Rolex Yacht-Master 42 White Gold ref. 226659

If a traditionalist stronghold of watchmaking like Rolex proposes a 42mm white gold watch on a dark elastic tie as the exemplification of energetic tastefulness, indeed, you’ll need to concede that circumstances are different. Rolex appears to have taken advantage of the zeitgeist for bigger extravagance sports watches bending over as watches that can be worn pretty much wherever with pretty much anything. Delivered during Baselworld 2019, the Yacht-Master was returned to in a bigger 42mm case with smooth dark tones and the new-age type 3235. It likewise denotes the first run through the Yacht-Master has showed up in white gold, so we should investigate Rolex’s “watch of the open seas”, the Yacht-Master 42 White Gold ref. 226659.

The call of the sea

When Hans Wilsdorf introduced the Oyster in 1926, the world’s first waterproof wristwatch, he prepared for Rolex’s remarkable and continuous custom of water-safe watches. From the famous Submariner to hyper expert remote ocean jumpers like the Sea-Dweller , the ocean and everything sea are a characteristic territory for Rolex’s hearty device watches. Rolex additionally appreciates a long-standing relationship with the universe of cruising and since the mid 1950s has collaborated with select yacht clubs around the globe. As the backer of lofty regattas, similar to the energizing Rolex Fastnet Race, Rolex even built up a watch, the Yacht-Master II, with a particular regatta commencement work for competitive sailors.

Below: Sir Francis Chichester, the primary individual to cruise independent around the planet from west to east, a nine-month venture from August 1966 to May 1967. Close to it, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual he was wearing on his wrist during this voyage.

But what might be said about affluent yacht proprietors and cruising club individuals who like to watch regattas instead of take an interest in them? Men who need a lively looking watch that can dive in however with sufficient panache to wear to a mixed drink or a more proper occasion? Welcome the Yacht-Master 42, Rolex’s extravagance nautical games candidate.

Theory of Evolution

Rolex is the most Darwinian of watch brands, by and large referred to for acquainting developments as restricted with upsetting the scene with fresh out of the box new assortments quite a long time after year. Cautious, thoroughly examined improvements on existing models will in general be the standard at Rolex and more often than not it’s a change on the dial or an ‘energizing’ move up to steel. Change comes gradually at Rolex and just to develop a current species.

This clarifies why the presentation of the Yacht-Master in 1992 was hailed as a particularly noteworthy, astounding occasion: an entire 25 years had passed since Rolex’s last delivery (1967 Sea-Dweller). However, there was another motivation behind why the Yacht-Master astonished and afterward neglected to draw in Rolex fans and that was its non-instrument watch status. Not at all like the Submariner, the strong gold instance of the Yacht-Master was not actually compatible with a tough, proficient plunge watch. Despite the fact that it got on many plan signs and was fitted with a similar type as the Submariner, the water-obstruction was diminished to 100 meters and its job as an expert jump watch was diverted to exercises above deck.

Tooled down, dressed up

Although Rolex won’t ever formally affirm whether the Yacht-Master was the aftereffect of a cut short intend to patch up the Submariner during the 1980s, the Yacht-Master was situated as an extravagant nautical watch, an assertion watch that you can wear on the deck of your yacht, get sprinkled by sea splash and still look, all things considered, affluent.

The original Yacht-Master showed up in 1992 with a 40mm yellow gold case (ref. 16628) and a white dial. Having similar dial without any numerals, similar hands, a similar date window with Cyclops focal point, a similar hour long bezel, a similar Triplock crown, and similar development as the Submariner, the distinctions lay in the more refined, more adjusted style, the thick strong gold (bidirectional) bezel and the huge raised mirror-cleaned numerals.

Over the years the Yacht-Master has showed up in a moderate size 35mm men’s variant and even a 29mm women’s model (1994). Today it exists in three sizes: 42, 40 and 37mm. It wasn’t until 1999, notwithstanding, that the Yacht-Master truly got the breeze in its sails with a steel case and platinum bezel model (ref. 16622) called Rolesium, which is as yet going solid today. By 2005, two-tone Yacht-Masters joined the line-up and in 2015, the Everose (ref.116655) presented two significant stylish updates: the bezel highlighting a dark ceramic addition and a challenging dark elastic ‘Oysterflex’ strap.

Overnight, the 2015 Yacht-Master appeared to be fundamentally unique from its metal partners. It was unexpectedly more contemporary, sleeker and more emotional with its rich red gold case and differentiating matte dark features.

Sized up, conditioned down

The 2019 Rolex Yacht-Master 42 follows the style orders of the 2015 model playing vigorously on the surfaces card however restrains the shading plan and ups the size. With its more tactful 18k white gold case and matte dark bezel and lash, you could say that this is the dark tie model of the Yacht-Master family. It is likewise the biggest model of the Yacht-Master with a 42mm width, almost certainly a move intended to separate it above and beyond from the 40mm steel Submariner Date with a dark dial and bezel.

