The A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus, the Brand’s First Steel Sports Watch (incl. Live Pics & Video)

Here’s the brand new A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus, the brand’s first stainless steel watch that can easily be worn during sports and that isn’t scared of a touch of water. Is this the extravagance sports watch that you were anticipating? Indeed, better fail to remember all that you think about extravagance sports watches and anything you might have imagined beforehand. The Odysseus from Lange looks… like a Lange. Yet, presently in a stainless steel case and on an integrated steel bracelet. Two shaped pushers allow you to switch the day of the week and date indications, which adds somewhat of a Zeitwerk-soul to the new steel Lange. Let’s welcome the principal Lange that you can wear in the board room AND when plunging off the board into a swimming pool.

The A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus

So what is the Odysseus? It’s another Lange, in a round case, without precedent for a non-valuable metal – other than the couple of Lange 1 models in stainless steel that used to be loan watches and a portion of these have not been gotten back to the brand and still float around in private assortments. Interestingly, we are taking a gander at a Lange that is vigorous, lively, waterproof – and showerproof, however to 120 meters – and that is worn on a metallic bracelet, integrated to the case. The new development has been grown especially for this watch, which is the launch platform for a completely new range. Simply imagine what could come straightaway… This blue A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus Day-Date ref. 363.179 is only the principal individual from this new family.

At the occasion, extravagance sports watches are a roaring business. Extravagance sports watches from the most esteemed brands go for twofold or even triple the retail cost , so the heat is on. Logically, the principal question that comes to mind is whether Lange acted upon this market reality to cash in on the current blast. All things considered, no. According to Anthony de Haas, Director of Product Development, that’s certainly not the situation! The original idea for a stainless steel extravagance sports watch comes from the late Günther Blümlein, who along with Walter Lange revived the brand in 1990 after the reunification of East and West Germany and was instrumental in building the brand as we probably are aware it today.

When considering extravagance sports watches, there’s actually one watch that established the image of what an extravagance sports watch looks like in our aggregate personalities. That is, obviously, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, which was introduced at the 1972 release of Baselworld. Later, Patek’s take on the extravagance sports watch became another strong competitor and together, these two are the benchmark with regards to how we imagine the extravagance sports watch today. When taking a gander at the new Lange Odysseus you won’t see anything suggestive of the extravagance sports watch we as a whole have engraved in our aggregate personalities. And that’s a decent thing!

A energetic, hearty, stainless steel case

The first thing to note with this A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus is that it is made of steel – and indeed, in Lange’s case, this is serious. At no other time has the brand launched – as standard creation – a watch made of this common material. Valuable metals were the standard for the Saxon brand, regardless of whether pink, yellow, red or nectar gold, as well as platinum. Since Odysseus is planned to be a casual, daily-situated watch with lively credentials, steel was an easy decision – titanium would have been great as well, yet let’s not complain.

Even however it is made from a non-valuable metal, the A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus is executed, assembled, completed and decorated in the way you would anticipate from Lange. All the parts show totally completed surfaces, with sharp (however no cutting) angles, beautiful contrasting accents and finely brushed surfaces.

That being said, let’s talk plan, as the Odysseus is somewhat ambivalent. At the point when you take a gander at it directly from the top, at the outset, it has a completely round case, emphasized by the cleaned bezel. Be that as it may, taking a gander along the edges of the watch, you’ll find some unusual lines and curves.

On the correct side of the case, there’s a module framing the crown and, despite the fact that it isn’t a crown-guard gadget, it adds dynamism to the case and breaks the overall round plan. The crown is sufficiently large to be easily handled and screwed-down, guaranteeing a truly comfortable water-resistance of 120m.

As you can see on this A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus, the bracelet is by all accounts integrated into the case, which is visually obvious, however technically the situation is unique. In fact, the watch features legitimate drags – shaped in the usual Lange way – which means that, in the event that you feel like it, it very well may be worn on a leather or elastic strap too – despite the fact that the all-steel pattern is what makes this watch special.

What about extents and measurements? In the first place, the watch has presence because of the rather cumbersome bezel, as always with Lange. In any case, it measures a reasonable 40.5mm in diameter and 11.1mm in tallness. What astounded me more than anything is the means by which well the watch feels on the wrist thanks to slanting drags that “hug” the wrist and make it entirely balanced. In fact, this watch feels compact and comfortable.

A “Zeitwerk-ish” however lively dial

While creating a steel sports watch was already problematic enough, Lange made a more rational decision for the dial, with clear Lange components all around. At the same time, and I applaud this, the brand made due with a more complex display than the conventional central H-M-S and date at 3 o’clock, seen all over. So all in all, the Odysseus is more casual, more contemporary than a Lange 1 for instance, yet retains clear Saxon DNA.

In this instance, the dial has a slight Zeitwerk association, with these two framed windows at 3 and 9 o’clock, for the large date (on two circles) and the indication of the day of the week. This decision, other than the clear plan goal, is also insightful considering the everday vocation of the watch. And let’s be straightforward, it also adds a touch of complexity to this watch, which is, after all, a Lange!

