Panerai Luminor 1950 Automatic Flyback Chronograph PCYC ref. PAM00653

If you needed to characterize a Panerai watch to someone who thought nothing about the brand, you would most likely wind up with a depiction thusly: a heavy pad molded case, vintage emphasizes, an exceptional Italian pizazz and a basic dial with signature numerals shining in obscurity. Notable for a few, however for others maybe all in all too moderate, excessively vacant. Nonetheless, Panerai has more to bring to the table than time-possibly watches and on the off chance that you need more going on your dial, the following Panerai Luminor 1950 Automatic Flyback Chronograph PCYC (Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge) ref. PAM00653 is certainly one to consider. Let’s come to the heart of the matter: it is one of the coolest Panerai models of the part (collectively endorsed among the redaction team).

The Panerai Luminor 1950 PCYC 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Acciaio 44mm (note to Panerai: kindly simplify names for your watches), or the PAM00653 for greater effortlessness, is important for the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge (PCYC) collection, the driving International Circuit for Classic Sailing Yachts, from the Antilles to the Mediterranean – so, a progression of regattas for vintage cruising boats supported by Panerai and that has existed for a very long time. It is nothing unexpected that Panerai has a devoted assortment of watches praising this association with PCYC – an assortment currently comprising three models, the white dial PAM00654, the titanium and 47mm PAM00652 with regatta counter and the current steel/dark dial and 44m width flyback chronograph ref. PAM00653.

As a race for vintage boats, you can’t anticipate that Panerai should give present day and specialized watches in this setting &#8211, for example, the  Panerai Luminor Regatta Transat Classique ref. PAM00956, presented half a month prior. For this PCYC assortment, the Italian brand needed to discharge with all its vintage weapons, yet with the essential specialized innovation that a chronograph requires. Therefore, the PAM00653 is a fascinating blend of cool retro subtleties inside a general contemporary bundle – indeed, it feels more adjusted than the conventional 1950 models that can now and then play altogether too hard on “heritage”.

A regularly Panerai habillage

As for the case, no curve balls here. The Panerai Luminor 1950 PCYC 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Acciaio 44mm PAM00653 depends on all the conventional codes of the brands. The case, regular of the Luminor 1950 assortment, blends the vintage pad state of early Panerai watches with the brand name crown insurance gadget/storage that will later become the standard – such a temporary watch. The 316L steel case is generally cleaned, except for the crown security gadget that is silk finished.

As for the measurements, of course it is ordinarily Panerai, which means a powerful, vigorous and substantial watch. At 44mm in width, it absolutely establishes a connection when worn and won’t fly under the radar. This has been important for Panerai’s idea for quite a long time and it isn’t liable to change. However, what the specs won’t advise you is that, despite the fact that it estimates 44mm and is over 16mm in tallness, this watch is quite comfortable on the wrist. The hauls are short and bended and the tie is sufficiently enormous to adjust the watch on the wrist. This nearly came as an amazement and even 17cm wrists can deal with this strong piece of spotless steel.

As most chronographs of the brand with in-house developments, the pushers are situated on the left half of the case – start/stop at 10 o’clock and reset/flyback at 8 o’clock. This remaining parts a somewhat astounding decision however consistently, the reset pusher gives off an impression of being incredibly commonsense to activate with your correct thumb. The beginning catch needs to become accustomed to its uncommon position, however.

The crown is, as regular with Panerai, solidly got by the mark sidelong gadget yet is sufficiently huge and simple to grasp. The instance of the PAM00653, despite the fact that a chronograph, is water-impervious to 100 meters – all that could possibly be needed for most conditions. And all things considered, it is a nautical watch, not a plunging instrument. Complementing the vintage look is Panerai’s cool-looking troubled common cowhide tie, which will acquire patina throughout the time, and an exemplary pin clasp to tie down the watch to the wrist.

