Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Regulator 5235R

When it was presented in 2011, the Annual Calendar Regulator 5235G caused a commotion among Patek Philippe’s more moderate gatherers. Related with rich, 3-hand dress watches, the Calatrava unexpectedly showed up with a complication and a most bizarre dial enlivened by noteworthy regulator tickers – a first for a Patek Philippe wristwatch. But there were more astonishments, this time under the cap as a spic and span self-winding, super slight development (type 31260) planned explicitly for this watch shuddering with cutting edge Silinvar components and an uncommon beat pace of 3.2Hz. The initial 5235, which showed up in a white gold case with a silver/blue themed dial was ceased and supplanted in 2019 by this bolder rose gold model with a dull two-tone dial . Hotter, and more forcing than the colder and more specialized white gold model, how about we investigate the most recent Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Regulator 5235R, an irregular marriage of an annual calendar complication and a memorable regulator dial.

A 20th-century horological achievement

Most of the customary complications have been developed effectively quite a while in the past – think late-eighteenth or mid 19th century. In any case, there is one innovation that many accept has been kicking around for ages and that was really created during the 1990s: the annual calendar. A triumphant compromise between a complex-to-change, delicate and costly unending calendar and an everyday date watch that requirements changing five times each year, the annual calendar was imagined and protected by Patek Philippe in 1996.

The excellence of an annual calendar is that it just necessities one change a year, consequently the name “annual”. Showing the month, the day of the week and the specific date of months comprised of 30 or 31 days, the lone change happens on March 1 to represent February’s defiant conduct (there are three recessed pushers in the caseband to change the annual calendar). The dispatch in 1996 of Patek’s Annual Calendar Ref. 5035 set another benchmark in watchmaking.

Unlike interminable calendars that rely upon a complex cam and a huge switch, the annual calendar utilizes heaps of stuff wheels that are simpler to create and amass and hold costs under control. The reasonableness of the complication enlivened other driving brands and inside four years A. Lange & Söhne introduced its own annual calendar complication on board the Saxonia and even Rolex built up an annual calendar for its Sky-Dweller. Furthermore, not referencing incalculable different brands. You can find out about the various sorts of calendar watches in Xavier’s inside and out article .

Regulator Clocks

Regulator tickers, otherwise called pendulum timekeepers, were created in England in the mid 1700s. Driven by loads with a lowlife escapement, the uncommon precision of regulator timekeepers over different clocks changed over them into ace tickers, utilized in observatories and clock shops to counsel the chance to the specific moment and second.

The particular element of regulators was the partition of minutes, hours and seconds. The minutes turned into the genuine heroes of the dial read with a huge breadth hand, while the hours and seconds were generally consigned to more modest sub-dials. This was conceivable in light of the fact that the three hands worked off various components. The immediate motivation for Patek Philippe 5235R was taken from a divider mounted regulator clock that ticks inside Henry Stern’s Geneva office.

A dial with impact

The 18k rose gold instance of Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Regulator 5235R estimates 40.5mm and has a thickness of 10mm. A contemporary size without a doubt, however thin enough for a dress watch and surprisingly slender on the off chance that we consider the complexity of the watch. Exchanging cleaned surfaces and wonderfully brushed flanks discuss the watch’s family and the decision of rose gold ups the glow factor no closure. Notwithstanding, the genuine gem here is the amazingly realistic two-tone dial.

An unordinary dial format for a brand like Patek (brands like Chronoswiss have made regulator dials a house highlight), when you become acclimated to the area of the capacities, the data is incredibly simple to peruse. The dark rail line minutes track with white numerals on the fringe underlines its status as a regulator watch and a flimsy long white hand stretches out from the middle to arrive on the dim zone of the track and sign the moment with flawless exactness. The hours are transferred in a sub-dial at 12 o’clock while the little seconds show up at 6 o’clock.

Both sub-dials, marginally recessed from the fundamental dial and outlined by a golden ring, follow the shading plan of the minutes track with a dark snailed foundation and clear white markings and hands. The annual calendar capacities are additionally handed-off with straightforward style in three openings on the dial. The day of the week at 10 o’clock, the month at 2 o’clock and the date inside the little seconds counter. Outlined by an angled window, the foundation is dark and the engravings white guaranteeing most extreme legibility.

Described by Patek as a “two-tone graphite and dark black” dial, the vertical glossy silk finish on the ill defined situations adds a practically material measurement to the watch. The striations in the dim uncover a lighter dark helping me to remember the material of a savvy dim suit. Attractive and incredibly manly, the combination of warm rose gold and ground-breaking dull tones won’t pass by surreptitiously. What’s more, with regards to the exceptionally realistic and instrument nature of a regulator, there are no unnecessary engravings on the dial – even the ‘Patek Philippe Genève’ is cautiously engraved on the dial.

Tailor-made type 31-260 REG QA

While the dial may look back to notable regulator timekeepers, the development is best in class loaded with all Patek’s advancement Silinvar (silicon) treats to guarantee the regulator plays out its undertaking with greatest accuracy. Rather than tinkering with its inescapable type 240, Patek made the totally new self-winding type 31-260 REG QA for its half and half regulator/annual calendar. Still twisted by a 22k gold unbalanced miniature rotor however with another engineering, the essential development is just 0.07mm thicker than type 240 created in 1977; it is likewise the primary new development intended to accommodate Silinvar components.

The preferences of Silinvar over metal are triple: it is hostile to attractive; it isn’t machined like metal components however synthetically scratched to atomic extents, which are undeniably seriously demanding; and its outrageous hardness and smooth surfaces wipe out the requirement for oil between the bed and getaway wheel. While the exemplary self-winding type 240 beats at a pace of 21,600 semi-motions each hour, the recurrence of the new development was expanded by almost 10% to 23,040vph, identical to 3.2Hz, and simultaneously, its force save was expanded to 48 hours and its rate precision to – 3/+2 seconds of the day. Confirmed by the Patek Philippe Seal, the development highlights Haute Horlogerie completes the process of including Côtes de Genève stripes and perlage.


The one and only model with a regulator-style show in the brand’s line-up, the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Regulator 5235R is not your standard Patek passage and probably won’t get perceived as a Patek! Which is unequivocally why I love this watch; it’s extraordinary, it’s dynamic and it’s sort of eccentric. The strong dark and dim shading plan is incredible and rich and the white markings make it very readable for sure. Combined with a useful and bother free annual calendar, this somewhat unconventional watch will likely engage more develop Patek authorities. Furthermore, the actual case, with these sharp hauls, is essentially superb.

Availability and price

The Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Regulator 5235R (definite reference being 5235/50R) comes with a matte dark croc tie and rose gold prong clasp. The retail cost of this model is EUR 47,410. For more data, kindly counsel .