolution webshop Time & Tide webshop here

Please consider our online companions and backing the online watch community! Meanwhile, remain at home, stay safe and healthy!