Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix, On Challenging Times But Also Plans for the Future

Stéphane Waser has worked for Maurice Lacroix since 2008 and has been at the top of the company since 2014. A couple of years after the fact, following the dispatch of the Aikon and effective brand building, Maurice Lacroix has transformed into a beneficial brand. Maurice Lacroix’s Managing Director informs us concerning the improvement of the brand, the difficult circumstance and its arrangements for the future.

Xavier Markl, MONOCHROME – We are experiencing testing times. How would you adjust to the situation?

Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix – We had a generally excellent year in 2019 and an awesome beginning of the year. Until the finish of February, there had been no huge impacts of the pandemic on our business. Presently the lockdown in Europe and in Switzerland has affected our activities. From one viewpoint, the administration of our store network is becoming testing, providers are shut. Then again, with respect to request, individuals are normally worried about the circumstance and the temperament isn’t for extravagance spending.

Our need is most importantly the security of our workers, and furthermore keeping up smooth activities and administration. For our workers, we have severe cleanliness rules: individuals in danger stay at home. It likewise implies home office for the majority of the company. The creation is decreased and we do some brief timeframe work. The subsequent target is to offer support of our clients, answer to each request and to be accessible. We have groups telecommuting and others at the assembling. We need to convey orders. On the off chance that numerous shops are shut, we actually get orders on the web. What’s more, we are seeing a lethargic recuperation of the Asian market, particularly China. There are client calls, solicitation and orders and we deliver.

Maurice Lacroix was wanting to show at Baselworld in April 2020. When do you intend to present the novelties?

Talking about the exercises we had made arrangements for the initial segment of the year, a large portion of these have either been dropped or delayed to the second piece of the year. Baselworld has been deferred to next January however we are investigating partaking in the Geneva Watch Days , toward the finish of August.

What is fundamental in these occasions is to be responsive. We are adjusting and attempting to best screen the situation.

What characterizes Maurice Lacroix?

Maurice Lacroix is about high seen esteem, Swiss craftsmanship and contemporary plan, all in excellent at reasonable prices.

The AIKON has been a distinct advantage for the brand. What is the historical backdrop of the model?

AIKON is the resurrection of the Calypso. It was one of the brand’s best models as a result of its quality and its cost. The journey of high saw esteem has consistently been our main concern. We have invigorated this particular 1980s/90s plan. Today, the game stylish class has become famous once more, these Genta-type plans, with coordinated wristbands, smoothed out, restless. This is the thing that the AIKON has taken advantage of, obviously at a value level that is Maurice Lacroix. We talk about an automatic watch at CHF 1,600 or a chronograph at CHF 2,600. It is about excellent, in-house advancement and get together, with the savoir-faire that we have at Maurice Lacroix. The AIKON is a meaningful plan, a quality watch with thoughtfulness regarding subtleties, and gratitude to our aptitude, we can convey this at an alluring cost point.

We have assembled the assortment bit by bit. We presented the AIKON quartz in 2016. We hung tight two years for the automatic . All along, when we planned the AIKON in 2014, we had an unmistakable procedure. We knew there would be an automatic one, a ladylike one , then a lively one, that we would coordinate top of the line ‘Work of art’ developments . From the beginning of this undertaking, we realized the assortment had this potential.

You are additionally bringing back the Masterpieces and their unique display?

The Masterpiece is as yet a core interest. Obviously, AIKON is a saint item for the brand. Work of art was not too known as AIKON, an assortment that is filling the hole for a commercial item with a solid character. For the very good quality, Masterpiece represents craftsmanship, development, inventiveness and in-house developments. From the earliest starting point, it has consistently been tied in with offering Haute Horlogerie at entirely reasonable costs. We were the first, with a swiss-made quality, to offer restrictive, creative, significant level watchmaking at this value level. We have overcome an issue. This is the sort of significant worth for cash soul that we have had since 1975 manifested as very good quality items like the Mercury , the Gravity , the Mysterious Second, the Square Wheel …

What will be the concentration for 2020?

We will be proceeding with the AIKON mission. Our thought isn’t to present another line but instead to combine and further expand on existing models, on all levels: quartz, mechanical yet in addition in-house developments. We’ll get chosen oddities all classifications. We have introduced some quartz curiosities, the AIKON Chronograph Skeleton and there is more to come.

The second spotlight will be on women’s watches. We have models for AIKON. What we have not pushed enough and where we have gigantic potential is the very good quality Masterpiece. We didn’t have Masterpieces for women. And afterward for the passage range with Fiaba, we are growing the assortment with moon-stage versions.

The Masterpiece was really difficult. The inquiry was: how would you adjust the Masterpiece item idea for women? Most women’s watches are more modest variants of men’s models fit with a mother-of-pearl dial and precious stones. Be that as it may, we needed to create something imaginative, customized for women, something more graceful. We had this Square Wheel retrograde development and we figured we could reconsider the entire idea for women. To make the Embrace idea , we changed the square wheels into two heart-formed wheels that are completely practical, as one shows the seconds. The retrograde sign was transformed into something more enthusiastic, some kind of unusual love measure. We additionally presented interestingly an aventurine dial, which underlines the lovely and excellent part of this female Masterpiece. I think the outcome is very shocking and brilliantly executed by the team.

Distribution is pivotal today in the watch business. What has been your technique?

We are a retail brand. We are not a shop brand. Our primary center is the relationship with our retailers, multi-brand retailers. Obviously, appropriation has developed, all organizations have become more computerized. We uphold our retail accomplices to sell on the web. Specifically, there is another age of retailers that have physical business and furthermore online arrangements. The retailers that are dynamic on the web and disconnected are the best ones. We additionally have our own e-shop yet it is more about picture and making a norm, a perspective, rather than competing with our retailers to whom we need to give full support.

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