The De Bethune DB28XP Collection (Live Pics & Pricing)

The De Bethune DB28 is the ideal manifestation of the brand’s watchmaking ethos – space-age design, inventive watchmaking rejuvenated by sharp and imaginative craftsmanship, yet with customary Haute Horlogerie execution. On the event of the 10th commemoration of this symbol of the non mainstream watchmaking scene, De Bethune presents a bunch of three new watches refining the substance of the model. It is presently super slight and it has never looked so great! Meet the De Bethune DB28XP assortment, with three altogether different yet all commonly De Bethune models.

Launched in 2010, the DB28 impeccably typifies the De Bethune theory, specifically with its unmistakable case with gliding hauls (with variable calculation to fit the proprietor’s wrist) and crown at 12 o’clock. To praise the 10th commemoration of the assortment, De Bethune opens another section with three new translations investigating a similar subject: super dainty. For Denis Flageollet, the brains behind De Bethune, super meager “was an undeniable advancement that isn’t about enhancement yet about refining the substance of the DB28“.

the De Bethune DB28XP

The first form is an immediate reference to the first and most key DB28. The DB28XP is an unfalteringly modern interpretation of the super dainty watch. This monochromatic metallic model changes the material into a dazzling living system. A multitude of shapes and levels uncover a space-age design cut from titanium. Each metal part, including the mark delta-molded mainplate, is completely completed to mirror the light. The guilloché design adds extra-depth. The hour markers are cleaned circles. The titanium offset with gold additions is noticeable through an opening and is held under a brilliantly completed rounded spanned.

From a specialized point of view, the hand-wound development packs a few of the brand’s advancements. It is fitted with the De Bethune offset spring with a level terminal bend, a silicon get away from wheel or the De Bethune triple pare-chute stun retaining framework. It runs at 28,800vph and its automatic twin-barrel guarantees 6 days of force reserve.

Most of all, the watch includes a completely redesigned case, protecting the comfort of the ‘gliding hauls’ however adjusting it to a more slender case (presently 7.2mm versus 9.3mm beforehand). The caseband highlights a more articulated and ergonomic curve. The screw-down crown at 12 o’clock is motivated by pocket watches. The lug’s ‘bullets’ have been redesigned. On the wrist, it looks great and if feels better.

The De Bethune DB28XP Starry Sky

The second DB28XP is another interpretation of another common De Bethune topic and its fixation to reproduce the most wonderful nighttime skies. Introduced in super lightweight, reflect cleaned titanium, the DB28XP Starry Sky offers an interesting display. The blued titanium dial surface is engraved with a multitude of miniature furrows and set with a bunch of gold pins, carefully passed through individually. This makes an entrancing optical impact improved by the changing impressions of the metal.

The atmosphere on the dial depicted isn’t arbitrary. The clients can choose the date, hour and area of their sky, and De Bethune draws the comparing sky map.

The De Bethune DB28XP Tourbillon

Last, there is the DB28XP Tourbillon. What’s more, what a wonder… I can completely recommend that you go involved with it on the off chance that you at any point get the chance!

Directly propelled by the DB28 Digitale , the watch includes a rich, exemplary white grain guilloché dial featured by a blued-cleaned titanium hour section ring. At 6 o’clock, the tourbillon beats at 36,000 vibrations each hour. The lightweight enclosure – 0.18gr – pivots on itself at regular intervals. It comprises 63 components – the lightest of which weighs under 0.0001gr.

The quick pivoting tourbillon, super light pen and high-recurrence offset were designed with a similar objective of amplifying the productivity of the tourbillon and of compensating for the unsettling influences coming about because of wrist movements.

The caseback highlights a portrayal of our nearby planetary group. A gesture to the Aiguille d’Or – the most elevated qualification of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) – awarded to the primary DB28, the situation of the planets is that of the night sky over Geneva when the esteemed prize was introduced on 19 November 2011.

Straps & Prices

All three watches are worn on dark crocodile lashes with gator fixing and fit with titanium pin clasps. Cost is set at CHF 72,000 for the DB28XP and DB28XP Starry Sky and CHF 180,000 for the DB28XP Tourbillon. For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit .