Reviewing The New Fortis Flieger Collection, The “Flieger Reimagined”

There is no function without plan and there is no plan without function…” This is the way Fortis , a brand best-known for crafting tough, functional pilot’s watches, set the pace while presenting its new, fully rethought Flieger assortment a year ago. Since 1987, the Fortis Flieger assortment has been a reference for pilot watches. Instrumental, straightforward watches considering toughness and clarity, the brand dispatched a totally different assortment a year ago, focussing on the fundamentals. Comprising a chronograph , two automatic models and a GMT , these new Fliegers have been generally welcomed by the pilot’s watch community. What’s more, today, we give it a more critical look, by auditing all the models at once.

Fortis’ references represent themselves. The brand doesn’t depend on narrating of developed stories… Its watches have a demonstrated history. Take for example the B-42 Official Cosmonauts Chronograph . This watch is the immediate outcome of Fortis watches becoming piece of the standard gear for Cosmonauts, helping out Roscosmos, the Russian Space Agency. The first Fortis Cosmonaut watch flew into space in 1994 as Russia was working the MIR space station. A second form – again for Roscosmos, specifically as the ISS followed MIR – was planned around 10 years after the fact. The brand additionally crafts looks for genuine pilots, for example, this PC-7, intended for the Swiss Air Force aerobatics show team.

The new Fortis Flieger assortment follows this custom of tough, instrumental pilot’s watches worked for activity, be that as it may, these are far from being simple proliferations of past models. The new Flieger assortment is a modern creation; a spotless, effective plan with a few unique features, yet watches worked for a mission.

What is this Fortis Flieger assortment about? It begins from a powerful case plan that leaves no uncertainty on the livelihood of these watches. Extended precise hauls, fully brushed surfaces, utilization of titanium on for one of the models, water-obstruction appraised at 200m regardless of being worked for the sky, functional turning bezel… And then there are the dials, which actually depend on a portion of the exemplary Flieger’s codes, yet additionally improve for most extreme functionality, including the BRIXTRACK® innovation, with enlightened blocks that are applied on the roundabout brushed dial to stamp the hours, and give prevalent differentiation and readability, night and day. There’s additionally the alleged Synchroline feature – executed in fluor orange, printed between 55 to 05 seconds, its will likely permit pilots to synchronize when flying in unit formation; with its +/ – 5 second reach, each pilot can acclimate to his partners when setting the watch.

All in all, this new Fortis Flieger collection is about innovation and must be viewed as the Flieger watch of the 21st century. All things considered, this doesn’t imply that Fortis is walking out on the rudiments of such watches, which are as yet appropriate instruments intended to be utilized and abused.

Altogether, 4 models have been presented, with the F-34 Bicompax, a powerful 43mm chronograph with two-counter showcase, the F-39 and F-41, exemplary time-and-date models in 39mm or 41mm, where the developments are simplified however all the pilot’s functions are as yet present, lastly the F-43 Triple GMT, which features an extra time-region, a 43mm titanium case and is fueled by an automatic chronometer development manufactured with Kenissi – the mechanical arm of Tudor, manufacturing developments for numerous brands.

In the video on top of this article, we give you all the insights regarding this new Fortis Flieger assortment, taking a gander at all 4 models. For more information and orders, if it’s not too much trouble, visit .