Lange has decided on a profound metallic blue tone, not new to this model, yet always eminently executed. This fits the energetic, nautical topic of the watch (and its odd name). Different finishings can be seen on this dial: a grained surface in the middle, a concentric pattern on the hours and seconds chapter rings, a metallic brushed surface on the moment flange. Also, it features a small seconds sub-dial, an astounding decision from the beginning, which in fact balances the dial and animates the void areas.

If you look carefully, all the components are suggestive of Lange’s creation, for example, the hands – despite the fact that they are iridescent – and all the text styles, logos, indications, which have the same plan as all Lange watches… simply in a bolder, sportier way. The dial is also punctuated by large, faceted, cleaned applied markers loaded up with an almost negligible difference of glowing material and readability/contrast is great.

An integrated bracelet

The bracelet looks great, all around made, very much completed and it’s particularly pleasant on the wrist. It’s as smooth as baby skin and will certainly not ruin your shirt sleeves as some steel bracelets do. The fine adjustment allows you to fit the bracelet cozy and comfortably on the wrist, and when your wrist becomes a smidgen greater because of warm weather or sports activities, you can enlarge it up to an extra 7mm. This probably won’t seem as though a great deal, however this is all that could possibly be needed for the small daily variations in your wrist size.

The initial measuring of the bracelet is finished with a framework similar to the one utilized by IWC with a small recessed pusher on the underside of the bracelet’s external connections. Push it with a toothpick or something similar (Lange will, obviously, give a ‘tool’ for this), and you can easily eliminate the external connection, and accordingly the remaining connections and pin that holds them together. From an external perspective of the bracelet, you cannot see the pin and that’s the way an already great framework has been improved.

On the two sides of the clasp are two pushers, and squeezing these simultaneously will open the clasp. To fine-adjust the bracelet, you don’t have to open the clasp. Just press the pusher emblazoned with the Lange signature, with the watch still on your wrist, and you easily adjust the size to accommodate your wrist perfectly.

Calibre L155.1 – Typically Lange

Specially intended for this energetic Lange, the new development, Caliber L155.1 Datomatic, ticks at 28,000vph (4Hz) instead of the usual 3Hz that is by all accounts the favored recurrence for Lange watches. The higher beat rate gives greater stability to the balance when encountering stuns, which makes it more apt for lively activities. It is also kind of an industry standard for sports watches and will profit accuracy – note that the development is exactness adjusted in five positions.

The central rotor, emblazoned with DATOMATIC, features a platinum centrifugal mass and is open-attempted to allow a decent view on the pleasantly completed and decorated scaffolds. Obviously, there’s the large 3/4 plate holding down the majority of the development parts, be that as it may, there’s something else. The balance is held somewhere around a scaffold instead of the usual balance chicken: an extension is held down at two focuses, while a rooster is just held down at one point, again to improve stun resistance and stability. This scaffold is hand-engraved las you would anticipate from each Lange, nonetheless, this time around not with the usual floral decorations but rather with a ‘wave’ pattern.

This new development also features a recently planned balance that is regulated with four subset balancing screws, which are flush with the outside of the balance-wheel edge. This plan decreases choppiness in spite of the greater recurrence. Along with the unreservedly oscillating balance spring made in-house, the limited air resistance has a positive impact on the development’s rate accuracy and energy efficiency.

As for different specifications, this development boasts a force save of 50 hours and measures 32.9mm in diameter, meaning it is adequately large to fill the case – always pleasant when glancing through the sapphire caseback. The decoration of the development is Lange all the way – like all developments made by the Saxon brand, it is decorated and assembled by hand. The extensions and main-plate are made from German silver and decorated with cleaned inclines, striping, blued screws – including one screwed gold chaton for the escapement – circular graining, black-cleaned steel parts… True Lange execution. As always, the parts of all Lange developments are done to the same degree. Regardless of whether it’s a 2 million Grand Complication or a Saxonia Thin, or this new Odysseus, it’s not going to be a disappointment!

Price and Availability

As we referenced, this blue A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus Day-Date ref. 363.179 is the principal model in the range. More alternatives – tones and complications – will certainly be introduced in the near future. The watch is available as of today, October 24th, 2019 at shops and authorized retailers. It will be evaluated at EUR 28,000 (incl. taxes).


I know this A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus is troublesome, yet it marks a major advance forward for the brand as a completely new assortment and mainly, as an altogether new idea for Lange. It will create reactions, I have for sure. If they will be positive, I can’t tell yet.

Objectively, the execution of the watch is essentially awesome. The quality of the assembly, decoration, completing – be it the case, the bracelet, the dial or the development – is all that you would anticipate from a Lange watch. It certainly is on a par with, if worse executed than its potential competitors. Yet, that isn’t a surprise… I would have preferred the case to be somewhat more slender, yet impartially, it is far from disturbing.

Subjectively, as I said in my presentation, I LOVE this watch. It took me some time (at least 1 moment) before completely understanding and appreciating it, yet once it was on my wrist, I succumbed to the idea. I’m certain that the Odysseus will incite conversations and polarizing perspectives, much the same as the ones that welcomed the Lange 31 or the Zeitwerk. In any case, let’s offer credit to A. Lange and Söhne for 1) making its proceed onward this market while not being a brand known for its sports watches, and 2) offering something that is both conscious of the DNA, unique in relation to the remainder of the group and at the same time answering the requirement for a powerful, daily life-evidence watch by Lange… So give the A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus an attempt, you may be surprised.

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