Seiko Presage Chronograph 55th Anniversary SRQ031, Tribute to Japan and Seiko’s First Chronograph

While Seiko’s impact on the programmed chronograph doesn’t should be shown any longer, as it was one of the three makers to at the same time dispatch a particularly creative development back in 1969, the brand’s history regarding chronographs is somewhat more seasoned than this achievement and the type 6139. It really traces all the way back to 1964 with a watch that was Seiko’s first chronograph watch as well as Japan’s first of its sort. Praising the 55th anniversary of this 1964 Crown Chronograph and its type 5719, here’s the new Seiko Presage Chronograph 55th Anniversary Limited Edition SRQ031. 

The new 55th Anniversary Limited Edition SRQ031 is essential for a sub-assortment comprising two watches, the other one praising the 50th anniversary of Seiko’s first programmed chronograph, with the Prospex reference SRQ029, as demonstrated beneath (and likewise surveyed on MONOCHROME).

Seiko’s (and Japan’s) first-since forever chronograph watch

The chronograph work isn’t as such current. While it traces all the way back to Moinet’s (1815-1816) and Rieussec’s (1822) creations, it just got famous during the 1930s/1940s, when the wristwatch turned into the standard. The first models were basically worked for military purposes, yet with the approach of sports and dashing, this complication made it to the wrists of regular people – athletes, hustling drivers and specialists. Concerning today’s point, it may appear to be astonishing, yet Japan’s watchmaking industry just dispatched its first chronograph watch and development in 1964, with the Seiko Crown Chronograph and its Caliber 5179.

Far from having a similar clique status as the programmed type 6139/6138, the development created by Seiko is, by and by, rather fascinating. “Suwa Seikosha, i.e., Seiko’s industrial facility in the city of Suwa, built up the watch, which was dispatched as expected for the 1964 Summer Olympics. It was fueled by the 12-ligne, hand-wound Caliber 5719. The striking highlights of this 6.1mm-thick development incorporated a solitary catch to trigger the chronograph’s capacities, flat coupling, and a segment wheel to control the beginning, pause and get back to-zero capacities. The equilibrium was paced at 5.5Hz, or 39,600vph. With the chronograph instrument turned on, the development would run for 38 hours,” as indicated by Watchtime here .

Powered by this type 5179, Seiko dispatched its first chronograph wristwatch in 1964, with the Crown Chronograph. This steel sports watch with its 38mm measurement was fairly uncommon, compared to today’s exemplary highlights of a chronograph. First of all, it was a mono-pusher. Second, its dial looked like an exemplary 3-hand watch, without sub-counters. To record passed times, Seiko furnished it with a dark pivoting bezel, with a 1-minute augmentation scale. To gauge time periods than one moment, the wearer had first to turn the bezel to highlight the 12 o’clock triangle before the moment hand. Clearly, not the most commonsense gadget, clarifying why later Seiko chronographs would highlight sub-counters.

This 1964 Seiko Crown Chronograph is the motivation for another watch, the Seiko Presage Chronograph 55th Anniversary Limited Edition SRQ031.

The new Seiko Presage Chronograph 55th Anniversary SRQ031

Certainly, don’t anticipate that this Presage Chronograph SRQ031 should once again introduce all the highlights of the old Crown Chronograph, like the without counter dial or the mono-pusher design. Notwithstanding, Seiko is plainly bringing out the past model, with comparable style, shapes, shadings and plan – a blend of old and present day that winds up being fairly desirable.

This Presage Chronograph is an intentionally current watch with vintage components obvious on the dial, the state of the case and the utilization of a turning bezel. As referenced, it isn’t a re-edition yet more a recognition watch. In this occurrence, it is currently estimated, with a 42.3mm x 15.3mm case – decent measurements without a doubt, however the dark bezel makes the watch looks more compact than anticipated. The case is forcefully planned, with angled, straight carries and distending mushroom pushers. Much the same as its progenitor, it includes a dark covered bidirectional bezel, with an equivalent scale with 1-minute increments.

As for the actual plan, the combination of these sharp lines and the differentiating bezel is truly satisfying and has that specific 1960s engage. The watch is worn on a reflexive cordovan cowhide lash, making it less energetic than the 50th anniversary Panda edition. In this example, the Presage name is justified.

The genuine magnificence of this watch, in any event in my eyes, shows up on the dial. Albeit the Presage Chronograph SRQ031 may have traded the without counter design for an exemplary 3-register show, it stays dedicated to the first 1964 model multiplely. First is the marginally champagne-shade of this dial, a warm, brushed metallic silver that plays pleasantly with the encompassing light. Much the same as the more established model, it includes a differentiating section ring and applied “double facetted” applied records, again playing with light and adding some profundity and complexity to this watch.

The completing of the dial in this Presage Chronograph SRQ031 is really great, with sharp dauphine hands – facetted as well, and liberally loaded up with brilliant material – and sub-counters that are surrounded by a metallic ring. Out and out, this watch has some profundity, an extravagant allure yet neatness isn’t compromised, on account of surfaces and recessed regions. A round date opening is situated at 4h30, a capacity that might have been omitted…

To power this Seiko Prospex Automatic Chronograph 50th Anniversary Limited Edition SRQ029, the brand depends on its notable type 8R48, a development we’ve as of now found in the Seiko Presage Enamel Chronograph . This development, dispatched in 2014, is Seiko’s very good quality coordinated chronograph type (not talking GS, obviously), with a 4Hz recurrence, a   architecture,

Price and availability

The Seiko Presage Chronograph 55th Anniversary Limited Edition SRQ031 will be created in 1,000 pieces, accessible from December 2019 at Seiko Boutiques and chose retailers worldwide. Recommended retail cost in Europe is EUR 3,400.

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