If under any circumstances your first look at the watch persuaded it was a Submariner, a brief glance at the sticker price will plainly build up its character. This Yacht-Master 42 reference 226659, in white gold costs EUR 25,700 while the Submariner Date ref. 116610LN costs EUR 7,850: that is a distinction of EUR 17,850 (if at any time you can locate a Submariner Date at retail price… however that’s another discussion )

A contextual analysis in textures

The case, without precedent for the Yacht-Master’s generally short history, is made in 18k white gold directly from Rolex’s exclusive foundry. All the gold surfaces are cleaned for a more rich feel and the hauls profit by the 2015 update when they were trimmed down and given to a greater extent a curve.

The unmistakable white gold, bidirectional pivoting bezel of this Rolex Yacht-Master 42 is loaded up with dark Cerachrom clay. Created and licensed by Rolex, Cerachrom is a hard clay material that is basically scratch-verification, erosion safe and impenetrable to bright beams. The matte dark fired has been sandblasted to give a more specialized, contemporary completion and gives the foundation to the raised dark numerals stamping 0-an hour. The numerals and markers are initial shaped into the earthenware and afterward cleaned to stand out from the sandblasted bezel.

Add to this the amazingly adaptable and strong dark elastic tie and you can perceive how significant surfaces are to this watch: the chilly, smooth feel and weight of white gold; the tough, marginally abrasive sandblasted fired; the knurled bezel and fluted caseback; the noticeable and raised numerals; and the pleasing warm and flexible surface of the elastic strap.

The dark lacquered dial, which supports the calm feel of this Rolex Yacht-Master 42, highlights applied 18k white gold hour markers. The trademark Mercedes hour hand, the minutes hand and the focal seconds hand with its round stabilizer are additionally created in white gold, and like the hour markers, are treated with Rolex’s own special radiant material known as Chromalight that discharges a dependable blue gleam in obscurity. As a model that is similarly as cheerful in a chief suite as on the deck of a yacht, all Yacht-Masters have a date window at 3 o’clock amplified with Rolex’s trademark Cyclops lens.

Oysterflex bracelet

Originally utilized for jump watches, the elastic tie went upmarket during the 1980s locally available Hublot’s challenging valuable metal/elastic tie combination. The Rolex Yacht-Master 42, similar to the 2015 model, is fitted with a matte dark elastic lash. Any dark elastic lash mind you, however a dark elastomer tie with a shrouded framework comprised of adaptable metal edges that recreate the power and dependability of a metal arm band with the adaptability and comfort of an elastic tie. An Oysterlock collapsing fasten in 18k white gold fitted with an augmentation framework (Glidelock) permits you to change the length of the tie by about 15mm without tools!

From our experience, it may appear to be enthusiastic about the wrist and distend all in all a lot… But trust us, it surely is perhaps the most comfortable lashes you’ll find on the market.

Calibre 3235

This Rolex Yacht-Master 42 reference 226659 is fitted with the most recent age programmed development created and made by Rolex: type 3235. First acquainted in 2015 with supplant the long-serving type 3135, type 3235 is presently Rolex’s lead date-work development and is secured by no less than 14 licenses! The main development is the new Chronergy escapement. Produced using hostile to attractive nickel-phosphorous, about portion of the husky 70-hour power hold can be credited to the recently planned escapement. A Parachrom hairspring fitted on Paraflex safeguards, additionally harsh toward attractive fields and temperature varieties, offers multiple times more exactness that a custom hairspring if there should be an occurrence of stuns. Type 3235 was the principal development to get Rolex’s own confirmation as a Superlative Chronometer with a resistance of just – 2/+2 seconds every day (more rigid than COSC).


The name of this watch couldn’t be more fitting. Yacht-Master alludes to the master of the yacht, not the deckhand or lodge kid. Unmistakably, this is an assertion watch with a ton of style that comes to its meaningful conclusion without yelling. It is likewise a flexible watch: lively yet not a lumbering device watch, powerful but rather smooth enough to wear at more proper commitment. Undeniably less garish than the Everose model, the combination of white gold and dark give this watch a particular, rich character. With respect to the 42mm width, it appears to be that Rolex is just noting an interest of the market. I realize some here may differ on this expanded breadth, however numerous authorities are requesting bigger watches… individuals have spoken.

Price & Availability

The Rolex Yacht-Master 42 reference 226659 has a retail cost of EUR 25,700. As to, it is currently available to be purchased in stores. Request seems sensible and the watch doesn’t endure a similar lack or premium as some other Rolex models (in steel, though).

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