Pellikaan Watches, An Indie brand Born Out of Pure Stubbornness

The Dutch watch scene has been growing for about 10 years and has been producing a considerable amount of interesting pieces. Quite possibly the most intriguing miniature brands coming from the Lowlands is Pellikaan Watches. 13 years as it were, this watch company is as yet running consistently and producing new watches. Next in our arrangement of Dutch Creators: Hubert Pellikaan, a watchmaker by choice.

You presumably understand what it seems like. Scanning all watch sites, online media, peeking through all shopping windows, yet by one way or another you actually can’t find what you’re looking for. You understand what you like, and your new watch simply must be awesome (at any rate to you). Like nothing you’ve at any point seen before.

This was the frustrating feeling that Hubert Pellikaan (1964) was feeling thirteen years prior as he was driving back home from an end of the week in the south of the country. ‘I had a vintage Speedmaster around then, and I thought it was no time like the present I purchased another watch. I appreciated a Panerai and an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, however there was continually something amiss with the plans, I felt.

A intense hobby

We’re situated at an enormous, wooden table in his excellent home in the downtown area of the Dutch city Utrecht. Spread around us are a wide range of watch gear; books and devices, the kind that you find in each genuine workshop. Be that as it may, there’s additional. Some little plastic jugs, machinery I’ve never seen and some more stuff that resembles clinical hardware. ‘What’s that?‘ I inquire. ‘Ah, this is my other work. Or on the other hand, rather, genuine work. I contemplated Pharmaceutical Sciences. I own a company called Nextstep Pharma. As of now, for instance, I am working on a gadget to apportion a certain new nose splash. I likewise worked for quite a while in CO² innovation. Science and mechanics, those are the two things I’m in reality any great at. What’s more, that is the thing that I like doing here.

Patented legitimate thinking

Hubert Pellikaan doesn’t make his own developments. Also, the clarification of for what reason will give you some insight into how this man thinks. ‘I don’t actually see the point. I don’t want to make everything without anyone else. It wouldn’t actually add anything for me. I can’t ensure the correct quality. I’ve attempted different developments than ETA, yet that normally winds up in disappointment. So on the off chance that you need to convey an exceptionally consistent quality, you’ll need to adhere to ETA. That is somewhat of an issue, as I generally need to offset new revelations with great quality.’

At the second I’m mainly using the Unitas/ETA 6497 development. I get my developments from Switzerland, despite the fact that it’s not in every case simple to get them. Prizes change and supply is anything however consistent. I in every case twofold check all developments. For exactness yet additionally in light of the fact that a few sections are not generally mounted impeccably. I likewise consistently add a smidgen of oil on some particular parts since that is not generally done the correct route in the factory.

When it comes to complications, I’d say I’m available to it. Be that as it may, thinking about it and being ready to make it, are two distinct things. I need to make practical and dependable watches. A GMT, for instance, would be an interesting expansion, in spite of the fact that I did that once as a restricted edition.

Still, Pellikaan couldn’t prevent himself from doing things differently. He really did his own invention: the decent bed fork. He even got it licensed. The explanation is pretty much as sensible as anything this man says. ‘The balance wheel is completely adjusted. The wheels are generally entirely adjusted also. However, one section that has contact with the equilibrium wheel, isn’t adjusted in any way. Also, that is the bed fork. The focal point of gravity for that part isn’t in the center. Thus I pondered internally: that should have some impact on the whole escapement. By balancing the bed fork, I attempted to take care of this one issue for two preferences: get less grinding and make the locking of the anchor insensitive to shocks.

This thought isn’t completely new. Effectively in the mid 1900s, purported mustache developments were made, with a more extended bed fork. ‘But this arrangement had the drawback having longer ‘legs’, which implied much more energy was expected to make the development work,‘ says Pellikaan. ‘So I inquired as to whether we could adjust that bed fork without changing the size of the bed fork. The actual objective was very simple to accomplish we included a little weight the fork. Also, surprisingly the innovation worked straightforwardly. Yet, there was one more thing that changed with it: the abundancy rose, yet with no influence on timing. I don’t have to correct the movements!

This improvement is utilitarian, entirely solid and it doesn’t soar the cost of the watch, so I chose to add it to my watches. Also, get it protected. I had done a few times before with drug inventions, so I understood what it took to get one. It’s ideal to have the patent, despite the fact that it’s a significant costly thing to get.

