The New Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Sedna Gold

Unless you’ve been living in a non-connected world throughout the previous fourteen days, you’ll realize that Omega has quite recently dispatched another, significantly refreshed form of its exemplary Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional , presently outfitted with another development – with Co-Axial escapement and Master Chronometer-ensured – and with another plan. Subsequent to taking a gander at the two steel models and the very good quality Canopus gold variant , the time has come to take a gander at the fourth form that Omega has introduced, this time with its own pink gold composite. So here’s the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Sedna Gold.

While the Speedmaster is typically connected with treated steel (it stays most importantly a dashing instrument chronograph), the concept of a valuable metal Moonwatch isn’t new. Before, generally for restricted or commemorative versions, gold or platinum have been utilized by Omega on various events. The principal gold Speedmaster was dispatched in 1969 under the reference BA 145.022, delivered in 1,014 models (counting 32 models offered to space travelers, President Nixon, to Vice-President Agnew and Omega chiefs), with a yellow gold case and a mark burgundy bezel. In particular, from 1999 to 2012, Omega offered a 18k yellow gold Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional as a feature of its lasting collection, in a non-restricted version, under the reference 3195.50 (as seen previously). Nonetheless, starting at 2012, the Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional was just accessible in treated steel, with Hesalite or sapphire variants.

For the new Speedmaster collection, Omega has chosen to refresh the hardened steel models – Hesalite or sapphire sandwich – and bring back valuable metals in the lasting collection, with two lavish releases of the Moonwatch Professional. First is a white gold model with a silver-colored dial – made in Omega’s restrictive combination, Canopus gold. Second is the watch we’ll be taking a gander at today, some way or another the advanced relative of the 3195.50 referenced above… then again, actually yellow gold has been supplanted by another of Swatch Group’s exclusive compounds: Sedna gold.

Just like Canopus gold is supposed to be an updated variant of white gold (with more whiteness, brightness and life span, and without rhodium plating), Sedna gold is Omega’s vision of a more tough pink gold combination. Presented in 2013 and created by an in-house Swatch group, this 18k amalgam mixes gold, copper and palladium to guarantee a dependable ruddy shine – standard pink gold can blur and lose a portion of its color after some time. Omega replaces the silver utilized in conventional pink gold composites by palladium, an interaction that guarantees a more steady pink tone.

Compared to the more seasoned yellow gold form, this new Sedna gold Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional has a more unpretentious, less lively color and feels a touch more watchful. It is additionally not quite the same as one more exclusive amalgam utilized by Omega, Moonshine gold, utilized in the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition and has been created to supplant yellow gold (still with a paler tint yet again with high protection from color blurring). The outcome is a watch that holds an extravagant vibe without a lot ostentation.

Regarding the case, and to the exemption of an alternate material, no curve balls here, as we locate a similar new case shape as the steel models. More slender and more compact, it actually quantifies 42mm in measurement with a tallness of 13.2mm (0.5mm not exactly past models) and 47.46mm carry to-drag (once more, about 0.5mm not exactly previously). In the event that it’s not actually clear from the outset, the whole case has been quietly updated for more comfort; notwithstanding, the conventional Professional look is as yet present, with the combination of brushed surfaces and cleaned highlights, the turned lyre drags and the secured crown and pushers.

Contrary to the steel models that can be requested with an engineered Hesalite or a sapphire precious stone, the Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Sedna gold is just accessible in the alleged sapphire sandwich configuration – which means the two sides ensured by sapphires, with a noticeable development. Another unobtrusive development on the new Speedmaster Moonwatch is its bezel, and the Sedna gold model is no special case for the standard. Undoubtedly, its dark addition, actually made in anodized aluminum, shows a notable design with “dot over 90” and has a crispier printing than previously. In this release, the scale is executed in gold color, coordinating the case. At last, in regards to the habillage, water-obstruction is as yet evaluated at 50 meters, and the crown and pushers have been marginally redesigned.

The principle contrast, aside from the material utilized for the case and arm band, between this Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Sedna gold and the steel models is the dial. Surely, numerous advancements are to be noted. While Omega additionally utilizes here the vintage-enlivened advance profile, with a recessed section ring as a source of perspective to mid-1960s forms, the dial isn’t matte yet has a tactful sunray-brushed example. As you can anticipate, all printings, logos and scales are executed in gold color, and the dial has an applied Ω logo at 12 o’clock. On this release, the painted “short markers” found on the steel models are supplanted by Sedna gold applied “tall markers”, with a little incorporation of Super-LumiNova and the hands, while having a similar patched up plan, are additionally executed in gold.

This new Sedna gold Speedmaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer additionally profits by the refreshed wristband found on all varieties, with a 20/15mm profile and an updated catch, more modest and more comfortable than previously. By and large, the arm band is more charming than previously, both outwardly and on the wrist, explicitly because of its more slender profile and the upgraded end-joins, making the watch more compact. Shockingly, the gold releases (Sedna or Canopus) have a completely brushed wristband, while we could have anticipated some cleaned mid-joins, concerning the steel/sapphire model.

Under the transparent caseback is Omega’s new standard Speedmaster development, the as of late presented type 3861. While close in design to the admired 1861, it has been radically refreshed on every single critical level, with a co-axial escapement, a silicon balance spring, a stop-seconds. This implies that it presently has genuine antimagnetic properties (>15,000-gauss), and its accuracy is Master Chronometer-guaranteed. The decoration of the development has likewise been improved, with Geneva stripes and cleaned slopes. A decent development that combines memorable looks and 21st-century specifications.

Availability & price

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Co-Axial Master Chronometer in Sedna gold on Sedna gold arm band (ref. 310. is presently accessible however is a store just release. It additionally exists with a gator calfskin tie, lessening the cost by 10k euros. On its gold arm band, this model retails for EUR 34,300.

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