Panerai Luminor Chronograph Yachts Challenge 2019 ref. PAM00764 – PAM00788 – PAM001020

The relationship of Panerai with the International Circuit for Classic Sailing Yachts is a boring tale that has prompted the production of different watches, under the name Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge (PCYC). Frequently viewed as the absolute most delightful watches in the assortment, much the same as the Luminor 1950 PCYC ref. PAM00653 we investigated as of late (my number one Panerai watch), the Italian brand uncovers three new pieces with the PCYC logo on the dial and a stamped takeoff from the vintage motivation of past models.  More present day and sportier, let’s investigate the PAM00764, PAM00788 and PAM001020.

The 2019 Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge assortment dispatches three new watches – as it is regularly the situation with these nautical-roused pieces. The past assortment, tracing all the way back to 2017, as of now houses three chronograph watches – two with flyback capacities (ref. PAM00654 and PAM00653) and a more complex watch with a regatta complication and a bigger case (ref. PAM00652). Every one of them had a work of art, somewhat vintage energy with warm tones and 1940s dials. Albeit the 2019 models share different specialized components with these past models, the visual effect is bolder, more present day and much sportier.

The 2019 Panerai Yachts Challenge – common points

Sharing similar specialized base, the three watches separate themselves with various shading combinations on the dial and cases produced using various materials. The formula utilized on the PAM00653 we explored a couple of months prior hasn’t changed either, just the habillage (external highlights) has been updated.

All three models of the 2019 Panerai Yachts Challenge are housed in 44mm pad formed cases.  The licensed securing gadget for the crown on the correct side of the case implies that the chronograph pushers are situated on the left half of the case, at 8 and 10 o’clock. Consistently, the reset pusher seems, by all accounts, to be very useful to activate with your correct thumb. The uncommon situation of the beginning catch, notwithstanding, requires some getting utilized to.

All three models, reference PAM00764, PAM00788 and PAM001020, additionally have similar development and same capacities – not any more complex regatta or split-seconds watches – however the typical flyback chronograph development. The Caliber P9100, a coordinated programmed chronograph with a section haggle grip, has an intriguing format with both the slipped by seconds and minutes showed on the focal hub – making it simple to peruse. It additionally adds a running seconds counter and a 12-hour sub-dial (however luckily, no date…)

Being nautical watches, the typical tachymeter scale on the internal spine has been graduated in tangles (as opposed to the car roused km/h or mph). The flyback work takes into consideration immediate progressive timings. The Caliber P9100 is current and beats at 4Hz and flaunts a 3-day power save when completely twisted by its focal programmed rotor.

The Luminor Yachts Challenge PAM00764

The first model in this 2019 Panerai Yachts Challenge assortment, the PAM00764, is a lively titanium piece with a dark dial and blue accents. The 44mm case substitutes brushed and cleaned surfaces and comes with a dark elastic strap.

The dial of the PAM00764 is likewise about games and advancement, with a dark foundation, no false patina on the lists and hands, and all the chronograph signs are featured in blue. Indeed, even the chronograph pushers include a little blue band. The three hands for the time are metallic with white radiant material, much the same as the cut out Arabic numerals and hour markers.

The Panerai Luminor Chronograph Yachts Challenge 2019 PAM00764 is water-impervious to 100 meters and will be estimated at EUR 12,900 – a generally restricted increment compared to the steel PAM00653, which was valued at EUR 12,000.

The Luminor Yachts Challenge PAM00788

The second model in the 2019 Panerai Yachts Challenge assortment, the PAM00788, is the boldest and sportiest of the parcel. While indistinguishable precisely to the watch introduced over, its case (still 44mm) is made of matte dark fired, with a dark DLC-covered titanium caseback. The gadget securing the crown (ensured as a brand name) is likewise in dark clay. Completing the energetic and covertness look is a dark elastic strap.

The format of the dial of reference PAM00788 is indistinguishable from the model appeared above, with a matte dark foundation, blue accents for all the chronograph signs and differentiating hands for the time – which are covered in dark to coordinate the case. The Arabic numerals, the hour markers, and hands are totally covered with white iridescent paint. One contrast is the bunch scale that is imprinted on the dial and not on the internal flange.

The 2019 Panerai Luminor Chronograph Yachts Challenge Ceramic PAM00788 is likewise water-impervious to 100 meters. It will be evaluated at EUR 15,500.

The Luminor Yachts Challenge PAM001020

Last however not least, Panerai additionally has a more rich, more sumptuous proposition in its 2019 Panerai Yachts Challenge assortment. The reference PAM001020 has similar determinations as the two models above, be that as it may, its case is made of warm, brushed and cleaned 5NPT gold. Because of the material, the water-obstruction is evaluated at 50m. Conveyed on a blue crocodile tie, this one is reserved to be worn at the Yacht Club and not on deck.

The dial is likewise more exquisite on this PAM001020, with a dark blue tone and a satiné sunray finish. The dial actually holds its sandwich development, with white Arabic numerals. On this model, the chronograph signs are shown with silver-covered hands while the time is shown by gold-covered hands. Explicit to this model, the development is obvious through a sapphire caseback, with an exchange of the PCYC logo.

The 2019 Panerai Luminor Chronograph Yachts Challenge Gold PAM001020 will be valued at EUR 27,500.

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