The Christmas Edition – How Do You Want Your F40? Snow Drifting or a “Verde Abetone” Christmas Tree?

Several days from now, the majority of us will observe Christmas. And this implies appreciating family time and great food, which is the event for the MONOCHROME group to likewise require a merited break, following an exceptional year – no concerns, we have a few articles prepared for you one week from now. As it is the ideal opportunity for us to want you to enjoy all that life has to offer for the merry season, what’s better than to utilize our not-so-genuine “Petrolhead Corner” section to do it… So, how would you need your Ferrari F40? Do you favor snow floating with it or do you need it improved as a Christmas tree…? An extremely cool “Verde Abetone” Christmas Tree.

Ferrari F40 Snow Drifting In Japan

We advised you, this scene of “The Petrolhead Corner” won’t be not kidding – all things considered, who needs to be not kidding during the happy season. Consider the possibility that you take perhaps the most famous hypercars of the 1980s, a gifted driver (he is, no discussion), a couple of snow chains and ski slopes?

The result is the accompanying video, as Red Bull collaborated with driver Takeshi Kimura and changed the amazing F40, adding rally lights, a baggage rack, snow chains, and a couple of other things to make it reasonable for frosted roads… and on its way up a snowy mountainside. Helpful? In no way, shape or form. Simple? Surely not, as it even made some genuine harms the vehicle, as indicated by … But eventually, there’s something so fulfilling in taking a gander at this monster of a vehicle – not made at all for such a territory – and the driver battling to keep it out and about (or what should be a road).

Source: Redbull

Save a Christmas Tree… Decorate your “Verde Abetone” F40 with strings of light instead

So… It is the ideal opportunity for us to wish you every one of the a Merry Christmas and Happy New year. And we’ve found the ideal method to combine eco-agreeableness, energy for vehicles and the essential light tone for the happy season! Save a Christmas tree and transform a green supercar into an ideal bubbly enrichment instead!

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On benefit of the whole MONOCHROME group, thank you for understanding us and we want to enjoy all that life has to offer for you and your adored ones.