Sinn U50, The Smaller Version of The U1 Diving Instrument (Live Pics & Pricing)

If you’re into retro-looking, valuable and popular (work area) dive watches, the accompanying watch isn’t for you. What’s coming underneath is present day, utilitarian, over-designed and German in reality. No curve balls, it’s another Sinn watch. Notable for its pilot’s chronographs, the brand likewise has a strong history in jumping instruments, probably the best model being the U1, the “diving watch made of German Submarine Steel”. Despite the fact that its proficiency presently don’t should be demonstrated, this watch may be tricky for a few, as it is truly enormous. Issue addressed, with the Sinn U50, fundamentally a more modest form of the U1 with practically no compromises on the first concept.

The decreased U1

One of the best instances of a designed dive watch by Sinn – comprehend by that a watch that has been planned and created with execution as its most extreme reason, and not to look great relaxing by the pool – is the U1 model. Outfitted with the vast majority of Sinn’s advancements – TEGIMENT covering, German steel case, hostage diver’s bezel – and tried, confirmed and endorsed by most plunging watch principles (ISO and DIN), it got valued by the jumping community for this “purpose-built” soul, bringing about a straightforward and exceptionally utilitarian design.

The Sinn U1 is a demonstrated instrument, with 1,000-meter water-opposition and a completely ensured case, which may be tricky for some since it estimates 44mm in measurement and has a “rock solid” feeling. Sinn is addressing this issue this year with another watch that is fundamentally a diminished U1. More modest, more compact, more slender, sharing the greater part of the plan signs and particulars, nearly as performant, its name is the U50.

The Sinn U50 collection

The new Sinn U50 doesn’t come as a shock for the brand’s fans, which will locate all the mark components of the past, bigger U1 model. To put it plainly, it’s simply an issue of extents here, and a couple of concessions on the presentation, with a water-opposition that is currently appraised at 500m vs. 1,000m on the U1 – clarified by the more modest case, yet all that could possibly be needed, in any event, for proficient divers.

The instance of the Sinn U50 is presently 41mm in width and generally slender for such an instrument watch, at 11.4mm. It is made of German Submarine Steel (Deutscher U-Boot Stahl), with a matte and utilitarian dab impacted completion – don’t anticipate that it should look rich, it isn’t made for that in any case. Sapphire precious stone, screw-down crown and screwed caseback come as standard, just as a completely graduated unidirectional bezel with jumping scale. Furthermore, with regards to confirmations and guidelines, the watch is pressure-guaranteed by DNV GL, it meets the necessities of the jumping standard DIN 8306, and European plunging gear principles EN 250/EN14143.

The dial of the Sinn U50, its breadth and the size of the files rejected, is actually indistinguishable from the greater sibling U1. Here once more, no concessions to extravagance or vintage, with useful hands and files, combining white brilliant paint and red accents. The dial is matte dark to dodge reflections and all the components make it incredibly readable. It includes a date at 3 o’clock, with a tone-on-tone plate. Inside the case is an attempted and-tried programmed development, the Sellita SW300-1 (clone of ETA 2892) with 4Hz recurrence and 42h force reserve.

The Sinn U50 additionally follows its greater sibling U1 with regards to the forms accessible. Not one but rather three models have been dispatched. First is the exemplary U50, without covering. At that point is the U50 SDR, which includes a bezel with Black Hard Coating on a TEGIMENT Technology premise. At long last, there’s the U50 S, a full dark model, by and by with Black Hard Coating on a TEGIMENT Technology premise – TEGIMENT is an exclusive solidifying innovation, which makes a 1200-Vicker defensive layer (“tegimentum” in Latin).

The Sinn U50, U50 SDR and U50 S all come standard on a dark, red or white elastic ties with a collapsing catch. A steel wristband is additionally offered, with or without dark covering to coordinate the case material.

Price and availability

The three forms of the Sinn U50 dive watch would now be able to be requested on the brand’s site, with conveyances expected early June 2020. The costs start at EUR 2,160 for the U50, EUR 2,230 for the U50 SDR and EUR 2,600 for the U50 S.

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