Panerai Submersible Chrono Guillaume Néry Edition PAM00983

It’s just March, however Panerai has just clarified that 2019 is unequivocally about the jump watch. The expert evaluation Submersible plunge watch to be explicit, which this year becomes an independent assortment in its own right. Close by the new models, Panerai is likewise offering interesting ‘encounters’ identified with the universe of the Submersible. These encounters are solely accessible to the individuals who buy one of the exceptional, restricted edition models inside the new reach. The Panerai Submersible Chrono Guillaume Néry Edition PAM00983 we are taking a gander at today, for instance, is restricted to only 15 pieces and comes complete with a once in a blue moon experience.

Who Is Guillaume Néry?

You might be believing that we’ve just expounded on the new Panerai Submersible Chrono Guillaume Néry Edition. Also, you would be correct. Notwithstanding, that was the non-restricted PAM00982, which you can find out about here . In this way, exactly who is Guillaume Néry and why has Panerai committed not one but rather two watches to him?

If you’re an in-your-face plunging fan, the name may as of now be natural to you. Assuming in any case, you’re similar to me, and like to invest the greater part of your recreation energy in the water skimming about in the shallows, a touch of foundation is presumably useful. As you would have speculated as of now from setting, Néry is an expert jumper. All the more precisely, he is a different world record French free-plunging champion. Néry and his accomplice Julie Gautier have likewise become fairly celebrated for their inconceivable submerged movies . There’s simply something hauntingly lovely about watching Néry plunge into a dark void with no equipment.

It’s not difficult to see why he would be a great diplomat for the brand’s proficient evaluation jump watch. In contrast to other brand represetatives, be that as it may, Néry is loaning something beyond his name and his standing to these new models. All things being equal, he has a fairly exceptional involvement with store for the fifteen people who figure out how to buy the restricted edition model. Those blessed not many will be welcome to go along with him on an exceptional whale watching make a plunge the seas encompassing his home on the beautiful South Pacific island of Mo’orea, in French Polynesia.

Presumably, every one of the fifteen will decide to wear their new Panerai Submersible Chrono Guillaume Néry Editions to accompany them on this once in a blue moon insight. That is surely the thing I’d do. Not exclusively is it completely fit to such a climate, however it additionally looks absolutely badass.


Before I go any further; indeed, the case is 47mm and, indeed, that is seemingly too huge for some wrists. Panerai has never been tied in with making little watches however, nor has it been tied in with making looks for everybody. The brand is glad for its Italian military legacy and that shows through unequivocally in its plan DNA. This is intended to be a useful device watch, and somewhat, size does matter.

Like the non-restricted rendition, the case – including the uncommonly engraved caseback – is produced using lightweight titanium. This exceptional edition, nonetheless, gets a dark DLC covering all finished, giving it an extremely secretive appearance. The unidirectional pivoting bezel utilized for following passed time is likewise in dark DLC-covered titanium and highlights a matte dark fired supplement with a brilliant graduated scale.

It’s comfortable on the wrist notwithstanding its noteworthy size, on account of the utilization of lightweight titanium. On the right-hand side of the case, Panerai’s brand name crown monitor guarantees the crown can’t be inadvertently gotten to during a plunge. On the contrary side are the two screw-in pushers at 8 and 10 o’clock for controlling the flyback chronograph. Engraved on the strong screw caseback is a delivering of Guillaume Néry free-plunging, alongside his signature and the profundity of his last record jump: 126 meters, accomplished with a solitary breath.


What truly grabbed my attention about this watch however is the dial. I very like the shark dim shading plan on the non-restricted form yet this finished inclination blue and dark dial is truly something different. Not exclusively is it profoundly intelligible, however it is likewise exceptionally appealing. As per Panerai, the shading plan was roused by the oceans of Polynesia, subsequently the utilization of this bizarre turquoise blue for the section ring, chronograph seconds hand and a portion of the content on the dial. What makes it for me however is the conspicuous difference against the darkness of the case. This simply makes the dial truly fly in my opinion.

Hours and minutes are shown halfway, similar to the chronograph seconds (turquoise blue hand) and minutes. Running seconds are appeared on the sub-dial at 9 o’clock and passed chronograph hours are tallied at 3 o’clock. All the hands (except for the focal chronograph ones) have lume, and intelligibility is additionally improved in low-light conditions because of applied iridescent white specks and indexes.


Inside is a similar Panerai P.9100 type found in the non-restricted model. This programmed development, executed altogether in-house, beats at 28,800vph and offers a force save of 72 hours politeness of its two-barrel design. It’s likewise furnished with a gadget for focusing the seconds hand to empower ideal synchronization with a reference signal. More insights regarding this development in our survey of the PAM00653 here .


The new PAM00983 comes on a Panerai customized dark elastic lash with a trapezoidal titanium clasp. Intended to be worn in the water for extensive stretches of time, it’s comfortable on the wrist. The tie is likely not actually appropriate for office clothing, however on the other hand nor is this watch.

Price & availability

The cost of the 15-piece restricted edition Panerai Submersible Chrono Guillaume Néry Edition PAM00983 is EUR 38,900, which is simply over twofold the expense of the non-restricted adaptation. I can envision this will be a staying point for certain individuals given that the distinctions are on the whole absolutely corrective. Actually however, what you’re truly paying extra for is the novel involvement in Guillaume Néry. Regardless of whether that will be sufficient to persuade plunging lovers to leave behind the additional cash stays not yet clear. In any case, it is honestly special, exceptionally cool and a striking move from Panerai.

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