TAG Heuer Carrera 160 Years Silver Limited Edition

Back in January 2020, as the first watch presented by the brand in this new year, TAG Heuer presented a pretty huge watch… Really, the sort of watch that, at first sight, has all the components to become a work of art. Positively, this wasn’t the most courageous of TAG’s creation, yet let’s be real, it essentially looked great – at any rate, in the press photographs. To decide, we’ve chose to give this TAG Heuer Carrera 160 Years Silver Limited Edition a test on the wrist. Furthermore, all things considered, it doesn’t disappoint. 

Last year, TAG Heuer had one primary center: the 50th commemoration of the Caliber 11 development , alongside the watch that was first furnished with it, the unbelievable Monaco watch. These festivals brought forth a progression of five watches, one for every time of the Monaco’s presence. Be that as it may, this year (if things go well…), prepare for something different. First, there was the new Connected Watch Third Generation . As per the brand, another assortment which is “set to receive exceptional consideration this year is the TAG Heuer Carrera line, which features the brand’s most exquisite chronograph”. The initial piece during the current year is likewise a festival of the 160th commemoration of the brand, established in 1860 by Edouard Heuer in Saint-Imier, Switzerland.

The early Heuer Carrera

For more insights concerning this set of experiences of the Carrera, view the video we delivered on this theme here .

Back in 1962, at that point CEO Jack Heuer found out about the amazing Carrera Panamericana, quite possibly the most treacherous street races on the planet. The Spanish word “carrera“, which can be deciphered as street, race, career and course, grabbed his eye: he knew promptly that this would be the ideal name for another watch. The next year, 1963, the first Heuer Carrera chronographs left the factory.

As an admirer of present day and clean plan, Jack Heuer needed the feel of the Heuer Carrera chronograph to be pure and proportional – features that make the watch ideal for drivers who expected to see the time initially during the adrenaline-siphoning races. The renowned monochrome silver-dial model of 1964, with its three azurage counters and sunburst silver-colored dial, is a great decision to respect the 160th commemoration of the brand. This watch, known as the ref. 2447, turned into a symbol and came to characterize the plan codes of the entire assortment for quite a long time to come – including present day watches, which actually feature the signature faceted drags and straight caseband.

There would be hundreds of different Carrera watches to follow this first generation, with numerous cases, developments and dials, particularly during the 1970s. In any case, during the 1980s, the Carrera was halted and the brand zeroed in on different models. Until…

The Re-Editions

In 1996, TAG Heuer wasn’t in the best shape. The brand expected to return to the board as a genuine Swiss watchmaker and for that, the arrangement was to bring back previous wonders. Thus the 1996 Carrera Re-Edition CS3110 (and its dark sister, the CS3111).

The CS3110 (and its kin) was an unwavering re-edition of the early Heuer Carrera 2447. All things considered, it featured a 36mm case, a similar by and large plan – facetted drags, siphon pushers, straight caseband – and a dial that was unmistakably in accordance with a 1960s Heuer watch. No deceptive on the provenance of this watch. One fundamental difference with the early Carrera was the development, as rather than a Valjoux 72, this CS3110 featured a Lemania 1873 – still a hand-wound development though.

More recently, TAG Heuer acquainted a few watches offering recognition with early Carrera models. There was, for example, the excellent Carrera Caliber 18 Chronograph Telemeter  and recently the Carrera Fragment made with streetwear creator Hiroshi Fujiwara – and the watch we’ll see today shares a ton for all intents and purpose with this Fragment edition.

The TAG Heuer Carrera 160 Years Silver Limited Edition

The reason why it was important to make reference to the Fragment watch is straightforward. The new Carrera 160 Years Silver shares the majority of its determinations with this watch, including the case and the development, yet with a different dial. Also, the result is extremely pleasant.

The instance of this Carrera 160 Years Silver is, first of all, reasonably measured – which isn’t consistently the case with present day Carrera watches, frequently in the 42mm territory or in addition to. Here, we have an exemplary Carrera steel case with a 39mm width. It is bigger than the first 1960s models, for sure, however remains adequately compact to have an alluring vintage pizazz and to be comfortable on most wrists. The shape is, without shocks, very Carrera for sure. The case is entirely cleaned, with the notorious faceted drags and the straight, sharp caseband. The crown and the pushers are likewise traditionally executed in accordance with the Heritage feel.

One regret, which is inherent to most present day programmed chronographs, is the stature of the case. This TAG Heuer Carrera 160 Years isn’t fundamentally thick, in any event for such a watch, being around 14mm in tallness. These are exemplary chronograph extents. However, with a restrained width, this gives the impression of a higher case than expected. Not especially upsetting, truly, yet only something to know about. The watch is worn on a dark crocodile tie with a steel collapsing fasten. It is all in all too exemplary as we would see it and a hustling, punctured lash could make this watch much more desirable.

Besides the wonderful case and its restrained extents, the vast majority of the allure of this TAG Heuer Carrera 160 Years comes from its pure, spotless and monochromatic dial. No superfluous engravings, no complex showcase, no date (finally…). Simply the basics. The dial is entirely silver-plated with a sunray-brushed example, bringing pleasant reflections relying upon the encompassing light – you can find in our photographs that the dial can be dim or practically white, yet additionally captures the surrounding atmosphere with cold or warm tones.

Apart from the vintage Heuer logo, the Carrera notice or the Swiss engraving, nothing upsets the style of this exemplary Carrera look. From the hands to the sub-dials, the records or the track, everything has been planned with the old ref. 2447 as a main priority. Some light and discreet hints of fauxtina have been added on all fours hour markers – for a bit of vintage cool.

To power this Carrera 160 Years Silver Limited Edition, TAG Heuer relies on its in-house Caliber Heuer 02, a cutting edge coordinated chronograph. Not any more secluded ETA/Dubois-Depraz developments here, as we’ve seen in previous re-editions. The Heuer 02 development is outfitted with a vertical grip and a segment wheel, outstanding amongst other known answers for a chronograph. It is likewise incredible, with a 80h force reserve. The development is obvious through a colored sapphire precious stone and features an extraordinary rotor, with the 160th-commemoration logo. The enhancement is pretty essential, with Geneva stripes on the bridges.


Altogether, the TAG Heuer Carrera 160 Years Silver Limited Edition is an extremely accomplished and adjusted watch. TAG Heuer has gathered quite a few components here, with restrained extents, a pleasantly executed dial, no pointless engravings, no shameful date windows and an immortal look that will unquestionably make this watch a triumph now and in the years to come. Current contacts have been added, yet exactly where they ought to, like a marginally extended width or the cutting edge development. Furthermore, most awesome aspect all, the cost appears fair.

Price and availability

The TAG Heuer Carrera 160 Years Silver Limited Edition (reference CBK221B.FC6479) is a limited edition of 1,860 pieces. It will be available worldwide from June 2020, with a cost of CHF 6,300EUR 5,850GBP 5,250 or USD 6,450. More subtleties at tagheuer.com .