From gained taste to genuine business

Fast forward to 2007. In the wake of having understood that the ideal watch was not accessible available, Pellikaan got one more revelation. ‘If I’m set up to burn through great many euros on a watch, I thought, why not make one myself? By then, I previously had followed some online seminars on watchmaking – wrecking many Russian pieces in the process.

I additionally realized I could simply purchase a development some place, and I downloaded a plan program. What’s more, I began sketching each day as I went back home via train. At one point, I had made a plan with an area dial. In spite of the fact that I genuinely didn’t realize that name at all yet. I was looking for a perfect plan with great clarity. I had been flipping through watch books for quite a long time, so I understood what I needed. I saw one vintage Omega with an area dial, with one of the lines straight through the logo. I adored that detail. Not amazing by any means, yet that is the thing that made it wonderful to me. It wasn’t that these pictures were intentionally inspiring me, yet it assisted me with realizing what I needed, what I liked.

In the spring of 2009, he requested 100 additional cases and before long, he sold 25 quickly after another. That truly gave him the feeling that he could make this work. In the beginning, he made around fifty pieces each year. In 2019, he made 96 watches.

No things half done

Hubert Pellikaan doesn’t talk like ordinary men do. His words are so exact, I imagine he arranges his bread by the thickness of the cut. However there is something energetic in his method of speaking, a Dutch kind of downplayed dryness that is totally difficult to make an interpretation of appropriately into English. He could explain the hypothesis of relativity and ending the sentence with ‘so definitely, that is easy.‘ When he discusses watches, the entirety of his opinions (trust me – he has a great deal) and information come shining through. Sooner or later, we are discussing the dress watch in his assortment, the Hendrik Lorenz. I notice to him I think the hauls are excessively long. He giggles. ‘Yeah, valid. That was in reality deliberately. I attempted to make a genuine dress watch, you know, very elitist. Also, from all my exploration I discovered two things that felt precisely as tasteful as I needed it to be. The principal thing was to have a wide tie with a generally little watch. The different was to have a slight space among lash and case. Consequently the more extended lugs.

This observe really stands apart from the assortment a piece, as the remainder of his manifestations are altogether very tool(ish) watches. On the off chance that one sees the advancement of the whole assortment, one thing truly becomes clear: this microbrand is growing up. The watches get increasingly more definite consistently, and the assortment checks many various models and exceptional versions.

His first and most prominent model is the Flying Dutchman, which is his present assortment has advanced into the Flying Dutchman II, III (with date window) and Perpetuum (programmed). This model has a pleasant minimalist plan, a steel case, white Breguet hands with lume and a dark dial with white area indications.

Pellikaan has additionally made some extremely interesting Special Editions, albeit all watches from a brand this little could be viewed as uncommon versions. In case you’re into enormous jumpers, for instance, the Diving Dutchman is definitely a watch to investigate. It’s not extremely modest (5,930 euros). In any case, it’s exceptionally intelligent plan and pleasantly finished titanium case compensate for that drawback. Investigate that concealed crown alone…

And that is definitely not the finish of it. Right now, Pellikaan is working on two new models, both in various classes. One of them will be a contemporary piece at an available cost, directed at more youthful purchasers. The other watch will be on the higher finish of his assortment: a chronograph. A kind of Speedmaster-inspired utilitarian piece in steel with a dark dial and (most likely) a Valjoux movement.

The compensations for doing things differently

The more I gain from seeing what’s happening inside his head, I begin to comprehend the mission Hubert Pellikaan is on. He has an exceptionally clear thought of what makes a decent watch. Furthermore, he is however exact as he seems to be constant to make that thought work. He cherishes clean plans, yet consistently with an unforeseen dash of fun.

I like watches to be helpful. Yet, I likewise like a certain level of class. Furthermore, some happiness. In case you’re getting better at something, it is simpler to begin playing with it,‘ he says. These watches are the ideal outlet to push that way of thinking ever further. ‘Generally speaking, I truly like the combination of mechanics and plan. I never figured I would wind up with these watches as I make them now. I simply needed a watch for myself. The area dial kind-of configuration has become my mark, however it was certifiably not a cognizant decision. It’s exactly what I like, aesthetically.

But that is the beneficial thing when you’re doing everything without anyone else. You’re permitted to do everything you like. What’s more, you can even put your name on it.

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