That dial…

As referenced in the presentation, Panerai watches, because of their enormous size and their time-just or little seconds show, can here and there be altogether too straightforward, all in all too spotless. This isn’t the case for this Flyback Chronograph PCYC ref. PAM00653. There is a ton going on this watch yet in a positive manner. Subtleties, colors, display… It is really an extremely, engaging watch.

So, if the case is indisputably Panerai, the dial is fairly unordinary for the brand: it is occupied. Dials at Panerai can be perfect to the point of not in any event, including a logo – think California-dialed watches – and by and large, it is only a couple of hands, records/numerals and (not generally) a little seconds sub-dial. However, on a 44mm or 47mm watch, some will discover it excessively smooth. The PAM00653 will satisfy them, as it adds to the exemplary Panerai DNA the coolness of a 1940s chronograph with a reasonable dial and intriguing display.

The base is unmistakably that of a Panerai, with a matte dark plate, adapted Arabic numerals (brilliant, obviously), average hands for both the hours/minutes and for the sub-counters and a combination of shading that is warm and old-school – a valid statement is that this overlaid dial doesn’t make a decent attempt to mirror a matured watch. The logo sits traditionally underneath the 12 o’clock hour marker and the sub-dials are adjusted, all around situated and proportional. One of the principle focal points of in-house developments is this transformation to the watch and its size.

As you can see, notwithstanding the focal hours/minutes, the little seconds at 9 o’clock and the 12-hour counter at 3 o’clock, the Flyback Chronograph PCYC ref. PAM00653 likewise includes a couple of focal chronograph hands. Don’t be excessively energetic, it isn’t a rattrapante. Panerai, nonetheless, settled on the decision of an intelligible chronograph show with both the recorded seconds and minutes given by focal hands – silver-hued for the seconds, gold-plated for the minutes (much the same as the hours sub-counter). In this manner, the passed times are demonstrated in a characteristic and simple to-peruse way.

In terms of engravings, Panerai has printed a great deal on this dial, yet in a systematic method to evade disarray. The dial is surrounded by two scales, one for the seconds/minutes and, imprinted on the inward spine, a nautical tachymetre (to legitimize the association with the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge. Rather than being graduated in kilometers, this tachymeter scale is here giving velocities in tangles – in light of nautical miles (1.852 km). This doesn’t suggest a specialized adjustment, simply an alternate graduation.) This Panerai Luminor 1950 PCYC 3 Days Chrono Flyback stays a straightforward chronograph – for a genuine regatta chronograph, check the 47mm PAM00652  with its commencement complication.

Modern mechanics

As for the mechanics inside this watch, Panerai depends on its universally handy in-house chronograph development, the P9100. In light of the P9xxx engineering with 3-day power hold, it is current and considered in view of dependability. In any case, it additionally includes the vast majority of the contemporary luxuries. The P9100 is a coordinated, automatic chronograph with section haggle grip – an engineering that permits an exact beginning of the chronograph just as a smooth activity of the pushers.

In expansion to this, the P9100 is likewise furnished with a flyback work on each of the three chronograph signs. The flyback permits a quick restart of the chronograph by just squeezing once on the pusher at 8 o’clock – rather than the 3-venture arrangement stop-reset-start on a traditional chronograph. The flyback work is valuable when recording a few laps in a row.

The development, taken cover behind a shut steel caseback (with pleasant nautical view on it), is beautified in the commonplace Panerai way – straight brushed scaffolds and precious stone cleaned slants. This development has a comfortable 72-hour or 3-day power save and a 4hz frequency.

Price and availability

The Panerai Luminor 1950 PCYC 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Acciaio 44mm PAM00653 is an extraordinary release watch, anyway not restricted underway. It has been available since 2017 and is accessible at retailers just as on the web based business webpage of Panerai (contingent upon the nations). It is estimated at EUR 12,000 or USD 12,300.

This PAM00653 came as an astonishment to us. It is appealing, top notch or more all,  shows an incredible harmony between the detail of a chronograph and the magnificence of a vintage-roused watch. In the event that you’re on the lookout for a strong, sporty Chrono with old-school style and the Panerai contact, this is one you ought to consider. More subtleties at .